License Suspension of Rebecca Lee Carley, M.D.

February 11, 2004

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License Suspension of Rebecca Lee Carley, M.D.

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

In July 2003, the New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct (BPMC) found Rebecca Lee Roczen, M.D. (a/k/a Rebecca Lee Carley, M.D) guilty of “practicing while impaired by a mental disability” and “having a psychiatric condition which impaired her ability to practice medicine.” Her medical license of was suspended for five years with a provision that her ability to practice could be restored after one year if she sought psychiatric treatment and the psychiatrist recommended that she be considered fit to practice again.

Background History

BPMC documents state that Dr. Carley obtained her medical degree in 1987 from SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, New York and then took four years of general surgical training but left before completing the residency program. She then enrolled in a physical medicine/rehabilitation residency program, which she left only two months. In addition, the BPMC notes, she “worked in a number of hospital-related positions, all of which she ultimately left because of general dissatisfaction with the staff and/or working conditions.” [1] Dr. Carley’s Web site states that from 1994 through 1998 she “researched innovative uses of homeopathic and other natural therapies that treat dis-ease at the causal level, rather than covering up symptoms (like the allopathic band aids) while entering motherhood,” and from 1998-99, she “developed Hippokrates Systems to detox vaccinations and other toxins on an individual basis in each patient and restore immune system malfunction due to various assaults.” [2] The site also states that “The Hippocrates Protocol heals the immune system, it can be used to improve any auto immune disease. Such as: autism, PDD, Asperger’s syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, minimal brain dysfunction, lupus, cancer, asthma, allergies, arthritis, and all other vaccine induced diseases.” [3] Previous versions of he home page have stated tht she speecializes in “energy medicine” and in “vaccine-induced diseases (VIDS).” Her “protocol” includes homeopathic products, colloidal silver, and other nonstandard substances.

Reasons for the Suspension

The BPMC decision was based on proceedings that included ten days of hearings held between July 2002 and January 2003. The key testimony appears to be that of Zev Labins, a board-certified psychiatrist who interviewed Carley three times and concluded that she was delusional. As the BPMC documents note:

Dr. Labins found the Respondent to have a delusional disorder with the presence of narcissistic and borderline personality traits. He testified that