Government Actions against Everett W. DeLong, M. D.

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
August 20, 2020

Everett W. DeLong, D.O. was disciplined in 1965 by the Medical Board of California for violating California’s Cancer Law. The following summary came from the files of the California Cancer Advisory Council.

In February 1958, Mr. B.S. went to DeLong because of a growth on the right ear. A salve was applied. later, several lesions on the face were removed with a liquid, and similar treatment was attempted to remove a small lesion on the base of the nose. None of these lesions was biopsied. The nose lesion became worse and laetrile shots and Mexican animal cell treatments were prescribed.

In March, 1962, the patient was seen by a surgeon in Redlands, where biopsy revealed squamous cell carcinoma. A surgical procedure followed, in which part of the upper lip, the lateral portions of the nose and the nasal septum were removed.

In January 1962, recurring cancer was removed from the lip, the upper jaw and the nose.

In March 1963, a further recurrence was noted and radiation therapy was applied.

In May 1963, a massive recurrence was noted. Further surgery was believed contraindicated, but further irradiation therapy was applied. The patient died in June, 1964, after having paid $2,168 to DeLong during a two-year period prior to seeking conventional help.

Mr. L.K., in April, 1961, had a kidney removed for cancer, following which chemotherapy was recommended but refused. Farly in August, he went to DeLong, where he received laetrile three times a week and was promised a cure. later

in August, Mucorhicin was prescribed. $380 was paid to Dr. DeLong. Still later in August, Mr. L.K. went to Dr. Hendricks, where he received the Koch treatment for $75, cellular treatment for $150, bbod and urinalysis performed in Switzerland—$150. The patient died of his disease in January of 1962.

Mr. W.I., an undercover operative who had carcinoma of the prostate, visited Dr. DeLong in February of 1962. No physical examination was performed but De Long took the patient’s word for the presence and type of disease. The patient was given an injection of laetrile and chorionic gonadotropin, a supply of the latter for home use and a bottle of Mucorhicin. At the time of this visit, De Long admitted to the use of several other agents.

On September 5, 1962, an investigatory hearing was held at which Dr. De Long was directed to bring samples of laetrile, pancreatic enzyme, chymotrypsin, Mexican cell treatment, Mucorhicin, ointment for external cancer, liquid for external cancer and instructions for performing the Bolen Diagnostic Test. Dr. DeLong brought none of these to the hearing.

An accusatory hearing was scheduled for March 6, 1963, but, because of repeated continuances in deference to a criminal trial which was pending against him, the accusatory hearing was not held until August 9, 1965. The hearing officer found in favor of the Department of Public Health and recommended that Cease and Desist Orders against the agents named in the subpoena be issued. This was accomplished on October 14, 1965.

Subsequently, Dr. DeLong was convicted in criminal court of wiretapping and insurance fraud. The sentence was five years probation and a charge to cooperate with the probation officer for medical treatment and to obey all laws, orders, rules and regulations of the Probation Department and the Court.