A Special Message to Cancer Patients Seeking “Alternative” Treatments

July 25, 2019

Don’t let desperation lead you to try things just because someone advises you to do so. Read the information on this web site thoroughly. We strongly recommend that you avoid any “alternative” cancer treatment discussed on Quackwatch. If you or someone you know investigate or pursue any such treatment, please share your experience with us. Your name and report will remain confidential.

An Overview of “Alternative” Methods

These articles explain how promoters of dubious treatments manipulate the emotions of desperate cancer patients and their families.

Myths vs. Facts
“Alternative” Methods: Investigative Reports
Questionable Tests
Dubious Treatments

Topics with posting dates or links to other sites are detailed reports. Items without posting dates are linked to a brief report or a longer OTA passage on Quackwatch.

Other Questionable Activities
  • Genetic Services Management (dubious “clinical trial”)
Quackery Victim Reports
Legal and Regulatory Actions
Nonrecommended Information Sources
  • Amber’s Alliance Foundation
  • Arlin J. Brown Information Center
  • Bioimmune Inc (formerly CancerOption.com) (link to Casewatch)
  • Canadian Cancer Research Group (CCRG)
  • Cancer Control Society
  • Cancer Cure Foundation / Cure Research Foundation
  • Cancer Information and Support Society
  • Cancer Information Center
  • Cancer Tutor
  • CancerSource complementary & integrative therapies
  • CANHELP (founded by Patrick M. McGrady, Jr.)
  • Center for Advancement in Cancer Education
  • Center for Alternative Cancer Research (Project Cure)
  • Committee for Freedom of Choice in Medicine
  • Commonweal
  • Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy, Ltd (FACT), formerly called Foundation for Alternative Cancer Therapy, Ltd.
  • International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends
  • International Cancer Association Network (Australia)
  • International Council for Health Freedom
  • National Cancer Research Foundation (New York City)
  • National Foundation for Alternative Medicine
  • National Health Federation
  • Orthomolecular Oncology
  • People Against Cancer
  • Prostate Health Resources (Larry Clapp)
  • Ralph Moss on Cancer
  • Syracuse Cancer Research Institute
Recommended Information Sources
Patient Support
Nonrecommended Books
  • Beating Cancer with Nutrition (Michael Quillin, PhD, Rd, 1994)
  • Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying to Know the Truth (Phillip Day, 2001)
  • Cancer and Common Sense (Douglas Brodie, MD)
  • Cancer and Its Nutritional Therapies (Richard Passwater, 1978, 1983)
  • Cancer & Nutrition (Charles B. Simone, MD, 1983)
  • Cancer: One Disease, One Cause, One Cure (Mike Thompson, DC)
  • Cancer: Treating Cancer with Insulin Potentiation Therapy (Ross Hauder, MD, Marion A. Hauser, MS, RD, 2002)
  • Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying to Know the Truth (Philip Day, 2000)
  • The Cancer Industry (Ralph W. Moss.1980, 1989).
  • Cancer Therapy (Ralph W. Moss, 1992)
  • Choices in Healing (Michael Lerner, 1994)
  • Comprehensive Cancer Care (James S. Gordon, MD, and Sharon Curtin, 2000)
  • Cure for All Cancers (Hulda Clark, 1993)
  • Definitive Guide to Cancer (W. John Diamond, MD, W. Lee Cowden, MD, and Burton Goldberg, 1997)
  • Getting Well Again (O. Carl Simonton, MD, Stephanie Matthews-Simonton, James L. Creighton, 1978)
  • Laetrile Case Histrories (John Richardson, MD, 1977)
  • Living Well Naturally (Anthony J. Sattilaro, MD, 1984)
  • B17: Metabolic Therapy in the prevention and control of cancer, a technical manual (Philip Day, 2002)
  • Nutrition: The Cancer Answer II (Maureen Salaman, 1995)
  • Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book (Richard Walters, 1993)
  • Prostate Health in 90 Days (Larry Clapp, 1997-2002)
  • Recalled by Life (Anthony J. Sattilaro, MD, 1982)
  • Sharks Don’t Get Cancer (I. William Lane, PhD, 1992)
  • The Cancer Cure That Worked!
    (Barry Lynes)
  • The Cancer Revoilution (Leigh Erin Connealy, MD, 2017)
  • Third Opinion (John M. Fink, 1988, 1992, 1997)
  • Ultimate Cancer Breakthroughs (Marco Wutzer)
  • When Healing Becomes a Crime (Kenny Ausubel, 2000)
  • World without Cancer (G. Edward Griffin, 1974, 1997)

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