Cheers and Jeers: Comments from Visitors

July 6, 2006

This page contains general comments received by e-mail about Cancer Treatment Watch or the cancer-related information on Quackwatch.


My common sense had told me for years that when the “proof” that a vitamin or supplemental product works is provided solely by the people who will benefit financially for the use of the product that said “proof” is highly questionable. And I have been very disturbed to see friends pour thousands of dollars into products and teatments that are doing nothing for them. I myself have breast cancer and had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to treat lobular cancer which had spread to the lymph nodes. Five years later, without having donated any money to the charlatans who try to take advantage of people like me, I am well and healthy and fine. Thanks for your site. I will refer many people to it, I am sure.

From a veterinarian in Colorado:

Thanks for maintaining an amazing resource in Quackwatch. We work on various aspects of cancer. One in particular, cancer in pet dogs, is where we find a lot of people turning to unproven or fraudulent”treatments” out of desperation. We have long been referring people to your site and have included a link on our new web site. We sincerely appreciate the work you do to help us provide people accurate and timely information that helps them make educated decisions.


From a chiropractor in Oregon:

You morons are the quacks who are depriving many people of real help for their problems. One good thing is that when you get cancer, you will go the chemo and radiation route and die shortly thereafter, since we all know that conventional medical therapy is crap. Have a good death.

From the daughter of a cancer patient:

My father was healed by the Gerson Institute of stage 3 terminal Melinoma cancer. Had he listened to his conventional doctors he would be dead now. You will go to hell for working for the drug pushing doctors and their suppliers. Thank God for the internet! Now the lies that you and the pharmacutical companies have spread and the good people that you have tried to ruin, such as Dr. lorain Day, can stand up and fight. You and the drug pushing doctors are losing the battle which is why you have your web page here, no doubt supported by the same corrupt medical groups who’s future profits are now in jeopardy. You will lose this battle as the people will stand against you. You can not hide the truth as it will always prevail in the long run. You are a disgrace to the great people of this nation. We are alot smarter than you give us credit for

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