How Hulda Clark Victimized My Parents

Patricia Chavez
August 11, 2007

My mother, Mercedes Ponzanelli, who had just turned 66, was informed on January 24, 2007 that she had osteosarcoma. She had been experiencing pain in her hip to the point that she had begun limping. We encouraged her to have that checked out by a doctor. Due to the fact that she had been in an accident several months before, she went back to the traumatologist who had treated her. They took X-rays and did an MRI. Both confirmed that she had a tumor. They did a biopsy and they discovered it was malignant. The oncologist she was referred to told her she should start chemotherapy immediately in order to potentially reduce the size of her tumor with hopes of then being able to have it surgically removed.

Instead of following her oncologist’s advice, my mother decided to seek treatment with Hulda Clark at Century Nutrition because Clark said that she could not just treat her cancer but cure it. My mother was told exactly what she wanted to hear—that she was going to be cured. My family actually lives in Tijuana, so she was able to quickly start the treatment with Clark. Within one day of her diagnosis, she became immersed in Clark’s treatment. I was not familiar with her protocol and asked my family for information on the treatment my mother was receiving. They provided me with a link to a website, as that is how my brother had found her. I did a bit of research and became extremely concerned about what I found.

As soon as I had the opportunity, I visited my mother to see how she was doing. I was shocked when I arrived there and saw that she had 10 teeth missing. I asked her to describe what her treatment had entailed so far. She explained that she was told to bring dust and water samples from her house. Clark said she analyzed these samples. She told my mother that there was asbestos in the dust, the water was contaminated by Clorox, and these environmental toxins played a key role in the development of her cancer. Even though my mother lives in Tijuana, she was asked to move into Motel Cortez just like all of the other patients. She was also told that living in her house would place her at special risk until she changed the copper plumbing, which is what contaminated her water. She was instructed to stay in the motel until the change was made.

I stayed with my mother at Motel Cortez, and I must say that it was disgusting. They sold condoms for 20 pesos at the front desk along with scented oils and cheap jewelry. They did not change our towels for 4 days. They also failed to provide us with toilet paper for 2 days after we ran out. Every time I took a shower the whole bathroom would flood because the shower doors would leak. The closet doors fell off. On Friday and Saturday, it was almost impossible to sleep because Bar Matt, the bar that is part of Motel Cortez, had karaoke going on those nights. Not the most hygienic conditions for a cancer patient who is trying to detoxify.

As part of the treatment, my mother was to use the Ozonator, the Syncrometer, and the Zapper. Since my brother has been practicing Hulda Clark’s protocol for over 4 years, they didn’t have to buy a Zapper. They did have to purchase the Syncrometer and the Ozonator. By the way, I believe all of these devices are just another way for Clark to make money, and they don’t serve a real purpose. While I was at the Motel and at the clinic, I talked to most of the patients that were there and not a single patient had figured out how to properly use the Syncrometer. All of these patients said they had been told that it is a crucial part of the treatment to know what food items have clorox or not. This device is supposed to help them determine if a particular item will test positive or negative of clorox. They emphasize how important it is, yet not a single patient appeared to know how to operate it adequately.

While staying at Motel Cortez, my mother was asked to sleep on a plastic-covered mattress and to sleep in between 2 paper sheets. Clark said that the sheets would absorb her sweat and could be used to test the level of clorox that my mother had in her body. Every day (except Sundays) Clark’s driver would pick up the sheets along with saliva samples. This driver also delivered the food and water to the patients. The water the patients were given is also worth mentioning. The first night I was there I poured myself a glass, had a sip, and almost had to spit it out. I asked my mother why the water tasted funny and she replied that Clark’s patients were given special water that comes from a well. This supposed well is a couple of hours away which they go to the trouble of getting because it is rich in natural minerals. The water tasted terrible. My guess is that it was treated with iodine. Many patients complained about the water, and several mentioned that it tasted like Lugol’s iodine. The patients have to take Lugol’s as part of their treatment, so they probably became familiar with that flavor.

Based on my mother’s saliva sample, Clark determined that she had traces of polonium, uranium, and clorox in her mouth. Therefore, all metal must be removed from her mouth in order to cleanse her of these toxins. She was told that a digital X-ray and a panoramic X-ray were going to be needed. She was told to go to a specific place they recommended. After the X-rays were reviewed, she was informed that 10 teeth should be removed by the dentist. After the 10 extractions, she provided another saliva sample. She was told she still had polonium, uranium, and clorox in teeth 29 and 30. She was told again that a digital X-ray and a panoramic X-ray were going to be needed. To rid her from these alleged contaminants, she was then asked to go to a dental surgeon, who, of course, Clark recommended, and have cavitations scraped out and cleansed. After the scraping, she provided another saliva sample. She was then told that she still had polonium, uranium, and clorox in tooth 29. Clark instructed my mother to go back to the surgeon and have her cavitations filed and scraped out again to get rid of the toxins in her mouth once and for all. The dental surgeon removed the stitches, reopened the incisions, and scraped. You can only imagine how painful that must have been. After the 2nd scraping, Hulda analyzed another saliva sample and told my mother that tooth 29 was now clear but that due to the scrapings, the surrounding teeth had been contaminated and she still had traces of polonium, uranium, and clorox in her mouth. She was told to keep rinsing her mouth with dental bleach, a product sold at the Self Health Resource Center in Chula Vista, Calfornia. (I understand that it is run by Clark’s son.) My mother was also instructed to purchase all of her “individually tailored” supplements there. Another week went by in which she had to keep rinsing her mouth with dental bleach. Clark said they could not move to the next stage of her treatment until my mother’s saliva test showed that her mouth no longer had polonium, uranium, and clorox. Then she was told that her saliva test was clear and that she could start taking the supplements that would kill her malignancy. Once the malignancy is killed, she is now cured of cancer. My mother was told that once they have completed the program that she will not see an immediate size reduction of the size of her tumor; but that it would occur because she will have been cured by then.

The treatment was supposed to have taken 2 weeks. It had been over a month, and she was still being treated by Clark. My poor mother was in more pain than she was before she started the treatment. She had lost so much weight because she had not been able to eat solids due to the tooth extractions and the scrapings. I became concerned that my mother’s tumor was growing each day and that she was wasting precious time with Hulda Clark’s nonsense. I knew that the longer she continued with Clark’s treatment, the lower the chances she would have for survival.

Initially, her oncologist had said that surgery after chemotherapy was an option. I also pursued a 2nd opinion from another oncologist who agreed. The 2nd oncologist even said that at the time of the biopsy she even had a shot at surgery. Unfortunately, my mother and brother believed what Hulda Clark was telling them. My mother was convinced that Clark would cure her. I even confronted my mother with all of the disturbing information I found on the web about Clark but she would not listen to me. She had been completely brainwashed and she was set on completing the treatment. At this juncture, I did not know what the final outcome was going to be. All I knew is that my mother was wasting valuable time and we were dealing with a situation in which time was crucial. It could mean the difference between life and death for her. Again and again, I begged her to see a qualified oncologist but she refused. She went ahead and completed Hulda Clark’s treatment. Finally, she heard the magic words from Hulda: “Your malignancy is gone and you are now cured.” I asked my mother to please see a real doctor and get an MRI. I said that she had nothing to lose because if she was already cured, this would just prove it. Clark told her she should not get an MRI because even though her malignancy had been killed it would take time for the tumor to reduce in size—so why waste time on an MRI? It took weeks to convince my mother, but she finally agreed.

When she picked up her MRI results, my worst fears came true. She did lose valuable time. While under Clark’s treatment, her tumor grew to two-and-a-half times its initial size. My mother was devastated. Shortly after that, she started chemo. The doctor who was treating her discovered that she had become anemic. I believe this was due to the teeth extractions and the strict diet that Hulda Clark placed her on. This had to have taken a toll on her body. This weakened her. My mother was showing progress with her new treatment, however, she had not gained the weight she lost under the claws of Hulda Clark. Unfortunately, my mother caught a stomach infection. Under her weak and frail state this infection took a life of its own and she went into septic shock. She also had a stroke. I can not even describe to you the amount of pain and suffering that my mother went through. All that I can tell you is that nobody should suffer the way she did. I’ll spare you the further details. I strongly believe that if she had not undergone Clark’s treatment and had sought treatment from a real doctor from the beginning, she would be probably be alive today. Clark robbed my mother of any real chance of survival. She is an absolute and total fraud. She told my mother she was cured. Yes, cured, and that her malignancy was gone. No, my mother is dead.

I find it frightening that despite of all of Hulda Clark’s legal troubles, she has been allowed to continue to treat patients for many years. I am absolutely appalled that she has affected so many lives and continues to do so. She preys on people’s desperation and fears. Hulda’s treatment is cruel and inhumane. Extractions, cavitation scrapings, horrid living conditions in a cheap motel, and the list goes on. Something needs to be done to stop her from doing this to other people.

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