Casewatch Mission Statement

September 7, 2010

Health-care providers and vendors are regulated and policed by a diverse network of agencies, bureaus, departments, and boards. Findings of these enforcement agencies can range from disciplinary actions by licensing boards to seizures of illicit devices and criminal prosecutions by governmental agencies. Private lawsuits offer an additional opportunity to address wrongdoing. Although many such activities are reported on Web sites and in specialized publications, obtaining them can be difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive. We aim to provide a clearinghouse that will make it easier for consumers, attorneys, government enforcement officials, and other interested parties to locate documents and pursue cases related to health fraud, quackery, other health-related misconduct, consumer protection, and government regulation. Our archive will include:

  • FDA warning letters and civil injunctive proceedings
  • FTC false advertising cases
  • Civil actions by state attorneys general
  • Federal, state, and local criminal cases
  • Postal Service Administrative Law Judge decisions
  • Security and Exchange Commission actions
  • Regulatory actions by state licensing boards
  • Malpractice suits, civil frauds, and other civil tort cases
  • Government invetigations and reports
  • Miscellaneous actions by foreign regulatory agencies

Most of our pages are posted in text form rather than PDF so that they are easily searchable. Some documents have been obtained as text from their original source. Others have been scanned and converted with OCR software. If you discover a typographical error in any of our documents, please let us know.

If you know of any documents suitable for this site, please notify Dr. Stephen Barrett.

Privacy policy: We collect no information about users of this site.

This page was revised on September 7, 2010.