Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) Health-Related Decisions and Recommendations, September 2013

February 5, 2017

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) is a voluntary, self-regulatory organization for India’s advertising industry. The council and its Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) evaluate complaints from consumers and industry which assert that advertisements are false, misleading, indecent, illegal, leading to unsafe practices, and/or or unfair to competition, and therefore violate the ASCI Code for Self-Regulation in Advertising. In September, the complaints that were upheld against health-related claims included:

    • Ayurex S Capsules & Oil: The print advertisement showed a product benefit meant to enhance sexual pleasure.


    • Benda Acupuncture Slimming Centre: The print advertisement claimed that ‘Lakhs of patients in India and abroad have been cured by Benda’s therapy,’ ‘Cures cerebral Palsy,’ ‘Reduce fat, increase height,’ ‘No medicine, no operation, no side effect.’


    • Bhola Hospital: The print advertisement of Bhola Hospital claimed that it has a ‘Cure of stone without any cut and operation through world’s best modern-latest machines.’


    • Colgate-Palmolive India Ltd: The TVC of Colgate Strong claimed that ‘Colgate hai to no cavities ‘Colgate is 100% guaranteed in providing anti-cavity protection,’ ‘New and  Advanced.’


    • Dr Jains Zero Figure Clinic: The print advertisement claimed that one should ‘Just come once and reduce your fat in just 1 hour and get healthy and attractive  personality.’


    • Dr. Batra’s Positive Health Clinic: The website/email advertisement claimed that you will be ‘treated by trained Trichologists,’ ‘zero side effects,’ ‘visible results in 94% patients,’ ‘treat your hair loss in initial phases to avoid baldness!’


    • Drug Rehabilitation Centre: The TVC of Nasha Mukti Kendra claimed that it ‘eradicates bad habits of intoxication like alcohol and drugs in just 7 days.’


    • GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd: The print advertisement of Junior Horlicks claimed that it is an ‘added supplement contents like DHA and CHOLINE in the product that are important for child’s brain development,’ ‘Competent and reliable scientific evidence’ (CRSE),’ ‘supplements containing omega-3 FA like DHA.’


    • Global Health: The print advertisement of Global Health claimed that it gives a ‘permanent treatment of Slip disk, back pain, sciatica, gout, neck pain, knee pains, arthritis, cervical, tennis elbow, heals pain by ‘High-Power Laser’ without any operation,’ ‘Permanent treatment of all types of pains in only 5-6 sittings by laser,’ ‘Reduce fat up-to 2-8 inch,’ ‘Reduce weight up-to 5-20 kg,’ ‘Male chest reduction,’ ‘No surgery, no pain, instant result.’


    • Hindustan Unilever: In the print advertisement of Ponds Age Miracle, they claim that you can ‘look up to 10 years younger.’


    • Humsafar Dawakhana: The print advertisement claimed that the ‘thin and skinny, squeezed cheeks get healthy,’ ‘By their medicine all boys and girls can make health easily,’ ‘through this their hunger will increase, blood will increase,’ ‘the food which they have consumed will show its effect on their body and they will become powerful,’ ‘successful treatment of all STDs of ladies and gents.’


    • Medikom Healthcare: The print advertisement of 18 Plus Slimming Capsules claimed that it ‘Reduces fatness in just one course,’ ‘effective for females, males, children and old persons,’ ‘reduces 2-3 inches waist,’ ‘100% Ayurvedic’ & ‘no side effects.’


    • Micronutra: The print advertisement of Maxsol Diabetes claimed that it helps ‘reduce blood sugar, add years to your life,’ ‘famous doctor has proven that diabetes is curable,’ ‘after having this medicine, patients do not need to take any allopathic medicine.’


    • Nirogya Clinic: The print advertisement claimed that it is ‘Top no.1 in most successful treatment of sex related problems,’ ‘for 100% successful treatment of impotence, night fall, early fall, physical weaknesses, NILL-sperms, thinness of penis, small penis, lacking of tightness, semen in urine, piles, Leucorrhoea & childlessness in women.’


    • Noble Dispensary: The print advertisement claimed that it is a ‘successful treatment for childlessness & diabetes.’


    • Nox Health Care Pvt Ltd: The print advertisement of More Life Omega Capsules claimed that it ‘Helps to prevent one from Pressure, Sugar and Cholesterol.’


    • Piramal Healthcare Ltd: The print advertisement of Jungle Magic Mosquito Repellent Bands claimed that ‘Every band has special compartment that stores Citronella Oil, aroma of which protects children when they are doing outdoor activities.’


    • Prince Pharma: The model in the print advertisement of Slimmer Capsules claimed that ‘First I used to look fat, now . . . (Directing to a Slim model),’ ‘100%  Ayurvedic.’


    • Rich Feel Trichology Centre: The print advertisement claimed that it ‘reduces hair fall by 56%,’ ‘restores hair regeneration by 78%,’ and ‘increases hair growth by 85%.’


    • She Like Hair Remover: The TVC claimed that ‘For unnecessary hair do not worry. ‘Apply the creame and let it dry for 3mins and get a glowing soft skin.’ ‘She like hair remover leaves you with soft skin and a glowing skin,’ ‘She Like is fast and safe hair remover.’


    • Sri Durga Ayurvedasala: The print advertisement claimed that ‘Without side effects through Ayurvedic method your weight can be reduced up to 4kg to 6 kg within 26 days’ , ‘it reduces diabetes, diabetes related troubles, high cholesterol’ , ‘Solution for Knee pain, leg pain, tight shoulder, paralysis and its related problems, headache, back  pain.’


    • Star Multispeciality Hospitals: The TVC claims that a treatment in the hospital ‘Reduces diabetes up to 80 to 90 percent just with the help of laparoscopic surgery.’


  • Via Gold Energy Powder: The TVC showed various images of men and women in kissing and compromising positions and the powder is to enhance sexual energy in men and women.