Weider To Pay At Least $400,000 in Consumer Redress and Research Grants under Federal Trade Commission Agreement

August 26, 2006

Weider Health and Fitness Inc. and Joseph Weider have agreed to pay a minimum of $400,000 in refunds and research grants to settle charges they misrepresented two nutrient supplements, under a consent agreement the Federal Trade Commission announced today.

Weider also agreed not to falsely claim that “Anabolic Mega-Pak” and “Dynamic Life Essence” are effective substitutes for anabolic steroids or help build muscles. The agreement settles a July 1984 FTC complaint charging Weider misrepresented the supplements. Weider advertised and sold the supplements as substitutes for anabolic steroids, primarily to bodybuilders and weight trainers, who believe steroids increase muscularity and strength.

Weider agreed to make refunds to anyone who purchased Anabolic Mega-Pak and Dynamic Life Essence. If the total amount Weider refunds to consumers is less than $400,000, it will donate the difference to fund research on the relationship of nutrition to muscle development. The company will notify customers of the refund opportunity and advertise it in Muscle and Fitness and Flex, two major bodybuilding magazines that Weider publishes through subsidiaries.

Weider also agreed not to claim that its products promote muscular development, produce human-growth hormone or are unique, unless it has competent and reliable scientific evidence. In addition, Weider agreed not to misrepresent any scientific test, research article, survey or other scientific opinion or data. Joseph Weider and Weider Health and Fitness are both based in Woodland Hills, CA.

The agreement also names MLE Holding Co., Ltd., which controls Weider Health and Fitness, and Ben Weider, president of MLE and a former director of Weider Health and Fitness. MLE and Ben Weider are based in Montreal.

The FTC’s Chicago Regional Office handled the investigation.

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