Federal Court Finds Kevin Trudeau in Civil Contempt

October 17, 2005

Federal Court Finds Kevin Trudeau in Civil Contempt

FTC News Release
July 8, 2004

On June 29, 2004, a US District Court judge found Kevin Trudeau in contempt of court for violating a July 2003 stipulated preliminary injunction. The Court found that Trudeau violated the preliminary injunction when he disseminated direct mail pieces and an infomercial that made claims that coral calcium is an effective treatment or cure for cancer and other diseases. The preliminary injunction prohibited Trudeau from making these claims. The Court ordered that Trudeau cease all marketing of coral calcium and expressly reserved the right to impose additional remedial measures.

In June 2003, the Federal Trade Commission charged that Trudeau and others made false and unsubstantiated claims in an infomercial that coral calcium cures or treats cancer and other diseases.

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