Cheers and Jeers: Comments from Visitors

May 20, 2013

This page contains general comments received by e-mail about Chirobase or the chiropractic information on Quackwatch. Longer comments from chiropractic practitioners, students, and employees are posted elsewhere.

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From an AOL member in Tacoma, Washington:

I spend much of my time debating against chiropractic on various AOL message boards. Earlier this year I was quacked by a chiropractor who tried to treat me for digestive disease. After my 18th visit with him I decided to investigate his claims. That was when I discovered the AOL message boards & your Quackwatch site.

Quackwatch site. I have been a regular visitor to your site & now Chirobase ever since. I participate on a small handful of alternative message boards, representing myself as a chiropractic adversary. I have spent months now going head to head with chiropractors & chiropractic students in an attempt to get them to post significant studies, abstracts, or even logical explanations which might validate their subluxation/disease claims. Usually, all I get is bad-mouthing. I am thought of as someone who has too much time on my hands, had a “bad” chiropractic experience, closed-minded, unwilling to “learn” and basically ignorant. I have relied on your site & your information to arm myself in these debates. Well, recently, I decided to go up against other various alternative advocates in a particular alternative medicine AOL forum. Following a few days of posting in that area, I have had all my posts removed which contained any mention of your sites. I posted hyperlinks, & just the word “Quackwatch” without further comment & even they were removed. I received several letters of complaint from the volunteer staff of AOL board monitors, warning me to stop. They consider my hyperlinks to your site to be “disruptive” or “argumentative.” In fact, if I post anything there that is in disagreement with any form of alt. medicine, my posts are promptly removed, without explanation. I can still post in a folder called Advocates & Opponents, where I am allowed to post my views & attach links. But for some reason, your links are not allowed anywhere else.

From a Californian who realizes that he was cheated:

A few years ago, I was offered a “free chiropractic exam.” I didn’t have any serious back pain, I was simply curious about chiropractic. After the examination, the chiropractor scared me into believing that I had a serious back problem that required daily adjustments. I had my doubts about him, but I was also afraid that there might be some truth to his words, and I didn’t want to risk losing my health. I told him I could not afford the treatments. He said not to worry about the money, he just wanted me to get well. I pursued treatment for a time. Eventually I learned from another doctor that the condition he claimed existed, did not exist. To make a long story short, he cheated me out of thousands of dollars and wasted a considerable amount of my time. I have since learned that the general public’s opinion of chiropractors is very negative. I do not believe that all chiropractors are frauds and charlatans, but in this case, the reputation is well earned. I want to thank you for your work.

From a chiropractic student who may not realize what he is getting into.

I would like to commend you on a superb web page. As a first year student at an American chiropractic college, I have been asking myself many questions about what the instructors will be teaching me and my classmates over the next four years. I hold true to many of the articles present on your web site. Chiropractic medicine should focus on the neuromuscular disorders that inflict patients; that a medical doctor and a chiropractor must work together, to the benefit of a person, and that chiropractic medicine is not the cure all solution that most of the faculty, staff, and students believe it is. I chose chiropractic medicine for one reason and one reason only; to help people. I hate to hear of instructors telling students of ways to become rich off the misfortunes, and miseducation of others. . . . Chiropractic medicine is a very young profession. It will take many more years to establish a standard by which the profession will be recognised by the majority of citizens. Your organization is a step in that direction, and I plan to continue the journey in my future.

From a premedical student who had considered becoming a chiropractor:

I am currently applying to medical school . . . . My interest in chiropractic almost led to a different career choice. At the time I was still a competitive athlete and my coach was always talking about how much his chiropractor helped him with sports injuries. I’d always had an interest in medicine but had decided not to pursue medical school in favor of studying exercise science with hopes of eventually pursing a PhD in Exercise Physiology. I thought that perhaps chiropractic might be a good median because I would be practicing medicine (or so I thought) and working with athletes. I didn’t want to go into this blindly though. I began to read the information on your Chirobase website (linked to through a Chiropractic school website of all places) and was shocked and appalled by what I read about the chiropractic profession. I still believe that chiropractors have a place in treating musculoskeletal problems, and often do a very good job if confined to that area. I knew that I wanted to go into the medical field and began to rethink my decision not to become a medical doctor. I soon began to pick up the classes I needed to take, took the MCAT (aced it), and I am now waiting to hear from my state school following my interview. I am confident that next fall I will be attending medical school and hope to become an orthopaedic surgeon. Thanks so much for your website, it was because of the Quackwatch/Chirobase sites that I was able to avoid making a very poor decision.

From a former chiropractor who is now a medical doctor:

I practiced chiropractic for 3 years upon graduation from Life University before I realized how insane the profession was. I had my doubts when going through school, but I decided to complete the program anyway. When I graduated and began working as an associate, I saw insurance fraud and unethical business practices among the four doctors with which I was employed over the few years I practiced. I also attended license renewal seminars in which I saw doctors signing their names on attendance sheets and then leaving for the day without attending the seminar. Many other chiropractors sent their associates or members of their office staff to sign in for them. I could not believe the lack of character and class that was so prevalent among practicing chiropractors. One “doctor” once said to me as I interviewed for an associate position “Forget about getting patients better, I’m gonna show you how to make money!” At this point, I knew I was in the wrong profession and I began applying to medical schools. I am now a medical doctor look forward to a bright future that includes subspecialty training in pain management. Many of my former classmates from Life University are no longer in practice and are doing other things. I strongly discourage anyone contemplating becoming a chiropractor, especially if one is ethical, has morals, and truly desires to help people. I advise people thinking about a chiropractic career to thoroughly explore your Web site before making a decision. Rob Alexander, D.C., M.D.

From a medical claims analyst for a large HMO:

I grew up in Davenport, Iowa, and my father worked for WOC, owned by Palmer Broadcasting Co. My first experience with the pseudoscience of chiropractic was when a part-time cameraman/part-time chiro student told my parents that my mentally retarded sister could be cured by a series of adjustments. My sister had had many tests at the Mayo Clinic and University of Iowa Medical School, all of which showed extensive brain damage. The thought that a series of spinal manipulations could repair damaged brain tissue was absurd! I always thought of BJ Palmer to a showman, right up with PT Barnum. The only difference was that Barnum basically admitted that he was appealing to ignorance (there’s a sucker born every minute), while BJ was nothing more than a scam artist.

From a reader in Boston:

A big thank you—not only for putting such an educational resource on the Web about chiropractic, but for also helping out my wife’s boss. He’d been going to a chiropractor for a while for back pain, and my wife learned this and pointed him to your Web site. After reading the information there, he decided to stop going to the chiropractor and consulted an orthopedist. Medical examination discovered three badly degenerated disks; the doctors supposedly expressed surprise he could even walk. He recently had back surgery and will recover in about eight weeks. Obviously if his back problems were that bad, chiropractic care was inappropriate therapy.

From a physician in South Carolina:

I happened across a chiropractor offering “free spine screenings” while at a Christmas craft show (of all places) today with my wife. I submitted to a “screening” and was truthful about everything except my occupation. I told them that I get low back pain after strenuous work and that I have occasional headaches which I consider to be a normal part of being alive. They performed two tests. First they had me stand with my back to some device with wires running across it which purportedly determined that I had a head tilt to the left and an uneven pelvis. Second, the chiropractor placed two small electrode-like devices on three places on my back. These were attached to a computer which he said told him that I had “an abnormality of the nerve controlling blood supply to my brain” which was responsible for my headaches and a lumbar “spinal misalignment” responsible for my back pain. He, of course, recommended that I begin seeing him for treatment in his office as soon as possible. If I tried cheating my patients out of their money with bogus, unlicensed “tests” and self-serving recommendations, our state medical board would have my license in a matter of days and I would be out of a career. How do these jokers get away with this? I enjoy your website. Keep up the good work!

From a former chiropractor who is now a medical student:

As a former chiropractor, I was disgusted to see the fraud that was so prevalent in my profession. Many of the chiropractors I knew had engaged in making unscientific claims regarding chiropractic’s efficacy to their patients. I think a lot of it stems from the inferior education chiropractors receive in chiropractic college. There is just no fundamental understanding of the basic science concepts and most chiropractic students graduate with limited knowledge of clinical science combined with an inability to apply what they do know. As a third-year medical student, I now realize that the education I received in chiropractic school was a sham, with no emphasis on sound scientific principles. I am glad that you continue to tell the truth about the chiropractic profession. It is sad that chiropractic is more “business” than “science,” and that chiropractic colleges continue to teach its students without any scientific basis of treatment.

From a former chiropractic assistant:

I just want to thank you for your information. It is great to know there are people out there who know what it really is. I was forced to attend numerous seminars so that my employer would have help in brainwashing me. I am so glad I am out of that place. People need to understand that when you go to a “straight” chiropractor everything said is carefully scripted. My former employer paid out thousands of dollars to a chiropractic consulting firm to help him have a waiting list practice when he should have taken the money to have a hair transplant and his head examined.

From a college student in Florida:

I was considering Chiropractic as a career. Thanks to information like yours . . . I have decided to pursue a career based on real science and not voodoo magic. . . . I would not be happy wasting my life on Chiropractic lies. Keep up the good work. Potential students hungry for information depend on you. I now hope to be a dentist by 2004. It is not the most glamorous profession, but it is real.

From an environmental safety professional:

I’m not surprised that a jury decided that the Cleveland Chiropractic College had not committed fraud or breach of contract, since the primary basis for the student’s fraud claim was that they were required to entice friends, family and others into the clinic and then charge them for chiropractic treatment they did not need. They also claimed that they were not adequately prepared to enter into a chiropractic practice due to lack of basic experience in diagnosis and treatment. Marketing and providing bogus, unprofessional, unskilled and unneeded treatments is what Chiropractic practice is all about! Sounds like they were fully prepared to go out join in the scam to me.

From a medical transcriptionist in Ohio:

I want to thank you and your colleagues for the work you are doing in trying to better educate the public about chiropractic care. For ten years, I took care of a little girl who was afflicted with Werdnig-Hoffman’s disease, infantile spinal muscular atrophy. During that time she was taken to a chiropractor by her grandparents who were told that feeling and movement could be restored to her via manipulations. After consulting neurologists and educating myself on what infantile muscular atrophy was, I explained to her grandparents why chiropractic care could not help. But they were desperate, and he offered them false hope for a price. Many dollars and months later they slowly gave up their search for a cure through chiropractic care. I have never been able to figure out how cracking my spine can cure an illness. What is the connection to the popping sound and an earache? I have friends who swear by their chiropractor and when I ask them how they know it is working they tell me they feel the crunch, hear the pop and suddenly they are better. I have been approached at the entrance of our local hardware store to have my blood pressure checked by a young man in a white coat with a stethoscope wrapped around his neck. He is a chiropractor looking for new patients. What a way to obtain a patient. I don’t think the chiropractic community realizes that they will put themselves out of business by not policing their own. Keep up the good work.

From a recent college graduate who abandoned plans to become a chiropractor:

Until I discovered your website a few days ago, I was prepared to go to Chiropractic School starting in Jan 2003. I was unsure about it as a definite career, but was under the impression that chiropractic was starting to adopt the scientific method. Needless to say your website has cleared that up for me and many other questions I had as well. I recently obtained a BS in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland and know that I believe in the Scientific Method and also the replication of study results to prove the validity of research outcomes. So thank you again for opening my eyes to what chiropractic is all about and make me realize that physical therapy is the real career for me!

From a Life College dropout:

Chiropractors are full of it. I wanted to be one once, thank God I saw the light in time. Its all bullshit. After we got through first year sciences I started asking key questions like what exactly is a subluxation and why can’t I see it on an x-rays or other imaging devices like CT scans or even on an MRI? Needless to say, I was quickly considered an outsider or non believer! I quit that racket, started my own business, and have been doing well ever since. I would suggest anyone going to school for Chiropractic quit and do something more respectful and scientific. By the way, I also worked for a chiropractor, and WOW did this guy lie alot. Almost all his patients came in three times a week and they seem to all get the same treatment; hot pads then muscle stimulation, and then finally the adjustment. I have found this to be excessive and purely for PROFIT. All these quacks are the same. They only care about making money. The irony to all this is since all this I stopped going to chiropractor completely and ive never been better. My advice is stay as far away from Chiros as you can. Its simple really learn how stretch out your back muscles and everything will be fine.

From a chiropractor who teaches at a chiropractic college:

I appreciate your website greatly. As a chiropractic physician practicing for the last 25 years, I could not agree with you more regarding the number of spurious techniques and procedures performed by not only members of my own profession but many in the medical community as well. It is sad to see that the caliber of students graduating from chiropractic colleges has not improved greatly over the last 2 decades— I have been teaching at a chiropractic college for more than 20 years and can attest to that fact.

From another chiropractor:

I have been practicing chiropractic for 19 years. I have heard Dr. Barrett’s name mentioned many times over the years and would shutter to repeat all that I’ve heard. I want to say thanks for your work, what I have seen of it. I ran across your site today and read about Life College losing its accreditation, etc. Sometimes, when I see and hear this kind on crap, I regret ever becomming a DC. I have always practiced ethically and have a good repuation amongst local professionals. There are good DC’s out here that actually have no idea what a ‘subluxation’ is. I never use the term. I often ask my ‘straight’ collegues that base their whole belief system in chiropractic on DD Palmer’s tale of curing old Harvey from deafness…”how many deaf people have you ever cured?”. The answer is always the same…’0′. I then ask “what DC can you mention that has done so?”. Again the same answer. I then ask “don’t you think that if spinal adjustments cured deafness in Harvey Lillard…. at least one of us….in 19 years…could duplicate the feat? It’s amazing isn’t Anyway, I just wanted to say that there’s 1 DC out here that isn’t a crazy fanatic that believes anything and everything he hears.


From a chiropractor in Arkansas:



From a chiropractor in Oregon who advised
Dr. Barrett to get his subluxations corrected:

Dr. Barrett: Until you practice as a real Chiropractor and witness the healing of medical failures as I have, until you see the tears of joy on a mother’s face as Chiropractic care gave health back to her child when medicine said there was nothing anyone could do, until then doctor, you don’t know beans about my profession!

History is full of references concerning people like you: Administrators at the Inquisition during the dark ages, as well as those who served as judge and jury and sent 612 of my brothers and sisters to jail for practicing Chiropractic during the first half of the 20th century. Three of those brave doctor died due to their imprisonment!

In a few short hours, a new century will be born, one in which your descendants and my descendants will be attending Chiropractic care in order to maintain their health, and medicine will be relegated to crisis care where it truly has no equal. Rant and rave all you want about alternative care, doctor. It is here and Americans are leaving medicine in mass and moving toward natural health care. So try to relax doctor, and I hope you decide to get those subluxations corrected soon by a real Traditional Chiropractor! It will do wonders for your obvious mental condition!

From a chiropractor in New York State:

How Dare you pump out that crap about chiropractic being bad for patients. When you learn about chiropractic your self give me a call. I love and cherish my patients and family, and the greatest gift I can give to them is a chiropractic adjustment. The more they get checked the better for their overall health.

From another well-wisher who did not fully identify himself:

Thought you were gone. Sadly I see you are still espousing your brand of hate and bigotry. Just letting you know that when you die, I andante off colleagues plan to drink to your passing as a celebratory event. ‘Satan has died’ will be the toast. I myself plan to visit your grave site and piss all over it. Perhaps you should. Not have a marked grave site because I am not the only persons out there who will seem to defile your grave. Who whores you out? Seriously I am surprised you haven’t been sent to prison for making false complaints against far more competent doctors than you clearly are. Die already.

From a chiropractor in Kansas:

Your opinion of chiropractic is pathetic at best, especially since you have never experienced it. I’m just glad to hear that all those I talk with share my view that you are a worthless, waste, indulging yourself in your own stupidity. Fortunately, no one is listening. Have an early death. No one will miss you.

Three messages from a chiropractor in Michigan:

I just got done looking at your pictures. Why in the hell would anyone utilize a bunch of creeps like yourselves for any type of healthcare. It has now become clear why none of you have achieved any level of sucsess. Why would three guys as homely looking as yourselves even put your pictures on the internet. You guys look like you should be Americas Most Wanted. What a bunch of losers ….. I would love the opportunity for a public debate with any one or all three of you. I will eat you up and spit you out you worthless little punks.

What a bunch of complete and total losers. A Medical Doctor a PHD, and a Chiropractor, all of which do not have what it takes to be sucsessful, so they spend time bad mouthing those that help the most. I have got news for you, Medicine has failed, who knows about the nerd who calls himself a PHd, probably a future axe murderer, never been laid, no social skills, full time student for life. And then a Chiropractor that is such a loser that he cannot make a living in the fastest growing Healthcare profession in the world. Say what you will guys, but the public says, ” In your face. ” You will never convince my patients otherwise. They have never been so healthy, nor have they recieved the level of Healthcare that I provide. What a bunch of absolute losers. If any of you have the testicular fortitude to respond, ” bring it on. ” I will run circles around any MD, PHD, or otherwise in terms of my clinical knowledge, bedside manner, and Financial sucsess. You guys are the lowest form of life !!! I will be willing to bet that none of you Chicken Shits will even have the balls to respond, again, bring it on !!!!

Come to my clinic, where people bring the entire family for all of their Health Care needs and try to call me a quack. See how long you last before someone ” Decks ” you. I am trained to recognize Medical situations and make appropriate referrals if nessecary, usually not.

From a chiropractor who apparently was brainwashed during his childhood:

I come from a long line of chiropractors who have successfully taught people to make more informed healthcare choices for themselves and their families. In making these informed choices, our patients have benefited with good health and well-being, increased longeveity, less or no medication, vaccinations, and surgery, decreased time off of work from illness or injury . . . all because they’ve learned the basics of how the body works and to find out if the benefits outweigh the risks rather than listening to what some doctor tells them they have to do. If this, the profession that has seen more visits last year than all M.D.’s collectively, is quackery than I don’t think you’re working hard enough. They’re catching the wave. People want to make their own decisions about thier health and they know that Chiropractic Health Care is the way to raise a healthy, drug-free family. Obviously you have plenty of time to waste. Maybe if you got a clue you could do some good with the info that you have to offer.

From another chiropractor:

While I will agree that some in my profession make inaccurate claims, it is difficult for me to be clear on your intention. Are you the ethics police for the chiropractic profession?

(I replied: “That’s an interesting way to put it. They certainly need one.)

From a student at Palmer College of Chiropractic:

If you were to look at medicine versus chiropractic over the past hundred years I think that it would be very clear that medicine has been constantly changing while chirpractic has stayed the same. Which profession has worked and which has had to stay the same?

From a chiropractic assistant who says she is “sick of all the quacking”:

It seems that you have much too much time on your hands. I suggest that you donate your time learning the true cause and effect behind chiropractic. You obviously don’t know a thing about this health care field and have used this so called “glossary of terms” to show the world how pathetically stupid you are. Millions of people get help from chiropractic and never see a single chicken running around or have hands laid on them by a voodoo healer. I have a better idea, why don’t you go have some vertebrae fused.

From a satisfied patient:

It’s amazing what kind of trash, such as your site, a person can find on the internet. I am living proof what Chiropractic care can do. For many years I was treated like a guinea pig by M.D.’s who never did help me. After hundreds of needles and pills and potions, I finally got wise and took my problems to a Chiropractor. After being a catch all for every bug, flu and colds since I was a kid, I now lead a HEALTHY, illness free, and pain free life. If you really want to talk about quackery, fraud, kickbacks, and conspiracies, I suggest you address the money making scams being run by the M.D.’s who suppress viable alternative treatments which DO work and are nothing more than blood sucking leaches who extract every dime they can get out of their patients. I KNOW THIS FIRST HAND. I hope you can sleep knowing the lies and disinformation you are spreading. But I assure you that every day more and more people are becoming aware of the REAL scam being perpetrated upon them, the PROFIT-BASED MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT!

From (no identification provided):

I just love your web-site. A bunch of Psychiatrists and a medical doctor wanna-be spending all their time an enery attempting to misrepresent Chiropractic health care. It is funny you do not mention that drugs and M.D.’s are the third largest killer in this country. Why waste your time and energy the drug companies spent billions on advertising to keep magic pill propaganda afloat. The good news is that you are all old and will die soon!!!!! If Chiropractic care was given to every single person on this planet, so much sufering and sickness would disappear.. Say no to drugs!!!! All drugs, illegal, o.t.c and unnecesaary prescritions.

From “just a regular guy (not a chiropractor) who has seen far too many people suffer,
and even die in the hands of the so called proven, and excepted medical profession.”

YOU!………can you people be any more narrow minded……I think not! Who pays your bills the self-serving AMA!? It’s people like you who get cancer and end up dying from the chemo, not from the cancer, because we all knooooow chemo is scientifically proven and the approved way of poisoning someone to death, don’t we!? The only tumors that should be surgically removed are the likes of you! You people are simply pathetic!!

From “” (no identification provided):

are you so insecure,that you manage a website to attack chiropractic?sorry,fools,it works. continue to use your energy to degrade chiropractic,while you do, millions more ,everyday are enjoying the healthy benefits.what desparate folks you are,and to think you really give a rats behind about people,well guess what?the masses are getting smarter everyday.the people are smarter than you…..thankyou internet and goodnite medecine….what a bunch of narrow mindede bufoons! your a disgrace..why dont you spend some time really caring about your patients instead of degrading a great profession..ple4ase dont let your children know what you do…they will be embarressed

To Dr. Barrett from an Ohio woman who
works as a department store detective:

You are really full of bull crap. Since I am online I cannot say what I really mean. Ten years ago this month I was injured in a work accident. I ended up basically crippled. My doctors, and I had many of them, had me so addicted to pain killers and other medications that I could not think clearly. All they did was cover up my symptoms. They never once helped my injury or treated the cause of that symptom. I was sent to so many specialists that I could not bear to even consider anymore visits to a “doctor”. I also have suffered severe allergies since I was a child. I was allergic to so many things, even including the food that I ate. I was sick constantly. I went to Cleveland Clinic, that is after 7 years of suffering in such pain that I wanted to just die. They said there wasn’t anything that they could do for me. I would have to live my life in pain and learn to live with it. They were just like some of the other doctors that I was sent to. Most of them believed the pain was “all in my head”. That is a typical response from doctors like you toward women in pain. Just once in my life I would love to see a so called doctor like you deal with the pain that I had to live with for seven years. You would never, ever be able to tolerate it.

My fiance found a wonderful CHIROPRATIC DOCTOR that I have been going to now for the past three years. I thank God every day that this man is on this earth and is able to help so many people. He has cleared my severe allergies. He has made me pain free, without the use of any drugs. I have never felt better in my entire life. For your information I am now 45. I was to young to be told that I would have to learn to live with my pain. I can now play with my four year granddaughter and hold her. I could not lift her before my CHIROPRACTOR< started treating me. He uses NAET and applied kinesiology and all the really great treatments that YOU are complaining about. What’s wrong with you? You must be extremely jealous that you cannot help your patients as well as CHIROPRACTOR’S that use NAET and applied kinesiology. Instead of trying to ruin everyone else’s lives, why don’t you go out and get a life. I will never go to see a doctor like you again. I would rather die than submit to your form of treatments again. As a matter of fact, I know more people going to CHIROPRACTORS than your kind of doctor. GET A LIFE. This is AMERICA. WE WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOSE THE MEDICAL ATTENTION WE FEEL IS BEST FOR US. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL US WHO MUST TREAT US. SHUT YOUR FACE FOR ONCE.

From a chiropractic enthusiast in Wichita, Kansas:

You ask for donations… I would not give you the sweat of of my dogs ball’s if you all were dying of thirst. You are a bunch of jealous people complaining about the chiropractor because they have the ability to cure without killing, something you all have not mastered yet.

Comments about the Jeers

From a biologist in New Jersey:

I’m quite pleased to see such an extensive and science based examination of chiropractic. I’m somewhat surprised at the comments in most of your “Jeers.” It seems that the ones that I read focused on the fact that chiropractic has been around for 100 years. This proves nothing. Snake oil has been around longer —it’s still not medically effective for curing much of anything.

It is my firm belief that chiropractic—along with other alternative medical practices—has its place within the medical system. However, just as I would hope that a dentist not treat heart ailments, I would expect that chiropractors would limit their treatments to areas that are within their scope. Unfortunately, it seems that for many chiropractors, the letters D.C. after their names is permission to practice any therapy, no matter how dubious.

From an insurance claims specialist:

I have read many of the scathing things written regarding your Website and its content. While I am somewhat convinced of the benefit to the musculoskeletal system through the use of Chiropractic care (I am a former patient and quite satisfied with the outcome), I do not subscribe to the ‘blocked nerve flow’ theory that has been credited with everything from heart palpitations to hypertension to incontinence. I am sure that the Chiropractic community can cite instances where these ailments were ‘cured’ through adjustments. However, I also believe that these ‘cures’ would constitute no more of a percentage of the total number of cases than would ‘spontaneous cures’.

That having been said, I am thoroughly appalled at the use of profanity and threats used by the Chiropractic community to answer your criticisms. But, even more of a concern to me, are the ubiquitous use of misspelled words and incorrect capitalization. These people are supposed to be educated medical professionals, able and trained to move forward through one-sided odds and their patients’ pain to arrive at a treatment and subsequent improvement of the condition of those in their care. I only see name-calling bullies, so consumed with vitriolic hatred that they were unable to mount a decent and effective argument that any medical student could do with ease. Shame on them.

From a student inspired by chiropractic “philisophy”:

Yes, we in the chiropractic profession are surely our own worst enemy. Too often our response to criticism is fueled by emotion and an “us-against-them” mentality. I am a 2nd year chiropractic student, and I apologize for the name-calling and bullying in some of the comments. Modern medicine is indispensable in treating disease and trauma, but it is NOT healthcare. Chiropractors are determined to spread the word about the benefits of chriopratic care, benefits that often extend beyond the musculoskeletal system to relief of disease symptoms and even disease itself. Our job is to treat the joints of the body in order to restore and maintain motion. But we are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and no one system can be affected in isolation from the rest. It is the ingenius design of the human organism Chiropractic recognizes and respects that. Chiropractic truely is HEALTH-care.

From another chiropractic student:

I have a few comments for the chiropractors who wrote in..Here are some quotes from some of you, “KEEP ON YACKING CHICKEN LITTLE”, “It will do wonders for your obvious mental condition!”, “I will eat you up and spit you out you worthless little punks.”, “The good news is that you are all old and will die soon!!!!!”.. As a student of Chiropractic, I am ashamed that you men call yourselves doctors. Your angry letters are not constructive in any way. If you doubt my opinion, please re-read them carefully for any valuble information, research, or thoughtful support of chiropractic. I truly believe that you doctors have done chiropractic a disservice to act this way. I personally feel that Dr. Barett has become too cynical over the years, and should let others take over his work in exposing frauds, but the letters that you men sent are clearly part of the cause of his cynicism. Furthermore, as chiropractors, you all learned in school the difference between clinical studies and testimonials. While testimonials are wonderful for the ego, clinical and scientific studies make far more convincing arguments. Instead of being mean and aggressive, get involved in chiropractic research and do something positive for your profession. I would expect better of people who consider

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