Chiropractic Pamphlets from G.T. Press (1965-1987)

July 6, 2020

Golden Touch, Inc., of Blue Springs, Missouri, published pamphlets that could be displayed in chiropractic offices or distributed monthly to selected patients through G.T.’s “Direct Patient Motivation Mailing Plan.” Between 1965 and 1987, at  least 75 were published:

Allergy • Amazing Stomach • Arm and Shoulder Pain (2 brochures) • Arthritis • Arthritis: The Number One Crippler ( 2 versions) • B-A-C-K-A-C-H-E • Back Pain • Backache • Children and Chiropractic (2 versions) • Chiropractic Family Plan • Chiropractic Insurance Coverage • Chiropractic Medicare and You • Chiropractic Nerve Chart • Common Headache • Disc Problems: How Not to Have Them • Education of a Chiropractor • Emphysema – America’s No. 2 Killer • Feminine Facts • Head and Neck • Health Is Within You Now • High Blood Pressure • How Chiropractic Heals (2 versions) • How Old is Old? • How to Lift • How to Prevent Back Pain • Is Asthma Serious? • Just Plain Tired – Are You? • Low Back Pain • Mama . . . My Bed’s Wet • Medical Research Proves Chiropractic • Migraine Headache (3 versions) • Nerves – Just Nerves • Nutrition & Exercise • Osteoporosis & Your Health • Pain • Pathways to Health • Patient Testimonial Blanks • Peace of Mind • Peace of Mind • Periodic Health Care • Pinched Nerves • Pinched Nerves: The Great Imposter • Prostate Facts for Men • Sciatic Nerve • Sciatic Pain • Sciatica • Scoliosis: What Is It? • Sinus Trouble • Sports Injuries • The Amazing Story behind Chiropractic • The Education of a Chiropractor • The Last Hope • The Master Builder • The Road Back to Health • The Story of Your Amazing Liver • The Story. of Your Amazing Stomach • The Wonderful Kidney • To the New Chiropractic Patient (2 versions) • What Shall Man Live By? • What to Do in Case of an Auto Accident • What Urinalysis Tells Your Chiropractor • What You Should Know about Whiplash Neck Injury • What’s Your Health Problem? • Whiplash Neck Injuries (2 versions) • Why Are Medical Doctors Are Trying to Steal Chiropractic? • Why You May Need X-ray • Your 100 Year Heart • Your Case Analysis • Your Progress Report

Most of these pamphlets can be read by clicking here.

Examples of Far-Fetched Claims
  • Many of the pamphlets said that misaligned vertebrae (“subluxations”) are the “ROOT CAUSE of disease” and that chiropractic adjustments can restore health by correcting them.
  • “How Chiropractic Heals” characterized subluxations as “Health’s Worst Enemy.
  • “The Education of a Chiropractor” (1966) falsely claimed that “Today’s chiropractor is the best trained doctor the world has ever known.”
  • “To the New Chiropractic Patient” (1973) falsely described chiropractic as “the most modern, effective, and fastest-growing  health profession in the world.”
  • “Nerves – Just Nerves” contains this chart which falsely suggests that spinal misalignments cause more than 75 ailments that chiropractors can help.

G.T. also published newsletters that focused on a few of the above topics and could be customized with the chiropractor’s clinic information.