Chiropractic Pamphlets Subtitled “What Will Chiropractic Do for It?”

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
April 4, 2020

These pamphlets made claims that were typical of chiropractic during its early years. Each falsely alleges that the underlying cause of the condition was impingement (“subluxation”) in the spine that created interference with the normal flow of “life force” or “nerve energy”  between the brain and the cells of the organ involved.

  • Adenoids: What will Chiropractic Do for It?
  • Epilepsy: What will Chiropractic Do for It?
  • Goiter: What will Chiropractic Do for It?
  • Multiple Sclerosis: What will Chiropractic Do for It?

To read these pamphlets, click here.

In April 2020, had six others in the series for sale with the same subtitle: appendicitis, headaches, nervousness, neuritis, sciatica, and stomach trouble. The pamphlets themselves did not identify their author or publisher, but the Amazon seller said the author was Dr. D.L. Hultgren and “guessed” that they were published in 1940.

Three pamphlets from the series were mentioned in legal documents from a case in which the Illinois Supreme Court in upheld a criminal conviction of chiropractor Roger E. Richardson for violating the Illinois Medical Practice Act. In 1957, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld lower court verdicts that Richardson had violated the Act by diagnosing an undercover investigator with two “subluxated vertebrae” and displaying pamphlets for epilepsy, skin eruptions, and tonsillitis.