Chiropractic Ad: Why choose a chiropractor to be your family doctor?

Chiropractic America, an organization pledging “to inform the public about the health risks associated with the Vertebral Subluxation,” has announced plans to run this ad in major magazines and newspapers throught 1999. The ad states:

“A chiropractor is your coach through a lifetime of good health. Before any healthcare decisions are made, seek the caring advice of a chiropractor — one who is trained in keeping your body working at its full potential.

“Unlike ither healthcare choices, the chiropractor’s education and philosophy is keeping you healthy … naturally.”

According to Chiropractic America’s Web site:

  • “Getting adjusted regularly helps each and every function of your body, promoting lasting good health.”
  • “By removing subluxation (adjusting pressure off the nerves) the body will be more able to heal itself and also, more often than not, may be able to decrease the symptoms which you may not even have noticed. The key is to remove subluxation by chiropractic adjustments before symptoms, the last stage of disease, show themselves.
  • “All children [should] be checked regularly for nerve interference, even without symptoms present. Prevention is the best medicine. However, if you know a child who is not under chiropractic care and suffers from any of the following problems, please urge the child’s parents to consider chiropractic. Remember, vertebral subluxation leads to pressure on spinal nerves which leads to dysfunction.”
  • The conditions suitable for chiropractic care during childhood include: fever, colic, croup, allergies, wheezing, poor posture, stomach ache, hearing loss, ear infection, neck\back pain, leg\hip\foot pain, numbness, headaches, cough\colds, asthma, bed wetting, bronchitis, constipation, weakness\fatigue, skin problems, one leg shorter, irritability, nervousness, learning disorder, sinus problems, eye problems, scoliosis, arthritis, and poor concentration.

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