Pamphlets from the American Chiropractic Association (1970s)

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
July 25, 2020

The American Chiropractic Association, which was formed in 1963, is the largest professional organization for chiropractors in the United States. The pamphlets listed here are undated but were published between 1963 and 1980.

  • Chiropractic Contributions Enrich Modern Science
  • Your Kidneys and Your Health
  • Chiropractic Corrects Poliomyelitis
  • How to Conquer Nerve Tension
  • Digestive Defects Are Correctable
  • Save Those Tonsils for Better Health!
  • So You Have An Allergy?
  • Chiropractic for Gastric Ulcers
  • Chiropractic Corrects” Tractor Back” and Other Farm Injuries
  • How to Attain Normal Blood Pressure
  • You Can Control Obesity . . . An Abnormal Condition—with Proper Diet and Essential Normal Nerve Function
  • Constipation Can Cripple You
  • Lumbago

Chiropractic Contributions Enrich Modern Science alleges that chiropractic has made five outstanding contributions to modern science, one of which is that “subluxations occur frequently.”

Your Kidneys and Your Healtasserts that, “Whatever the particular form of kidney disorder which may affect one, your chiropractor has been especially educated and trained to detect its nature and its cause, and to correct that cause, permitting nature to restore normal function.”

Chiropractic Corrects Poliomyelitis states: ” To prevent polio . . . . Periodic chiropractic spinal examination is important for all ages, but especially for children” and “Adjustment of spinal distortion to reduce nerve pressure and irritation and promote nerve reactivation is pre-eminent in the distinctive chiropractic corrective procedure for polio.” The fact that polio vaccination was avail]able was not mentioned.

All but one of the pamphlets includes the message, “If you do not enjoy good health, consult your chiropractor first.”

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