Pocket Guides from Positive Promotions (1990s)

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
July 28, 2020

Positive Promotions of Brooklyn, New York, marketed pocket guides that could be imprinted the chiropractor’s name. Each consisted a jacket that displayed information as a card inside was pulled in and out. During the 1990s, I collected four such guides:

  • The Prevent-A-Backache Guide contained useful tips for sitting, standing, walking, sleeping, diving, shopping & traveling, and exercise & diet.
  • The Exercise Away Your Calories guide could display the number of calories in about 100 food items and the number of calories used per minute with running, swimming bycycling, walking, and aerobics. Sliding the inside card could then indicate the number of minutes of exercise that would burn off the number of calories of the selected food.
  • The Auto Collision Counselor guide, which contained a checklist of things to do in the event of an accident, provided a handy reminder to the collect the necessary  information.
  • The Vitamin/Mineral Guide enabled the user to see what nutrient deficiencies were supposedly associated with acne, depression, excessive thirst, heart trouble, high cholesterol, irritability, and twenty other symptoms or conditions and which foods were the best sources of these nutrients. This approach was irrational because the symptoms would be far more likely to have other causes.

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