Chiropractic: The Greatest Hoax of the Century?

Ludmil A. Chotkowski, M.D., F.A.C.P.
December 13, 2001

 Chapter 1 Why I Consider Chiropractic a Hoax
 Chapter 2 The Hoax in Action: Three Cases
 Chapter 3 NCAHF Fact Sheet on Chiropractic (2001)
 Chapter 4 H.L. Mencken Debunks Chiropractic (1924)
 Chapter 5 At Your Own Risk: The Case Against Chiropractic (1969)
 Chapter 6 The Views of Consumer Reports (1975, 1994)
 Chapter 7 Smart Money Hits a Raw Nerve (1996)
 Chapter 8 The Lemmon/Matthau Takeoff
 Chapter 9 The Crippling of Linda Solsbury
 Chapter 10 Visit to Two Chiropractic Colleges
 Chapter 11 Visit with an Alaskan Chiropractor
 Chapter 12 A Chiropractic Lecture on Headache
 Chapter 13 Additional Opinions about Chiropractic
 Chapter 14 Reactions to the First Edition of This Book
 Chapter 15 More Dialogue and Debate on the Internet
 Chapter 16 Why People Go to Chiropractors
 Chapter 17 The Chiropractic Antitrust Suit
 Chapter 18 The AHCPR Guideline
 Chapter 19 Some Notes on a Leading Chiropractic Textbook
Chapter 20 Complaints against Chiropractors
Chapter 21 Recent Studies on Tension Headaches, Low Back Pain, Asthma, and Colic
Chapter 22 Final Comments
Appendix A Glossary
 Appendix B Where to Get Additional Information

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