New Book Hits Chiropractic Misconduct

December 5, 2002

The The Naked Chiropractor: Insider’s Guide to Combatting Quackery and Winning the War Against Pain promotes what short-term spinal manipulation can accomplish but lays bare how most chiropractors rip off their patients. It states, for example:

  • There can be legitimate benefits from spinal manipulation if it is sought for the correct reasons. You just need to know the right time to visit the practitioner who performs spinal manipulations, because the bottom line is this; proper spinal manipulation can get rid of your back pain, but “chiropractic adjustments” can rip you off and keep you chronically dependent on treatments.
  • No matter how logical a chiropractor may make maintenance care sound, nothing is in actuality logical if it emanates from an unfounded or faulty premise. The doctrine of maintenance care springs from an erroneous foundation: that your problem will come back if your spine is not routinely and regularly adjusted.
  • In chiropractic, so much brainwashing takes place, so much of a cult mentality is encouraged, so much faulty reasoning is reinforced that even among chiropractors who claim to reject most principles of the profession there is still a fundamental attachment to non-evidence-based approaches. It is similar to an addiction.
  • Thanks to mistreatment and especially to overtreatment, the majority of chiropractic visits are without medical justification.

Autographed copies are available for $21.95 plus $3 shipping from the author (Preston H. Long, D.C.), 2421 E. Southern Ave., Suite 5. Tempe, AZ 85282.

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This article was posted on December 5, 2002.