Claims on Chiropractic Web Sites (A-G)

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
March 21, 2017

These sites illustrate various chiropractic beliefs and practices. In most cases, we have posted representative quotes. Listing on this page should not be interpreted as an endorsement. It simply means that the site contains information that we think is interesting and reflects what chiropractors think and do. The bracketed dates indicate when we last checked the link. If you find one that isn’t working or would like to suggest additional sites, please notify us.

  • Pono Aiona, DC and Calvin Wong, DC. “The premise of Chiropractic is that the spine is composed of vertebrae (bones) which through movement or trauma, become misaligned or subluxated. These subluxations can cause disease, pain, spasms, spinal nerve interference and many other conditions. The chiropractor, after extensive training, will perform a manipulation or adjustment to the misaligned bones in order to correct the subluxations.” [2/8/02]
  • Christopher J. Ambrosio, DC: “The vertebrae, which protect the nervous system, when misaligned or lose its normal motion, causes malfunction of the tissues and organs throughout the body.” [2/28/10]
  • Carl T. Amodio, DC: “In the Whole Body HealthScan, reflex points are used to determine how the organs, glands, and different systems of the body are functioning.” “We examine every system of your body—physical, physiological, biochemical, structural, and emotional—to uncover the causes of your symptoms. We develop treatment strategies to help solve the problem, instead of just treating the symptom. Our recommendations are designed specially for you, for your unique needs.” [10/2/06]
  • Gregg Anderson, DC: “Chiropractors have known about the dangers of subluxations for over one hundred years. Today, more scientific evidence is showing the dangers of subluxations and the health benefits of correcting them. To be truly healthy, it is vital that your nervous system be functioning free of interference from subluxations. Our goal is to allow your body to return itself to the highest level of health possible by correcting VSC. Chiropractors are the ONLY health professionals trained in the detection, location, and correction of the VSC.” [7/25/06]
  • Fran Assaf, DC: “Birth is a natural phenomenon that should not be viewed or treated as a medical condition. However, in an attempt to “manage” the birth process, many problems are created. The most prevalent danger chiropractors have been warning about when it comes to the birth process is the creation of subluxations. . . . The long-term consequences are as varied as the nerve system itself. Some of the more commonly mentioned problems that have been linked to traumatic birth are learning disabilities, headaches, visual and hearing problems, certain palsies, and a host of immune functional problems.” [12/13/01]
  • Tammy Atkinson, DC: “. . . It is completely appropriate to receive chiropractic care even if you do not have symptoms. Unlike standard medical doctors, whom you visit when you have a symptom to be treated, chiropractors offer adjustments to improve spinal alignment and overall well-being before symptoms develop.” 7/9/08]
  • Brent H. Babcock, DC: “Say a young boy was forced against his will to get an injection in a doctor’s office. This adult may now feel tense in any doctor’s office, and may not have the slightest idea why. Spinal subluxations associated with this NEC may result in increased pain and dysfunction.” [3/25/08]
  • Michael S. Balfanz, DC, Carly O. Bendewald, DC, Timothy Montag, DC, Timothy Montag, DC, and Greg Smok, DC: “Chiropractors believe in a holistic approach to patient care by focusing on a patient’s total wellness, or well being, instead of specific diseases, or ailments.” 2/28/10]
  • Marina Banik, DC: “Of course I get adjusted regularly, once a month, which is what we call “wellness care”. I am blessed to have my best friend, . . . who knows exactly how to handle my subluxations.” [4/24/07]
  • Brad Batchelor, DC: “Batchelor Chiropractic Clinic incorporates the use of combined research and development by engineers, physicists, mathematicians, and chiropractors. A highly exact and scientific technique called precision chiropractic is used to restore and maintain the structure of the body in its most optimum state, for maximum health and happiness.”
  • John Raymond Baker, DC: “It’s a sad but true fact that here in the United States, most people’s first experience with the world is that of being slapped by an M.D. and the treatment by the allopathic establishment just gets worse from that point onward.” To enter Baker’s “private page,” visitors must repeatedly promise not to sue him. [Archived in 2003]
  • Michael Barnett, DC: “Wellness care seeks to turn on the natural healing ability, not by adding something to the system, but by removing anything that might interfere with normal function, trusting that the body would know what to do if nothing were interfering with it. Standard medical care, on the other hand, seeks to treat a symptom by adding something from the outside – a medication, a surgery or procedure.” [3/18/10]
  • Jeffrey Benton, DC: “Dr. Benton developed the Trauma Release Technique™, which releases aches and pains from the cellular level of the body. . . . He locates, identifies and removes the underlying cause of your pain. As a result, he reconnects the body to the creative life force, resulting in optimal function so people manifest a purer connection with each other.” [3/25/08]
  • Robert G. Berkowitz, DC: “The body needs no help in healing, what it needs is no interference in that process.” [3/25/08]
  • James Binning, DC: “My Nutritional Counseling Session will provide you with specific information that is tailored to your individualized wellness needs. This will help you to understand which foods, vitamins, herbs, and health practices can give you the optimal health and longevity you desire.” [8/21/04]
  • Bruce Blakely, DC: “The conditions which doctors of chiropractic address are as varied and as vast as the nervous system itself. . . . Accidents, falls, stress, tension, overexertion, and countless other factors can result in a displacements or derangements of the spinal column, causing irritation to spinal nerve roots. These irritations are often what cause malfunctions in the human body. Chiropractic teaches that reducing or eliminating this irritation to spinal nerves can cause your body to operate more efficiently and more comfortably.” [10/7/04]
  • William Blanchard, DC: “Posture is the window to your spine. Imbalances in your posture are outward signs of structural imbalances in your spine. Your posture is an indication of what kind of stresses your spine may be under. Postural or structural imbalances can cause premature deterioration of your spine and cause stress and irritation of your spinal cord and nerves. This can interfere with the transmission of your vital nerve impulses and can be related to a variety of symptoms and conditions.” [2/3/09]
  • Dan Bockmann, DC, Ken Huete, DC,” and Mike Walther, DC: “The role of the chiropractor is to find non-flexible or fixed joints and realign them to their normal range of motion to prevent further deterioration and restore nerve function, naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. Ultimately, in pursuit of good health, chiropractic science combines medical knowledge with natural health philosophy to foster the innate expression of health within each individual. The chiropractor is the licensed healthcare professional dedicated to detect, reduce, prevent, and correct mis-alignments or Subluxations in the body naturally.” [7/26/05]
  • Justin W. Bode, DC: “Generally associated with lower back pain, chiropractic, however, has been effective for many non-back problems such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) ulcers, irritable bowl syndrome, crohn’s disease, asthma, allergies, hyperactivity, fatigue, digestive problems, colds, flue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other lung problems. No matter what disease or condition you have, you can benefit from a healthy spine and nervous system.” [6/29/06]
  • Alan Bonebrake, DC: “The goal of a chiropractor is to manipulate the spine and help stimulate your body’s natural healing process.” [2/24/04]
  • Rob Borer, DC and Sherry Borer, DC: “One of the world’s best kept secrets—the key to enjoying a better quality of life—and living pain free without the use of drugs is within your reach. The secret is a relatively unknown yet simple scientific procedure that maintains head and neck alignment which in turn, allows the brain to communicate efficiently with all parts of the body without interference. The secret is best known as UPPER CERVICAL CORRECTIVE HEALTH CARE.” [2/23/09]
  • Robert C. Braile, DC: “Chiropractors have known about the dangers of subluxations for over one hundred years. . . . To be truly healthy, it is vital that your nervous system be functioning free of interference from subluxations.[10/6/04]
  • Stephen M. Brenan, DC: An Atlas Orthogonal Doctor of Chiropratic uses it’s light force method to adjust the cervical spine by utilizing a very gentle percussion instrument to correct spinal misalignments that cause nerve interference. This method is very safe and effective. . . .The Atlas Orthogonist’s methods require such light touches to the affected area, that patients find it hard to believe that such a light touch can be so effective without twisting or popping the neck. . . . An Atlas Orthogonist uses very precise x-ray analysis to evaluate and measure the misalignment to within 1/100th of 1 degree. After a satisfactory correction of this misalignment, the doctor then re-measures to see the correction on x-ray. This allows us to deliver the exact same adjustment time and time again. [1/24/04]
  • R. Todd Brewer, DC: ” The Vertebral Subluxation Complex may be one of the most regular yet overlooked source of health problems. Chiropractors are the only professionals who undergo years of training to be the experts at correcting subluxations.” [5/2/07]
  • Ann Brinkley, DC: A B.E.S.T. practitioner who states: “Through . . . light touch, information is fed back to your brain which then stops the signals inappropriately holding tension and pain. Immediately, tight muscles that were pulling vertebra or other joints out of alignment easily relax and let these joints re-align to their natural, no-stress positions” [Accessed 12/24/99, excerpt no longer online]
  • Steven Brown, DC: “Chiropractic also treats the Chakras (a term from Aruyvedic medicine, meaning “energy center”). Manipulation to specific areas of the spine stimulates the Chakra points which are traditionally located on the front of the body. Chakra therapy is one of the oldest and most powerful healing techniques in the world.” [12/28/03]
  • Conrad Bui, DC; Scott Sheil Brown, DC; Michael Gubnitsky, DC; Christopher Couser, DC; Terry Hansen, DC, Michael DiPaul: “Subluxations are sometimes referred to as the “silent killer”. A subluxation, or misalignment of the vertebrae, can often exist undetected and slowly undermine one’s health. A study conducted by Henry Winsor, a medical doctor, fount that there was nearly 100% correlation between “minor curvatures” of the spine and diseases of the internal organs.” [2/2/09]
  • Joel P. Carmichael, DC, DACBSP; Craig G. Kozak, DC, DABCO; Hang T. Nguyen, DC: “Medical studies are proving that acupuncture can be profoundly beneficial for patients with back pain, migraine headache, and sciatica. What’s more, acupuncture has helped many thousands of Americans obtain lasting relief from chronic sinus infections, bronchitis, polycystic ovaries, anxiety attacks, fibromyalgia, insomnia, Bell’s palsy, carpal tunnel syndrome and a wide variety other conditions. While nothing cures the common cold, consistently applied principles of traditional oriental medicine can help you prevent succumbing to most common cold viruses altogether! And isn’t this how wellness care is supposed to be?” [12/28/04]
  • J.C. Carpenter, DC: “Not all chiropractors are alike. Although they go by the same name,chiropractors today differ greatly in technique and philosophy. The traditional philosophy that chiropractic was based on has never changed,but for social acceptance,on a cultural level some chiropractors have. As a result,when patients go to different chiropractors they get different opinions, treatments and results, not to mention costs.” [12/13/01]
  • Daniel Carr, DC, CSCS: “Medicine and surgery is definitely needed in crisis situations, like severe illness, broken bones and tumor removal but its track record for evrything else is very poor. Medicine would be needed far less if the emphasis on health actually was on health (ie: “true” healthcare) rather than the “disease-care” model that exists here today.” [12/29/03]
  • Kent Christiansen, DC: Meridian Stress Assessment “provides a completely non-invasive method for gaining valuable information about the body’s vital functions. Primarily, the meridian stress assessment identifies patterns of stress and those remedies which restore each meridian to an appropriate balance.”[3/25/08]
  • James P. Cima, DC: “The results speak for themselves. From headaches, to all types of pain – From sinus/allergy problems, to digestive complaints – From seizures, to sciatica – From cancer, to heart disease, many people have benefited in what I have done for them.” [1/24/04]
  • Gene Clerkin, DC: Markets herbal products from Nature’s Sunshine with claims that they “provide support” to the body that can help relieve a long list of symptoms and conditions. [11/28/03]
  • Guy Coberly, DC: “Much of the practice of medicine today is the suppression of symptoms with drugs. Swallowing drugs while your general health deteriorates is not the way to live your life. . . . No pill on the planet can match the power of the body to achieve health. Instead, work on getting your body truly healthy through diet, exercise, and regular chiropractic care. [5/2/07]
  • Nicole Conragen, DC: Offered a free consultation based on answers to an online symptom questionnaire based on the meric system. [Last accessed 12/11/00, site no longer online]
  • Rob Cohen, DC and Suzanne Smyth, DC: “Symptoms such as pain, numbness, headaches or digestive problems are usually a strong indicator that something may be not be functioning correctly in your body. Traditional methods of treating these problems usually look at ridding the body of symptoms, rather than the cause of the symptoms. Chiropractic can enhance the health, athletic ability, and performance of anyone!” [12/11/03]
  • Edward M. Covelli, Jr, DC: “Everyone can benefit from . . . chiropractic care.” [5/2/07]
  • Chris Cox, DC, Aaron A. Dingman, DC, Nicholas J. Froehling, and Dustin Behn, DC: “The number one way to prevent subluxation is to have your chiropractor give you lifetime wellness care.” [5/2/07]
  • Edward Cremata, DC: “Healing is controlled by the brain and nervous system. The chiropractor’s job is to find where distress on your nervous system from disfunctions that may be preventing your body from functioning optimally. Removing the cause helps your body to heal naturally without interference and without medicating drugs!” [9/17/07]
  • Ellen W. Cutler, DC: Uses plant enzymes in her practice for every patient she sees. She evaluates “specific enzyme deficiency” using a 24-hour urinalysis and an abdominal palpation. She then recommends specific plant enzymes based on “individual dietary stresses and needs.” She states that, “Plant enzymes restore an incompetent digestive system which allows for detoxification, a healthier immune response, and increased energy.” [4/2/01]
  • David Dahlman, DC: Dr. Dalhman, who calls Dr. Stephen Barrett the “top assassin for the medical establishment,” sells a $1200, 3-month program of telephone consultations and products “guaranteed” to “completely resolve” irritable bowel syndrome “or your money back.” To be eligible for a refund, buyers must complete the program; undergo many diagnostic tests (cost not refundable) if asked to do so; extend the program for 1-2 more months if asked to do so; and convince Dahlman that they are “embracing” the program. [12/18/03]
  • Steven L. Deal, DC: “A chiropractor believes that a misalignment (Sometimes known as a Vertebral Subluxation Complex, or VSC) between two vertebra, or between a vertebra and the skull, can irritate spinal nerves and interfere with normal nerve control of the body. The resultant manifestation (symptoms) of this interference might be pain, weakness, lowered resistence and other health problems not normally associated with the practice of chiropractic.” [12/14/03]
  • Joseph A. Debe, DC, DACBN, CCSP, CCN: “Dr Debe uses a holistic approach to health which integrates the biochemical structural bioenergetic and mental-emotional aspects of the individual. Dr. Debe utilizes a variety of natural treatment modalities including chiropractic clinical nutrition metabolic detoxification stress reduction personalized exercise programs physiotherapy and meridian stress assessment in addition to personalized health education.” [1/25/04]
  • Sarbjit S. Dhesi, DC: “For working adults, low back pain is the most common ailment causing disability for men, and women under 45 years of age. However, those who visit their chiropractor regularly also report tangible positive benefits in the following areas: Immune System; Brain, Stress, & Psychological Effects; Nervous System; Breathing & Lung Effects; Digestion and Elimination; Eyes and Ears; Joints; Neck, Head, and Extremities.” [12/14/03]
  • Chip Doherty, DC: Have you ever been on a portable phone and gone too far away from the base or into the “wrong” room and then could no longer understand the person to whom you were speaking? Imagine that interruption happening in your body. Do you think a body can function at 100% if the messages from your operating system aren’t getting through? It cannot! Chiropractors call the interference with the nervous system the “vertebral subluxation complex or VSC.” Only chiropractors are trained to detect and remove vertebral subluxation.” [4/30/01]
  • Lori Dokulil: “Since only 6% of your nerves feel pain, it is very important to have your nervous system and spine regularly checked by a chiropractor even if you have no symptoms. The nervous system also links hand in hand with the immune system. This means that people who get adjusted regularly have stronger immune systems than the average person.” [12/25/02]
  • Guy R. Doran, DC: “It’s very rare to find someone with a spine that’s perfectly aligned. In most people, the spine curves slightly to the right or left and sometimes, one or more of the vertebrae are twisted or rotated. . . . When the vertebrae are misaligned, the flow of messages from the brain to all the other cells in the body are distorted. This type of nerve interference creates dis-organization of bodily processes and dis-ease. This misalignment of the vertebrae can often exist undetected and slowly undermine one’s health.” [2/3/09]
  • John T. Dotti, DC, JD, and Almoor Bhanji, DC: “Our mission is to have a family oriented chiropractic practice that promotes wellness through affordable chiropractic care, patient education, and removal of the vertebral subluxation complex.[12/24/99]
  • Drs. Dratch and Illami (Perfect Health & Chiropractic Center): “Many things can cause the moving bones of the spine to lose their normal motion or position. This can irritate or choke the sensitive nerve roots that branch off the spinal cord to service the organs and tissues of your body. Many spinal problems result in the appearance of unequal leg lengths. Do you know someone who should investigate chiropractic? FIND OUT! Have the adult or child being tested wear hard soled shoes and lie face down on a bed with their feet over the edge. Their legs should be kept together with their arms resting at each side. . . . If one leg appears shorter, call our office to schedule a chiropractic examination. Like poor dental hygiene, uncorrected spinal problems get worse with time.” [archived 2/16/02; no longer online]
  • Darrel Drumright, DC: “Our focus is on working with patients to find and remove the underlying cause of their complaints. Through education and clinical treatment options including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, aroma therapy, reflexology, qigong, detoxifications, and life style counseling.” [11/28/03]
  • Dan Duffy Sr., DC and five others: “Most of the degenerative diseases in the USA are caused by: (1) the lack of natural dietary fat and its replacement by the trans fat, hydrogenated fats or partially hydrogenated fats, (2) refined junk foods, (3) environmental poisons produced by the chemical industries, such as insecticides, cleaning agents etc, (4) Fluoridated water supplies, (5) Prescription Drugs and medicines.” [11/24/04]
  • James W. Eaton, DC, and Larry McCartney, DC: “Correction of the Subluxation; and education of the patient in the wellness aspect of chiropractic is our specialty. . . . Cash Patients receive a 20% discount at the time of service.” [2/1/01]
  • James D. Edwards, DC and Cynthia Vaughn, DC: “Disturbances of the nervous system may aggravate pathological processes in various parts or with various functions of the body. Vertebral and pelvis subluxations may be involved in common functional disorders of a visceral and vasomotor nature, and at times may produce phenomena that relate to the special organs.” [12/28/04]
  • T. Randall Eldridge, DC: “8 Extraordinary Vessels (EV) act as a series of reservoirs for the Yin and Yang of the human body. . . . These pairings permit us to treat structural problems quickly, safely, and effectively, by balancing the amounts and flows of Yin and Yang in the body. . . . Essentially, any musculoskeletal pain or problem can be treated via acupuncture.” [12/28/04]
  • Tracy Ellis, DC: “Did you know that doctors of chiropractic actually have more schooling than medical doctors?” [10/3/01]
  • Erin Ellster, DC: “Advanced non-invasive imaging can detect and calibrate imperceptible misalignments, with critical precision. Applied to the upper spine, a digital infrared scanner tracks nervous system irritation by measuring heat, and the exam is stored on a computer for future comparison. If the reading indicates irregularities, laser-aligned X-rays are taken to distinguish the specific structural anomaly.” [2/23/09]
  • Todd M. Ellsner, DC: “Although there are cases where traditional medical treatment is necessary, the preferred course of treatment is drug free and noninvasive.” [7/11/05]
  • Erin Elster, DC: Site claims diabetes, ear infections, epilepsy, infertility, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disorders, and many other conditions can be helped by “upper cervical chiropractic,” a system of neck manipulation claimed to remedy problems throughout the body [7/2/03]
  • Cory L. Emberland, AS, BS, DC, FICPA: “If you wait until your body sends out clear signals that there is a problem, it may be too late to completely reverse the effects. It is imperative to remove Subluxations before they have a chance to do major damage or become difficult to correct. This, not pain, is the reason for regular Chiropractic checkups.” [7/25/08]
  • Donald M. Epstein, DC: Dr. Epstein, the founder/developer of Network Spinal Analysis, “uses the techniques of touch and breath awareness, which form the basis of Somato Respiratory Integration.” [12/28/04]
  • Gary Eversole, DC: “A group of abnormal cells is exactly what all diseases are made of. Man, in his infinite wisdom has given all these different types of diseases different names, according to their location in the body. But we need to remember that these diseases are all just groups of abnormal cells and they are all caused by one thing, that being the subluxation.” [8/21/04]
  • Deborah Feinbloom, DC: “If you are looking for information about gentle chiropractic, kinesiology, energy medicine, nutrition support, liver cleansing and happy hormones you have come to the right place. This site is dedicated to holistic health care in the 21st century.” [11/21/07]
  • First Chiropractic of Tucson (John Biddy, DC; Jeffery Johnson, DC; William Lay, DC; Robert Miller, DC; Robin O’Neal, DC; R O’Neal, DC; Alvin Sanders, DC; Don Spendlove, DC): “Subluxations are epidemic in our society and responsible for a wide variety of illnesses. With proper chiropractic care, the role subluxations play in illness and disease can be greatly reduced resulting in a healthier society.” [7/17/03]
  • Karl S. Forgeron, DC: “The word adjustment describes hundreds of ways of using carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore spinal bones to a more normal position and motion. When spinal function is improved, nervous system function (health) can improve to. After years of training, chiropractic doctors become experts at using just the right amount of force in the right direction. This may require a quick movement or in other instances a slow and constant pressure. Chiropractic is truly an art.” [11/29/03]
  • Jim Fox, DC, and Janine Fox, DC: Operating as “Doctor’s Nutrition On Line,” the Foxes market products for “optimal health” and maintain a toll-free number for individual consultations [7/25/06]
  • Matt Freedman, DC and Gary M. Johnson, DC: Dr. Freedman is a “provider of no-cost Chiropractic adjustments to pets and other animals to optimize health, longevity and mobility.” [7/25/06]
  • Glenn Gabai, DC: “Many people ask me ‘Why chiropractic?’ The answer to me is simple. ‘Because it is the natural way to get and stay healthy.'” . . . “My wife and children have been under my care, and they themselves are in top health. They achieve this because they get spinal checkups every week.” [7/16/03]
  • Bill Gallagher, DC: “Anyone who will tell you that kids don’t need to be adjusted hasn’t got a clue of what chiropractic is all about. . . . If you have watched your kids at play you know just how physical that can get you will understand the need to get adjusted to correct those sprains and strains. More than that when you know that correcting subluxations can eliminate a weakened
    condition that could over the years develop into a much more serious problem, you will see chiropractic as insurance for your children’s future.” [1/30/06]
  • Joanne Gallagher, DC and Rowena de Jesus, DC: “Chiropractors locate, analyze and safely correct vertebral subluxations. At our office, you will also experience balance of the meninges. This is a very specific, non-force correction that complements the vertebral subluxation adjustment.” [11/5/02]
  • Martin P. Gallagher, MS, DC, who operates a large clinic (Medical Wellness Associates) and markets products, states: “Our staff of M.D.s and D.C.s are nutritional specialists who recognize that each of us is “biochemically unique”. To determine your individual requirements the doctors obtain a nutritional history , physical examination and nutritionally oriented diagnostic tests. The doctors then prescribe a specific nutritional program of specific foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs and/or homeopathic medicines and therapies.” Many of the claims made for the products are illegal. [11/18/03]
  • Philip Golinsky, DC: “A person can become subluxated in a wide variety of ways. Simple things like sleeping, sitting, and standing can contribute to subluxations. Often, people develop their first subluxation during birth when the doctors use force of up to 60 to 100 pounds to aid the delivery. Normal childhood activities such as spills from the bike, sledding, playing ball, and any other activity that results in a jarring fall, all result in subluxations in children. Because subluxations don’t often cause pain, people do not know they are there and thus do not get them fixed until after major damage has been done, at which point the pain usually begins to be felt.” [3/25/08] Update: 3/21/17: Dr. Golinsky has informed me that he was taught these things in chiropractic college, no longer believes they are true, and removed them from his site several years ago.
  • Sharon M. Goodyear-Johnston DC, FICPA: “The focus of our office is helping sick people get well and stay well. We view the individual as a vital being consisting of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. We concentrate on reducing/correcting subluxations (misaligned vertebrae irritating a spinal nerve) through specific adjustments. Adjustments relieve the nerve irritation and allow the master computer of the body, the brain, to fully and freely communicate with all the tissues of the body.” [3/30/04]
  • Tim Goodwin, DC: “Chiropractic has been proven effective with all ages, including newborns to senior citizens. Chiropractic directly effects the nervous system, which is always under stress. The 3 forms of stress are chemical, emotional and physical, which cause the nervous system to be disrupted. Therefore, anybody who has a nervous system can benefit from chiropractic.” [11/27/04]
  • Cheryl Gottesfeld, DC: “Long periods of sitting, financial worries, toxic environments, and many everyday activities can stress your spine. Even the slightest trauma can cause interference to your nervous system and compromise optimum health. Maintenance care can help keep you healthy and avoid small problems from becoming big ones.” [2/17/04]
  • Winston W. Greene, BA, BS, DC, who practices “chiropractic nutrition,” has posted this statement about the highly respected National Cholesterol Education Program: “This is to inform you that ever since you have created the National Cholesterol Education Program I believe you have done more to HARM the health of the citizens of this country by making everybody afraid of cholesterol. You dumb butts. Shame on you. Look at all the unscientific nonsense and manufactured evidence you have. Cholesterol is the best thing going in our bodies. So are the naturally occurring fats such as tallow and coconut oil.” [1/24/04]
  • Jerome Greenberg, DC: “Applied kinesiology . . . is used to identify chronic muscle weaknesses that are associated with organ and gland function. During embryonic development, glands and muscles develop beside each other and maintain their connection throughout life. Using this method, weak organs are pinpointed and nutritional supplementation therapy can be prescribed to correct the problem.” [10/3/01]
  • Mitchell R. Greenberg, DC, PA and four other chiropractors: “Chiropractic procedure has often been successful when medical treatment has failed. This has been confirmed by an unlimited number of anecdotal and clinical experiences.” [2/17/04]
  • Michelle Greenspan, DC: “The human body is entirely capable of healing itself. . . . A chiropractor is the only person qualified to determine if a problem can be treated with chiropractic. ” [3/31/07]
  • Ron Grisanti, DC: “Integrative/Functional diagnostic medicine enables physicians to identify the root causes of many health conditions by integrating the results of scientifically verifiable tests that evaluate bio-chemical individuality and metabolic processes. Targeted therapeutic options indicate treatment protocols and pinpoint ways to reduce the risk of potential health crises.” [11/18/03]
  • Edward F. Group III, DC, PhD: “Tetanus vaccine is no more effective than any of the others. It also is counterproductive. It will INCREASE, NOT decrease the risk of tetanus, and many people actually get tetanus from the vaccine.” [4/17/04]

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