Chiropractic Office-Management Software

January 25, 2008

The firms listed below offer software to help chiropractors manage their offices. Some also market to other professionals. Many advertise regularly in chiropractic publications. Some offerings are similar to those offered to medical doctors, and some firms have products for more than one profession.

Some offerings are specifically designed to help chiropractors support insurance claims. These typically enable the chiropractor to use a checklist to generate narrative reports. Some firms offer both types. Listing on this page should not be interpreted as an endorsement or criticism. It simply means that the site contains information that reflects what chiropractors do. The bracketed dates indicate when we last checked the link. If you find one that isn’t working or would like to suggest other interesting sites, please notify us.

Standard Systems
Insurance Reporting Systems

This page was revised on January 25, 2008.