The Job Interview I Didn’t Have

July 13, 2001

(Name Withheld By Request)

One the morning of July 9, 2001, I was supposed to be interviewed for a job as receptionist/chiropractic assistant. One evening during the previous week, after reading my resumé, the doctor had phoned me to set up this appointment. Although he talked on and on about what was expected of the person hired, there was one thing he left out.

When I arrived at 9:15 — 15 minutes early — I was given a clipboard with several sheets of paper attached. I was instructed to read the first sheet and if I had no objections to fill out the remaining sheets. The first sheet had a clause that read, “All employees will be examined, x-rayed, and manipulated in order to know what our patients experience.” I (quietly and very politely) told the person at the desk that I would have a problem with having x-rays that were not necessary. She disappeared, and a few minutes later came out and said, “I’m sorry, honey.” I was dismissed without ever seeing the doctor because I questioned having unnecessary x-rays. If this is not already illegal, it should be.

Three days later, I received a mailing from his clinic containing three brochures . The first was called “Why Chiropractic X-rays?” The others were about the chiropractic treatment of a asthma and allergies. I assume he sent them because during the telephone call I had told him that I had asthma.


The writer lives and hopefully will soon be working in Macon, Georgia.

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This article was revised on July 13, 2001.