Answers to Questions about Chiropractic

Samuel Homola, D.C.
May 29, 2020

Dr. Homola is a second-generation chiropractor who has dedicated himself to defining the proper limits on chiropractic and to educating consumers and professionals about the field. His 1963 book Bonesetting, Chiropractic, and Cultism supported the appropriate use of spinal manipulation but renounced chiropractic dogma. His 1999 book Inside Chiropractic: A Patient’s Guide provides an incisive look at chiropractic’s history, benefits, and shortcomings. Now retired after 43 years of practice, he lives in Panama City, Florida.

General Questions
Neck Manipulation
Scope of Chiropractic
Need for Treatment
Pregnancy and Childbirth
Chiropractic and Children
Chiropractic Techniques
Chiropractic Devices
Complications of Treatment
Chiropractic Education
Consumer Protection
Interprofessional Relations

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