At Your Own Risk: Appendix C

Ralph Lee Smith
Appendix C: The Chiropractic Lobby at Work
© 1969, Ralph Lee Smith
A Partial List of Recent Chiropractic Legislation Introduced in Various States
  • Amendment of Restrictive Provisions on the Use of X Rays – NY
  • Chiropractic Coverage under Workman’s Compensation Laws – KY, NY
  • Chiropractic Coverage under Various Types of Insurance Provisions –
    MD, NY, OK
  • Introduction of New Licensure Laws – LA, MA, MS
  • Broadening the Definition and Scope of Practice of Chiropractic – MI,
    NC, PA
  • Chiropractors as Coroners – MN
  • Service in Armed Forces to Act as Equivalent to the Practice of Chiropractic for Licensure Eligibility – NY
  • Special Exemption from Jury Duty for Chiropractors – NY
  • Qualifications of Chiropractors to Give Physical Examinations for Marriage Licenses – NY
  • Chiropractic Coverage under Medical Service Plans – RI
  • Chiropractic Coverage under Welfare Programs and Medical Aid to the
    Aged – VT
  • Chiropractors as Competent Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury Actions – WV
  • Eliminating Postgraduate and Refresher Course Requirements – NJ
  • Establishing a Separate Board of Chiropractic Examiners – WV, WA
  • Allowing Chiropractors the Use of the Titles “Doctor” or
    “Physician” – FL, WI, ND, WA
  • “Straight” Bill – Adjustment by Hands Only – IL
  • Recognition of National Board of Chiropractic Examiners – AL, CT, ND
  • Outpatient Treatment in Hospitals for Indigent – FL, KY
  • Use of State Laboratory Facilities – FL
  • Establishment of Scholarships for the Study of Chiropractic – FL
  • Two-Year College Pre-Professional Requirement – Delayed Effect – IL
  • Allowing the Use of Diet and Nutritional Supplements – IA
  • Removal of Certain Science Requirements (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in Pre-Professional Curriculum Requirements – MD
  • Exempting Chiropractors from Provision in Illinois Law Which Prohibits
    Those Persons Who Took Written examination and Failed form Becoming Licensed without Examination – IL
  • Chiropractic Coverage under Title XIX of Medicare – MI