Message from William Schroeder, D.C.

William G. Schroeder, D.C.
June 6, 2001

This article was excerpted from the May 2001 issue of The Chiro-Central News, “A publication of the Central New Jersey Chiropractic Society, A Non-Partisan Chiropractic Organization.” Dr. Schroeder was the group’s president for 2000-2001.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Do you have days when you sit in your office feeling like a small fish in shark infested waters? Maybe you feel like a rodent in an open field with vultures circling above.Maybe you feel like a majestic tree with a woodpecker slowly chipping away at your bark. Well it is now the time to metamorphose into the tiger. We all know who our detractors are. I do not need to publish an enemy list, but does the name Stephen Barrett come to mind? . . . . Look up MSN Search and type in “Chiropractor.” This will increase your [blood pressure] a few notches. The number one featured site is a vitriolic attack on our profession and what we stand for. This sanctimonious windbag has the audacity to attack our profession on a search engine that is utilized by prospective patients. This is an outrage. . . .

Stand up for what is right. Protect this great profession as you would your family or your home. Be proud of what you do and don’t take any “fecal matter.” Teach your patients the benefits of chiropractic and being subluxation free. Remind the to say No to drugs, whether pushed or prescribed. Let them know that drugs are poison. Let them know that [physical therapists] DO NOT adjust. Let them know that certain professions are spreading lies about chiropractic. Let them know that chiropractic is safe, effective, and affordable. Let them know MDs manage crisis care and WE are health care. Let them know that ONLY chiropractors correct subluxations. Let them know the evil and dangerous workings of the insurance industry. Let them know the power that made the body heal can heal the body without interference. Let them know that you are there to serve and doctor means teacher. Let them know that ALL children should be checked by a chiropractor. Let them know that Prozac and all these “head drugs” DO NOT correct chemical imbalance but can cause one. Let them know that the first subluxation happens at childbirth. Let them know the fourth leading cause of death is from prescription drugs. We need to be the leaders to strive to improve the health of humanity. You will succeed and continue to help others as long as you communicate, show compassion and believe in Chiropractic in FULL FAITH.

This page was posted on June 6, 2001.