ELF Laboratory Responds to Criticism of Its Light Beam Generator (LBG®)

October 29, 2002

ELF Laboratory, Inc.
State Route 1, Number 21
St. Francisville IL 62460

October 23, 2002

Dr. Stephen Barrett, MD
P.O. Box 1747
Allentown, PA 18105

Dear Dr. Barrett:

I have just been notified by some of my practitioners our LBG®is on your ‘Quackwatch” list! As a past member of the National Council Against Health Fraud, I was surprised to find our product on your list.

But, your comments have given us an opportunity to review the specific verbiage on this product and we find the writer we hired to write the information used a ‘literary’ license. Your comments have given us a chance to correct these misstatements. We find your points with merit and have changed the verbiage to better state the ‘capabilities’ of the technology as follows:

  1. YOUR POINT: verbiage tended to claim to “restore proper functioning of the body’s immune system” by “removing toxic materials that may be blocking the lymphatic system.”

    CORRECTED TEXT: The LBG® is a valuable tool for assisting in restoring proper functioning of the body’s immune defense system through re-establishing the lymphatic system. It does this by helping to disassociate disorganized protein structures which may also be toxic material blocking the lymphatic system and placing the inter-cellular fluid in a free-flow state for easier removal by the lymphatic system. To many patients surprise, the LBG®has enhanced manual massage efforts by over 90% and helps provide the patient with immediate relief from swollen conditions related to blocked lymphatics.

  2. OUR POINT: The company claims that the device can prevent arthritis, breast cancer, build-up of calcified joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, cellulite, chronic injuries, clogged arteries, colitis, dental diseases and inflammation, edema, fibromyalgia, headaches, leg and back pain, lupus, mastodynia (pain in the breast), prostate cancer/enlargement, scars, sciatica, and varicose veins.

    OUR CORRECTED TEXT: The LBG® is used by practitioners to facilitate lymph drainage. It is also used in symptom reduction and as an enhancement to preventative efforts to avoid diseases and physical conditions such as cancer, arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia, and pain, etc ….

  3. YOUR POINT: The device is said to combine “gaseous tube technology” with “sound efficiency and light photon therapy” based on the work of Royal Raymond (The Rife Generator is a quack device that allegedly used radio waves to shatter alleged cancer-causing bacteria.) The claims made for the LBG® device are illegal.)

    OUR CORRECTED TEXT: We have omitted any reference to Rife, Gaseous tube technology and sound efficiency and light photon therapy. Instead we are dealing more directly with the pioneers that have helped shaped our thoughts in developing this technology to help move sluggish lymph.

We thank you for your oversight. We have changed the verbiage that specifically identifies the equipment as a method for facilitating lymph movement using electrophoresis- nothing more.


Courtland Reeves
Research Director

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