Nonrecommended Dental Books

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
December 27, 2008
Dawn Ewing, RDH., PhD, ND
  • Let the TOOTH be known
Guy S. Fasciana, DMD
  • Are Your Dental Fillings Poisoning You?
Hal A. Huggins, DDS
  • It’s All in Your Head
  • Uninformed Consent: The Hidden Dangers of Dental Care
David Kennedy, DDS
  • How to Save Your Teeth
Robert Kulacz, DDS, Thomas E. Levy, MD
  • The Roots of Disease: Connecting Dentistry & Medicine
George A. Meinig, DDS
  • Root Canal Cover-up Exposed
Ramiel Nagel
  • Cure Tooth Decay
Joyal Taylor, DDS
  • The Complete Guide to Mercury Toxicity
John Yiamouyiannis, PhD
  • Fluoride: The Aging Factor
Sam Ziff
  • Silver Dental Fillings: The Toxic Time Bomb

This article was posted on December 27, 2008.