Anthony Roeder Surrenders Dental License

September 14, 2004

Anthony G. Roeder, D.D.S., of Paoli, Pennsylvania, has permanently surrendered his dental license to settle charges of unprofessional conduct. The settlement agreement indicates that the dental board was concerned with his substandard treatment of two women. One case concerned a woman who suffered severe pain after he (unnecessarily) removed amalgam fillings in 11 of ther teeth. At his direction, the woman also underwent electrodermal screening, which is a quack test. In the other case, he injected homeopathic “remedies” into the patient’s gums. The consent agreement, shown below, was approved and adopted by the state dental board on April 25, 2003.


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs
vs. Anthony G. Roeder, D.D.S., Respondent

Docket No. 1222~46~02
File No. 00-46~0346S


The Commonwealth and Respondent stipulate as follows in settlement of the above-captioned case.

1. This matter is before the State Board of Dentistry (“Board”) pursuant to The Dental Law, Act of May 1,1933, P.L. 216, No. 76, as amended (“Act”), 63 P.S. § 120 et seq.

2. At all relevant and material times, Anthony G. Roeder (“Respondent”) held a license to practice dentistry in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, License No. DS-016523-L.

3. The Respondent neither admits nor denies the following:

a. Respondent’s license is current through March 31,2003, and may be renewed thereafter upon the filing of the appropriate documentation and payment of the necessary fees.

b. Respondent’s last known address on file with the Board is 45 Darby Road, Suite A, Paoli, PA 19301.

c. During the period of February 1993 through July 1998, Respondent provided dental treatment to Ms. Jana Nestlerode (patient #1).

d. On or about March 28. 1998, Respondent held a scheduled appointment with patient #1.

e. On or about April 1 and April 2, 1998, Respondent replaced all eleven (11) amalgams for teeth #1, 2, 5, 12, 14, .15, 16, 17, 18, 30, and 31 in the mouth of patient #1.

f. Subsequent to replacement of amalgams referenced in paragraph 3e, patient #1 experienced pain in teeth which had amalgams replaced.

g. During the period of April and May 1998, patient #1 had multiple appointments with Respondent, who told patient #1 to “give it time” and “wait it out” regarding pain referenced in paragraph 3f.

h. During the period of April and May 1998, Respondent recommended that patient #1 see a nutritionist.

i. On or about May 27,1998, Respondent provided Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) testing to patient #1.

j. During the period of December 1997 through February 1999, Respondent provided dental treatment to Ms. Regina Collins (patient #2).

k. During the period referenced in paragraph 3j, Respondent provided EDS testing to patient #2.

l. On or about January 27. 1998, April 30, 1998) and May 28, 1998,  Respondent injected homeopathic remedies (Sanum remedies) between the mucosal tissue and the bone of patient #2.

m. The actions of Respondent, described above, violated the Act at 63 P.S. § 123.1(a)(8) in that Respondent departed from, or failed to conform to the standards of acceptable and prevailing dental practice.

4. The participants consent to issuance of the following Order in settlement of this matter:

a. Respondent agrees to the VOLUNTARY SURRENDER of his license to practice dentistry in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, License No. DS-016523-L. Upon adoption of this Consent Agreement and Order, Respondent permanently shall not represent himself as a board licensee in any manner whatsoever. Within 10 days of adoption of this Consent Agreement and Order, Respondent shall surrender his wall certificates, registration certificates and wallet cards by mailing them or delivering them in person to:

Keith E. Bashore, Prosecuting Attorney .
Department of State Legal Office
116 Pine Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

b. Respondent knowingly permanently forfeits and relinquishes all rights, title, and privilege to practice dentistry in any manner in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

c. The Commonwealth agrees to accept the Voluntary Surrender of Respondent’s license to practice dentistry in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in lieu of imposition of any other disciplinary action by the Department of State in this matter.

5. Respondent acknowledges receipt of an Order to Show Cause in this matter. Respondent knowingly and voluntarily waives the right to an administrative hearing in this matter. and to the following rights related to that hearing: to be represented by counsel at the hearing; to present witnesses and testimony in defense or in mitigation of any sanction that may be imposed for a violation; to cross-examine witnesses and to challenge evidence presented by the Commonwealth; to present legal arguments by means of a brief; and to take an appeal from any final adverse decision.

6. This Consent Agreement is between the Commonwealth and Respondent only. Except as otherwise noted, this Agreement is to have no legal effect unless and until the Office of General Counsel approves the contents as to form and legality and the Board issues the stipulated order.

7. Should the Board not approve this Consent Agreement, presentation to and consideration of this Consent Agreement and other documents and matters by the Board shall not, prejudice the Board or any of its members from further participation in the adjudication of this matter. This paragraph is binding on the participants even if the Board does not approve this Consent Agreement.

8. Respondent agrees, as a condition of entering into this Consent Agreement, not to seek modification at a later date of the stipulated Order adopting and implementing this Consent Agreement without first obtaining the express written concurrence of the Prosecution Division.

9. This Agreement contains the whole agreement between the participants. There are no other terms, obligations, covenants, representations, statements or conditions, or otherwise, of any kind whatsoever, concerning this Agreement.

10. Respondent verifies that the facts and statements set forth in this Agreement are true and correct to the best of Respondent’s knowledge, information and belief. Respondent understands that statements in this Agreement are made subject to the criminal penalties of 18 Pa.C.S. § 4904 relating to unsworn falsification to authorities.

Keith E. Bashore, Esquire
Prosecuting Attorney .
Department of State

Dated: 4/2/03

This page was posted on September 14, 2004.