USPHS Bulletins Supporting Fluoridation

November 28, 2012

The U.S. Public Health Service strongly supports fluoridation of community water supplies. From 1968 through 1979, it issued periodic BULLETINS to help community leaders answer questions and deal with unfounded opposition. Although some are outdated, all were valid at the time they were issued and many refute claims that are still used today.

CPB-1 09/68 Fluoridation referenda
CPB-2 10/68 Fluoride tablets in a community program
CPB-3 11/68 FDA refutes charge that 2mg daily fluoride intake is harmful
CPB-4 12/68 Society of Toxicology supports safety of water fluoridation
CPB-5 12/68 Fluoridated water does not cause corrosion
CPB-6 02/69 “Fluoridation for You and Yours” pamphlet
CPB-7 02/69 Remarks of Dr. G. Donald Wheden misinterpreted by fluoridation opponents
CPB-8 02/69 Use of fluoridated water in hemodialysis
CPB-9 08/69 USPHS statement on the safety of water fluoridation
CPB-10 09/69 Relationship of air pollution to community water fluoridation
CPB-11 10/69 Bell Laboratories confirms noncorrosivity of optimally fluoridated water supplies
CPB-12 01/70 Fluoridation supported by Drs. Hugo Theorell, Linus Pauling, and Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winners in biochemistry, chemistry, and medicine
CPB-13 01/70 Fluoridation is not banned in Sweden
CPB-14 04/70 Fluoridation of school water supplies
CPB-15 07/70 Adults benefit from fluorides
CPB-16 06/70 Fluoridation publication by Library of Congress
CPB-17 06/70 Recent fluoridation pamphlets
CPB-18 07/70 Better water is in the works
CPB-19 07/70 Community water fluoridation and total fluoride intake
PPB-20 02/71 Conclusion of study on caries resistant Navy recruits misrepresented by opponents of fluoridation
PPB-21 03/71 Prototype information on state fluoridation laws
PPB-22 03/71 Sweden DOES NOT ban fluoridation
PPB-23 03/71 Health Insurance Association of America endorses fluoridation
PPB-24 05/71 No evidence of allergy to fluorides in optimally fluoridated water
PPB-25 05/71 92,000,000 on fluoridated water supplies
PPB-26 06/71 Addendum to “Comments on the opponents of fluoridation”
PPB-27 06/71 Fluoridation and dental health research
PPB-29 07/71 $100,000 so-called reward offer — a gimmick
PPB-30 07/71 Alleged ban by FDA on use of fluoride compounds by pregnant women
PPB-31 08/31 The economics of fluoridation
PPB-32 01/72 Reversal in Sweden
PPB-33 01/77 Essentiality of fluorine
PPB-34 02/72 $100,000 so-called reward offer — a gimmick (revised)
PPB-35 02/72 Adult dental health benefits from fluoridation documented in new reports
PPB-36 03/72 Consumers favor fluoridation
PPB-37 03/72 Fluoridation publication by the Library of Congress revised and expanded
PPB-38 04/72 Over 95,000,000 on fluoridated water supplies
PPB-39 05/72 Methods and materials for fluoride analysis
PPB-41 05/72 Infant mortality rate continued downward trend as fluoridation grows
PPB-42 07/72 Current opinions on fluoridation
PPB-43 08/72 Alleged association of fluorides with cancer
PPB-44 09/72 Alleged association of fluoride to sickle cell anemia
PPB-45 10/72 Fluoride content of a representative diet of a young adult male
PPB-46 10/72 Fluoridation not to be confused with pollution
PPB-47 11/72 Misrepresentation of statistics on heart disease in Antigo, Wisconsin
PPB-48 11/72 Nutritionist emphasizes need for fluoride
PPB-50 01/73 AMA endorses fluoridation
PPB-51 02-73 Environmental Protection Agency supports fluoridation
PPB-53 03/73 Statements by Dr. Albert Schatz
PPB-54 03/73 Statement by director, fluoride project, Center for Science in the Public Interest
PPB-55 03/73 Dental fluorosis in black children and white children
PPB-56 04/73 Refutation of “temporary delay” hypothesis with data on decayed, missing, and filled teeth
PPB-57 07/73 Statement by Director, Fluoride Project, Center for Science in the Public Interest
PPB-58 08/73 Statement on fluoridation by Charles C. Edwards, M.D. (H.E.W.)
PPB-59 08/73 Dental health losses from discontinuation of fluoridation
PPB-60 08/73 Kidney patients undergoing dialysis not harmed by optimally fluoridated water
PPB-61 10/73 Status of fluoridation in the Netherlands
PPB-62 10/73 Nationwide fluoridation activities
PPB-63 12/73 Mayo Clinic doctors refute misinterpretation of kidney disease research
PPB-64 04/74 World Health Organization reaffirms support of fluoridation
PPB-65 05/74 AMA Describes Use of Fluorides for dental health in 1973 AMA Drug Evaluations
PPB-66 05/74 Misrepresentations of National Research Council’s Fluorides
PPB-67 06/74 Fluoride: An essential mineral nutrient
FL-68 09/74 Nationwide fluoridation activities
FL-69 10/74 Importance of fluoridation to children with special needs
FL-70 01/75 Fluoridation not under “investigation” by the FDA
FL-71 01/75 American Public Health Association re-emphasizes support of fluoridation
FL-72 02/75 Refutation of alleged mutagenic effects of fluoridation
FL-73 02/75 AMA re-emphasizes endorsement of fluoridation
FL-74 03/75 Fluoride in biologic food chain
FL-75 03-75 NCI researchers reaffirm: No evidence of cancer hazard in fluoridation
FL-76 04/75 National Cancer Institute rejects fluoride scare report
FL-77 07/75 Misinterpretation of “Safe Drinking Water Act”
FL-78 07/75 “Dental milk”
FL-79 08/75 Use of optimally fluoridated water does not delay tooth eruption
FL-80 08/75 WHO adopts plan for promotion of fluoridation
FL-81 10/75 Status of fluoridation in Norway
FL-82 11/75 Book reviews: Fluoridation and Truth Decay and The Fluoride Question
FL-83 01/76 Cancer mortality trends NOT attributable to fluoridation
FL-84 03/76 Statement on fluoridation by Theodore Cooper, M.D.
FL-85 04/76 British physicians confirm safety and effectiveness of fluoridation
FL-86 05/76 American Water Works Association supports fluoridation
FL-87 07/76 Erroneous interpretation of Congressional Research Service report:
Effects of Chronic Exposure to Low Level Pollutants in the Environment
FL-88 08/76 Hyperkinesis
FL-89 08/76 Clarification of the relationship between fluoride compounds and corrosion in potable water distribution systems
FL-91 03/77 National Nutrition Consortium endorses fluoridation
FL-92 04/77 Status of fluoridation in European countries
FL-93 04/77 Pamphlet: “Fluoridation is for Everyone”
FL-94 05/77 Status of fluoridation in England
FL-95 09/77 Research Shows No Mutagenic Effects from Fluoride
FL-96 09/96 President Carter expresses support for fluoridation
FL-97 02/78 Claims of relationship of fluoridation and increased mortality in Chile not valid
FL-98 05/78 Caries-free teenagers increase with fluoridation
FL-99 06/78 Canadian study: No relationship between fluoridation and cancer
FL-100 07/78 Benjamin Feingold, M.D. endorses fluoridation
FL-101 07/78 World Health Assembly reaffirms support of fluoridation
FL-102 09/78 Bartlett/Cameron mortality rates
FL-105 11/78 President reaffirms Administration’s support of fluoridation
FL-106 01/79 Status of West View Water Authority (Pittsburgh) court case
FL-107 03/79 Minnesota Governor’s Commission reports fluoridation NOT allergenic, mutagenic, or carcinogenic
FL-108 03/79 Total fluoride intake
FL-109 03/79 Surveys of long-term fluoridation show improved dental health
FL-110 04/79 FDA Director supports community water fluoridation
FL-111 06/79 Clarification of California’s position on fluoridation

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