Absurd Claims for John Ellis’s Electron Air Water Machine

Stephen Lower, Ph.D.
September 25, 2006

The John Ellis Electron Water/Air Machine™ is one of many devices that purport to restructure or otherwise alter drinking water in ways unknown to modern science in order to make it more healthy or effective. The device employs a 1500-watt heating element which boils water and then recondenses it, producing what is in effect distilled water. The device is an improvement on a simple distillation apparatus in that it discourages passage of low-boiling volatile impurities such as hydrogen sulfide into the distillate. It also employs an ozone-producing ultraviolet lamp that can theoretically decompose oxidizable impurities. So far, so good—although in my opinion one could accomplish the same sterilization and degasification task much less expensively by simply boiling a pot of water in an open container.

Promoters of this device embellish the above mundane facts with variety of statements that are scientifically absurd.
The two overriding themes that dominate the John Ellis sales sites are the following:

The size and structure of the water molecule are altered: the molecule is enlarged, and its bond angle is increased by 10°. The size and shape of the H2O molecule is governed entirely by the balance of forces between the ten nuclear charges and the ten electrons in the molecule. There is no evidence for the changes claimed.
Electrons are added to the water. There are several ways to add electrons to water, the most common being electrolysis, but all result in the immediate decomposition of the H2O molecule.

Listed below are some of the specific claims that are made for this device, I consider all of these statements to be scientifically absurd, meaningless, or misleading. All but one come from Ellis’s Web site. Needless to say, the manufacturer offers no evidence to support these claims or any performance data to demonstrate the effectiveness of the tiny amount of ozone that can be generated by ultraviolet light. Although they use the obligatory disclaimer that the information they supply is for “educational purposes only,” the promoters offer many “testimonials” that claim beneficial health effects of the water the device produces.

ANY LAB will tell you, many other health promoting activities can’t work without the ELECTRONS found in CHARGED WATER because OXYGEN levels have dropped to as low as 8%, in today’s water molecules, they are SMALLER and CAN’T HOLD the additional donor ELECTRONS (from OXYGEN) needed to make them work!! As a result, VIRUSES and BACTERIA are mutating out of control… CAUSING almost ANY problem you can name!

There is no such thing as “charged water” (a fundamental law of physics prevents bulk matter from acquiring significant electric charge.)

It is not clear whether the phrase “oxygen levels” refers to those in the air, those dissolved in water, or the oxygen atoms comprising the H2O molecule itself. Any of these interpretations would be false.

Mutations in viruses and bacteria are natural processes that have no direct connection to oxygen levels or electrons.

MOST VITAMINS CAN’T WORK because there aren’t enough donor electrons to make them work! It’s like a leaf that falls off of a tree, the nutrients are still there, but it’s ELECTRICALLY DEAD…they must be reactivated by ELECTRONS! There is no scientific evidence for this claim. The mechanism by which vitamins work is mostly well understood, and their effectiveness cannot be enhanced by supplying electrons, fictitious or otherwise.

ELECTRONS KILL VIRUSES (ordinary water doesn’t have enough ELECTRONS), returns wells to purity, and expanded molecules

Addition of electrons (other than by direct bombardment in an accelerator) is not a recognized way of deactivating or destroying viruses (which, by the way, are not independent living organisms.)
In the beginning, as the earth cooled down, clusters of water molecules gained Electrons and tremendous energy with every expansion-contraction… explaining Biblical ages! The H2O molecules on early Earth had exactly as many electrons (10) as they do nowadays. Much of this water is believed to have originally been associated with the lighter solids that accreted to form the planet.
A PDF document from an earlier version of the John Ellis site bears the title “Is this the answer to cancer?” It goes on to falsely state “Fifty years ago the hydrogen bond angle in water was 108° and you rarely heard of anyone with cancer. Today, its only 104° and, as a result, cancer is an epidemic!! By using our machine you can increase he bond angle to 114° and, unlike any other water, doctors can see an immediate change in the red blood cells under s microscope!” There is no evidence that the bond angle in water has ever been different from 104.5°. The implication that this fictitious change is somehow associated with cancer appears to be a cynical attempt to market the device to the vulnerable and afflicted. There are no credible reports of visible changes in blood cells resulting from consuming so-called structure-altered waters.

“Mr. Ellis’ machine provides repeated expansion and contraction of the water molecules with a differential temperature of 80 degrees or more per minute. The water vapor created by Mr. Ellis’ machine’s boiler is then exposed to a high intensity ozone light from a special device developed for Mr. Ellis by Owens Corning. The ozone reacts chemically with the vapor, adding high concentrations of free electrons and oxygen (not ozone) into the absolutely pure distilled water the machine produces.” [link]

Molecules are not subject to thermal expansion, although bulk materials such as water are.

Ozone (O3) is formed in small amounts when short-wave ultraviolet light is absorbed by oxygen (O2). Ozone is used as a water disinfectant, but it reacts with water very slowly and does not add “free electrons” to water. Since the added oxygen comes from air in the first place, this would seem to be an extraordinarily expensive source of added oxygen.

Today’s water molecules are TOO SMALL…any lab that studies the properties of water can PROVE IT TO YOU!

Both of these statements are false.


The following U.S. patents have been issued. None of them refers to any of the absurdities noted above.

4,612,090 – “Water degasification and distillation apparatus” (John C. Ellis, Jr., 1986) Describes a distillation device in which boiling alternately starts and stops due to changes in pressure. The principal novelty here is that the water vapor formed at the beginning of each boiling cycle is not condensed, thereby allowing the escape of any volatile odor-producing components in the water. Suggested applications are for making coffee, tea, soups, etc.
5,203,970 – ” Method for water degasification and distillation” (John C. Ellis, Jr, 1993) Describes the addition of a motorized stirring component to the apparatus, its purpose being to improve degasification of the water by generating a moving region of lower pressure to encourage bubble formation.
6,409,888 – ” Method and apparatus for water degasification and distillation” (John C. Ellis, Jr., 2002) Describes the addition of an “ozone generator” component to the apparatus for the purpose of promoting the decomposition of oxidizable impurities.

Dr. Lower is a retired faculty member of the Department of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby/Vancouver, Canada. His Aquascams Web site debunks a wide variety of water-related schemes and scams.

This article was revised on September 25, 2006.