Lancaster County Man Cited for Illegal Drug Sales

August 23, 2009

HARRISBURG, January 9—The state Health Department has cited an Ephrata (Lancaster County) man for illegal sales of over-the-counter drugs, it was announced today. Jack B. Ogun, director of the Division of Drugs, Devices, and Cosmetics, said the action was taken against Tom Zeager, doing business at 1737 West Main St., Ephrata.

“Mr. Zeager was cited for two violations of Act 64, which requires sellers of any type of drug products to register with the Health Department. He had not done so. In addition, he was distributing Master Key ‘homeopathic vitamins,’ which we deemed to be a misbranded drug product due to the use of the word ‘homeopathic’ on the labeling. ‘Homeopathic’ refers to a type of medical therapy that was in vogue during the nineteenth century but is of very limited use today,” Ogun said.

Act 64 also requires drugs to bear complete information on the labeling., including what the drug is to be used for, directions for use, and any warnings or possible side effects, he said.

“The Master Key label does not say what the product is to be used for, while a brochure which goes along with the product says only ‘for a longer, healthier life.’ We feel that this sort of statement is both vague and misleading.”

The product itself consists of packets containing one capsule of homeopathics—including arnica montana and magnesia phosphorica—two tablets of vitamins and minerals, and one tablet of so-called special nutrients.

“We have no evidence that the product itself is harmful to health, and we do not feel it necessary to advise consumers to avoid the product altogether. On the other hand, people who are using it in hopes of getting relief from a specific medical problem should seek conventional medical treatment.”

Ogun said that the manufacturer–Consumer Express, Lake Charles, Louisiana–has agreed through its legal counsel to work with the Health Department to resolve the labeling. problems. “Until such a time as dealer registration and the labeling. are in compliance with the law, however, sales of the product in Pennsylvania should be halted.”

Ogun added that “the recommended retail price for a 30-day supply consisting of 360 tablets and capsules is $99.95.”


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This article was posted on August 23, 2009.