Probe Newsletter Archive: Index to Volume I (10/91 – 9/92)

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
January 6, 2020

Probe—David Zimmerman’s newsletter on science, media, policy and health—was published monthly from October 1991 through April 2001. An award-winning writer, he wrote the “Your Family Health” column in the Ladies Home Journal for 12 years as well as many articles for Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and other popular magazines. His Zimmerman’s Complete Guidebook to Nonprescription Drugs (1983, 1993) was a masterpiece.

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Issue #01-01, October 1, 1991
  • Fat control claim is badly flawed
  • Cholesterol program needs more scrutiny
  • Is this a menu for hungry Americans?
  • Psychiatrists urged to lead the fight against animal rightists, Scientology
  • ‘Confusing the public…’
  • Science fraud: Is there more – or less – than meets the eye?
  • Disputed ‘cell’ data is confirmed in Japan
  • Ex-SG Koop endorses anti-AIDS syringes
  • Space garbage!
  • Abortion ban produces angry moms, unwanted tots – and taxpayer costs
  • The hazards of science…
Issue #01-02, November 1, 1991
  • Is American science corrupt?
  • NIH chief: OSI investigation ‘sloppy’
  • The OSI’s odd view of science
  • Investigator rebuts chief
  • A case report: How Pat McGrady’s ‘CANHELP’ helps patients with cancer
  • S&L debacle, detente and drought win the buffalo new lands to roam
Issue #01-03, December 1, 1991
  • Brain injury rehabs under fire
  • Complaints stir interest
  • What’s right – and what’s wrong – with the new science of the brain
  • Ten postulates proposed for neuroscience
  • Two-way synapse found
  • What controversial ‘cell’ report says
  • The tougher test
Issue #01-04, January 1, 1992
  • Open letter to the President
  • Research studies cast doubt on heart-saving guidelines
  • Deaths soar in Helsinki heart treatment cohort
  • Projected life salvage small in Dutch study
  • Quality of life is hurt by NCEP intervention
  • Our diligence challenged
  • Diet benefit claims may not match data
  • What if foie gras, butter do not harm the heart?
  • Dead lamprey’s ‘fictive swimming’ may help paraplegic people to walk
  • Brain rehab reform coming – slowly
  • TBI rehabs grew like topsy; systematic improvement now is sought
  • Clash of values is reported very expertly
  • Is BSE worth doing?
Issue #01-05, February 1, 1992
  • Gun bans may not stop mayhem
  • Roche shift on PCR will facilitate genetic diagnoses
  • Follow-up: No response from the White House on self-destruct syringes
  • New doubts on dioxin
  • The milk police
  • Fluky + neat = good research
  • Disputed tactics are old hat at the Hill & Knowlton PR agency
  • Rh preventive royally purges purple peril; but can commoners afford it?
  • Korean rapprochement spurs DMZ park plan
  • A short midwinter’s tale: Fast boot stomp yields wild surprise
Issue #01-06, March 1, 1992
  • Media’s pro-tobacco bias proven
  • U.S. judge sees possible fraud in ‘tobacco research’ efforts
  • Press must face its pro-tobacco bias
  • Follow-up: Gun research
  • High African AIDS toll foreseen
  • Enigmatic post-injury pain is explained: Sensory nerves can become cross-wired
  • GATT rules may skewer protective U.S. laws on health, environment
  • Conflict erupts over who owns the human genome
  • How do I patent thee? Let me count the ways…
  • Science periodicals are threatened
  • Catholic official boosts SD syringes
  • Congress exposes rehab ‘rip-off,’ reform bill filed
  • Mom’s milk is best!
  • Flawed logic and fear confound the debate about the safety of silicone breast implants
  • Panel: Go ahead – cautiously
Issue #01-07, April 1, 1992
  • Personal report from a research frontier: Test sorts out cholesterol sources
  • NIH admits a diet-heart ‘credibility’ gap
  • PROBE’s journalistic agenda
  • Risk analysis from Harvard yields guide to health action
  • N.Y. Times runs expose of abuses in brain rehabs
  • Faults crush a priest and a doctor in reproductive medicine conflict
  • Taming of Stanford bodes ill for science and America’s hope for biotech business
  • Probe’s Journalistic Agenda
Issue #01-08, May 1, 1992
  • Vitamin B(s) boosts sales
  • Wildlife park plan for Korean DMZ temporarily stalled
  • Follow-up: Self-destruct syringes ||| Brain rehab facilities ||| Cholesterol test
  • Hazards mounting in workplace; federal action needed
  • Stiff regs required for reform
  • Moralism triumphs: Embargo on transplants is wasting anencephalic babies’ precious organs
  • ‘Koop’ hits ‘unreal’ thinking in Ronald Reagan’s White House
  • Models for gargoyles?
  • What motivates vitamin mania?
  • HHS is offered narrow ‘fraud’ definition
  • Old question begs a new answer: What is science?
Issue #01-09, June 1, 1992
  • Exclusive: Feds nix 20 cent nuke safeguard
  • Public’s role growing in science policy
  • Follow-up: Developing “vitamin war”
  • How to get KI – maybe
  • ‘Torture’ charged, devil invoked in animal rights protest march
  • Activist hate letters contain anti-semitic threats
  • Scapegoat’s scapegoat?
  • Diabolic images rekindle ancient hates
  • Historians find animal loves who hate people
  • Why you are reading it here
Issue #01-10, July 1, 1992
  • Scientific self-scrutiny session cancelled: Nobelist Temin clashes with govt.
  • HHS’s warning letter
  • Virologist angrily defends free spech and scientific inquiry
  • Judge finds a possible new ‘fraud’ in tobacco ‘special projects’ dept.
  • Do the animal activists understand science?
  • FoA denounces anti-semitism
  • Patients are murdered for organs – ‘Lancet’
  • NIH offers a quick dip into chaos – medical opportunities are foreseen
  • Can chaotians prevent sudden death?
Issue #01-11, August 1, 1992
  • Key reversal in research case: Dingell’s attack is set back
  • Reputations ruined
  • The ‘cell’ case: Why nonscientists should care
  • TV called root of gun killings; a fix is offered
  • Why we are late
  • Science and democracy challenge ideologically ‘bereft’ individuals
  • Science = creativity + daring
  • Scribes smitten by vitamania aid industry
  • Food and drug laws protect the public
  • Ink analyst disputes Secret Service finding
  • ‘Cell’ paper accusers now are ‘stunned’
Issue #01-12, October) 1, 1992
  • Science skunked in schools by animal rights agitprop
  • ‘Movement’ messages: A classroom sampler
  • What is a scientific report?
  • Birthday thanks!
  • An insider’s accusation: How America failed the AIDS test
  • Is ‘dry sex’ an AIDS clue?
  • Iron: A deadly irony?
  • A life-saving proposal poses tough regulatory questions
  • Diet vs. pill: Not a trivial issue
  • Counterattack launched in Florida
  • Pro-science programs made for schools
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