Probe Newsletter Archive Index to Volume II (11/92 – 11/93)

January 6, 2020

Probe—David Zimmerman’s newsletter on science, media, policy and health—was published monthly from October 1991 through April 2001. An award-winning writer, he wrote the “Your Family Health” column in the Ladies Home Journal for 12 years as well as many articles for Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and other popular magazines. His Zimmerman’s Complete Guidebook to Nonprescription Drugs (1983, 1993) was a masterpiece.

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Issue #02-01, November 1, 1992

  • NIH endorses unproven methods: Young women misled in Glamour campaign against breast cancer
  • What nurses’ study found
  • Are ‘t—- wars’ bad words?
  • Seeing science in a fresh light may make it more fun
  • Science texts & tests are killing kids’ skills
  • BSE is not proved helpful – potential hazard is ignored
  • Sexual practices may be the key to AIDS outbreak
  • But is it good science?: Al Gore’s new environmentalism is steeped in old time religion
Issue #02-02, December 1, 1992
  • High tech initiatives are favored by Clinton over basic science
  • A medical-writing post mortem: Our opus on breast cancer & diet
  • Follow-up: Handguns & homicide
  • Expert proposes plan that could rejuvenate CDC
  • January 4, 1983…
  • A new play in name game
  • Nightmare drug thalidomide may find new role against TB
  • A shattered public health network encourages return of old scourges
  • AIDS prevention plan criticized in OTA report
  • SD maker hits new report
  • Why infected addicts are everyone’s problem

Issue #02-03, January 1, 1993

  • Therapy or degradation?: Seek ban on ‘aversives’
  • Clashing views on painful methods
  • Our New Year’s Rx: Less health advice
  • Despite prodding, RU-486 maker drags its feet on U.S. licensing
  • New research prompts rethinking of breast cancer screening methods
  • Novel DNA discovery stays surgeon’s hand
  • New drugs may temper aggression
  • Medical student sees ‘religion’ in animal rights
Issue #02-04, February 1, 1993
  • Out of Africa: Genital mutilation of women now is a challenge in the U.S.
  • A victim’s account
  • Scientific medicine found wanting in upcoming PBS ‘Healing’ special
  • Is TV series journalism?
  • Attack on Gallo still escalating
  • ‘Re-infibulation’ requests test Western doctors
  • Ritual procedures vary in severity
  • Animal activists hassle the blind, claiming guide dogs are abused

Issue #02-05, March 1, 1993

  • Missing
Issue #02-06, April 1, 1993
  • New ethics plan may quell rage over genetic violence studies
  • Counterprobe: Our direction is questioned
  • Follow-up: Poison gas tests ||| ‘Healing and the Mind’ ||| Science advisor & animals
  • Clinton Health Watch
  • Could turkey sandwiches help?: ‘Serenic’ drugs calm aggression, and might curb violent behavior
  • Genetics research may be a key to blacks’ roots
  • PROBE quiz: Is this racist?

Issue #02-07, May 1, 1993

  • Malthus revisited: Should starving kids be fed? UNICEF policy is challenged
  • ‘Hyperactivity’ gene finding spurs research debate
  • Science advice often misses the mark, a congressional leader complains
  • Coming in June
  • Experts debate aid agencies’ focus on children
  • As editors cut back, public wants more science news – poll
  • Doubts raised on RU-486’s abortion role
  • Clinton Health Watch
  • Was ace writer skinned back?: Time touts veggies against cancer; editorialist demurs
Issue #02-08, June 1, 1993
  • Exclusive: Howard University sought center to research biology and violence
  • Double talk on departing: NIH brass shift story on axed crime meet
  • Follow-up: Case against scientists is falling apart
  • New data erode old wisdom on cholesterol
  • Critics collide in provocative new research on clash of fundamentalism and science
  • Does knowledge kill beauty?
  • Vitamin supplements fail to extend life
  • Clinton Health Watch
  • Contrasting NIH views on crime conference

Issue #02-09, July 1, 1993

  • Sidestream cigarette some called a major killer – is it?
  • ‘Landmark’
  • An editor lambastes conflict disclosures, saying they are ‘McCarthyism’ in science
  • A soupcon of Kristin Luker’s research: Sociologist studies sex – and finds some very provocative surprises!
  • Are social sciences science?
  • Gene therapy targets cancer
  • Genetics seen as a threat to freedom
  • It’s not what they do, it’s what they say. . .
Issue #02-10, August 1, 1993
  • With need unclear, risks muted, science police are forging ahead
  • ‘Research integrity’ is federal growth enterprise
  • Clinton Health Watch
  • Departures
  • Living space for bears, wolves and cougars: Conservation biologists unveil bold plan to reestablish ‘wildlands’ across the U.S.
  • Dr. Drummond Rennie: Keeper of the flame – or science cop?
  • A lesson from Wall St.
  • Does science march, or squirm forward?
  • Experts report: Women in mental hospitals get sex, but need help to become mothers

Issue #02-11, September 1, 1993

  • Special report: Wide new attacks on scientists are aimed at reason & freedom
  • Chicago Trib spurred assault on researchers’ ethics
  • Clinton Health Watch
  • Follow-up: Genetic essentialism
  • Times reporter has reached a verdict: Guilty
  • Judges find major flaws in case against an AIDS researcher
  • Miscreants are mostly small fry
  • Integrity blues
Issue #02-12, November 1, 1993
  • Research goals lose spotlight in scramble for health reform
  • Doctors playing ‘catch-up’ game
  • Clinton Health Watch
  • Follow-up: Genetic and viollence conference fuding cutoff appealed
  • The clash of the paradigms…
  • Research funding sources are news, biologists say
  • New approach to AIDS prevention: Mothers injected to protect babies
  • Probe counterprobe: Tobacco foe hits our reporting
  • Banzhaf helps enjoin smoking parents
  • Press often cites 53,000 ETS deaths
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