Probe Newsletter Archive Index to Volume IV (1/95 – 2/96)

January 6, 2020

Probe—David Zimmerman’s newsletter on science, media, policy and health—was published monthly from October 1991 through April 2001. An award-winning writer, he wrote the “Your Family Health” column in the Ladies Home Journal for 12 years as well as many articles for Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and other popular magazines. His Zimmerman’s Complete Guidebook to Nonprescription Drugs (1983, 1993) was a masterpiece.

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Issue #04-01, January 1, 1995
  • Cancer patients denied access to data on ‘alternative’ cures
  • Reviewing PROBE’s agenda: Attack on science and reason is our big story – thus far
  • Follow-up: Block that metaphor ||| Dislocations
  • Consumers left unprotected by new food law
  • Congressional analysts criticize nutritional supplements law
  • Pumped up claims sell muscle bulkers
  • Censorship in cyberspace: Internet blocked
  • Database was created with scientific rigor
  • Research rectitude 101: Are Nobelist’s bad manners a case of misconduct?
  • Compliers have top credentials
Issue #04-02, February 1, 1995
  • Science groups forgning coalition to inform the public
  • ‘Eliminate ORI,’ think-tanker urges Congress
  • ‘Anatomy of a scandal’: Newspaper’s expose clears fisher, raps NCI – and nails Dingell
  • Breast studies lagging, Fisher’s foe laments
  • Fisher’s fib may have cost dearly
  • Paper blasts Dingell
  • Internet report: ‘Scifrauders’ rip rife dishonesty – some say: Burn unethical science
  • Only one genetic therapy approved by FDA in 1994
  • Scifraud founder flunks scihist
  • Al Toffler’s futurism is scientific dud
Issue #04-03, March 1, 1995
  • Post morten on a $24 million lawsuit: Ex-editor Relman and three colleagues sued for giving cancer care warnings
  • Follow-up: Finduing scifrauders ||| Self-destruct needles (cont,)
  • Foillow-uop: Thlidomide redux
  • Black list in hyperspace: Feds pin ‘scientific management’ flags on dozens of Fisher’s midline cites
  • Did ‘integrity’ chief commit misconduct?
  • Health Watch: Can VA role grow in health care mix?
  • King George’s madness was mistreated
Issue #04-04, April 1, 1995
  • Flexner is bypassed: Alternativists invade U.S. medicine
  • Heart transplants get ‘energy healing’
  • Follow-up: Times finally finds: Pro-lifers get AB’s ||| Scifrauder is coy
  • Abortion story is confirmed
  • Angry alternativists plan to investigate and discredit foes
  • Alternativism: It’s time to get tough
  • Alternativists set an agenda
  • Life Extension officials indicted
  • Bad HD genes are purged from families
  • Anguish, hopes told
Issue #04-05, May 1, 1995
  • Psychoneuroimmunology: Science or smoke?
  • Follow-up: Scifrauders (co9ntinued)
  • Fisher wins one: Flags are pulled
  • Newt goofs: Vacuum tubes still needed
  • Electronic tubes redux
  • Hall has long C.V.
  • Personality states tied to physiologic markers
Issue #04-06, June 1, 1995
  • Exclusive: Gallo, leaving NCI, speaks his mind
  • Bob Gallo looks back with anger, empathy
  • Follow-up: Juice ||| Passing the buck ||| Kudo
  • Budgetary foolishness is foreseen in Congress
  • Institutional ‘cooperation’ claimed by alternativists, causing surprise
  • Definition offered
  • Attorney labels ‘integrity’ panel naive and illogical
  • Imanishi-Kari confronts her accusers this month
  • Times‘ phantasy stokes ebola fears
  • Physicians vs. healers: How they differ
  • ‘Fraud’ is passé at the FDA
  • Second Fold
Issue #04-07, July 1, 1995
  • Irrationalists are flayed! But scientists duck the big question: What’s next?
  • Theologian hits theocratic plans
  • Medical rights activists decide to regroup after a sentimental 30th reunion dinner
  • Follow-up: Research burning ||| Bill Moyers redux
  • Science budgets crudely chopped, Clinton aide says
  • Leaders defaulting; scientists must act
  • Scientists failing to defend themselves against deligitimation, conferees told
  • PROBE opinion: Time for politics; leadership needed
  • Homeopathic drug is unlikely to curb itchy vaginal ‘yeast’
Issue #04-08, August 1, 1995
  • Re-inventing the self-destruct syringe?: Schoolgirls’ device wins big prize, but many patents already issued
  • Quiz for grown-ups on science, environment
  • Follow-up: ‘Diet teas’ contain medicinal doses
  • FDA is on slippery slope
  • Science leaders yawn at political call to arms
  • Americans flunk evolutionary biology because creationists lower the scores
  • Darwinian doubts cast on Ebola’s mutation to flyer
  • Second Fold
Issue #04-09, October 1, 1995
  • Times and CNN buy ‘chi’ story: Skeptics says it’s a power grab
  • The provost ducks
  • Follow-up: Contest stopped; AMA corrects AMA
  • Mob siezes mikes, stops conference on genes and crime
  • Animal rights threat cancels gala event
  • Skeptics slam Times and TT nursing
  • Presidential pretense
  • Female mutilation cuts to the heart of political freedom
  • Who is Finkielkraut? Who is Finkielkraut? Who is He?
Issue #04-10, November 1, 1995
  • Truth or trope?: Genetic research=eugenic practices=fascism=hateful, murderous behavior
  • Follow-up: Harvard fumbles Fisher case inquiry
  • Gap is being bridged between AIDS patients and AIDS researchers
  • Pivotal reporting on Fisher case is harshly hit at Harvard forum
  • Relman backs Trib
  • Peto blasts it
  • PROBE’s view
Issue #04-11, December 1, 1995
  • New paradigm for science funding focuses on nation’s ‘unmet needs’
  • Follow-up: Cancer quack database finds a legit sponsor
  • Transcript indicates problems: Feds stumble in a final ‘Baltimore case’ showdown at appeals panel
  • Genetic engineers bypass genetic ills
  • Sociologist burns ‘biological’ straw man
  • Nature v. nurture: Solution foreseen
Issue #04-12, February 1, 1996
  • Bob Dole feints toward ‘choice,’ but he runs and votes ‘pro-life’
  • Liddy Dole’s abortion view tightly hedged
  • Follow-up: Rational concerns are seen in threats
  • ‘The lady is a pig’
  • What goes on in Unabomber’s mind? His manifesto provides some clues
  • Did papers set up ‘F.C.’ for the FBI?
  • Trib investigative writer bites the bullet
  • Mosquito expert will be missed
  • First Mrs. Dole is pro-choice
  • Could press cajole med schools into flunking crime-prone docs?
  • Accused doctors’ schools revealed
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