Probe Newsletter Archive Index to Volume VI (6/97 – 9/98)

January 6, 2020

Probe—David Zimmerman’s newsletter on science, media, policy and health—was published monthly from October 1991 through April 2001. An award-winning writer, he wrote the “Your Family Health” column in the Ladies Home Journal for 12 years as well as many articles for Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and other popular magazines. His Zimmerman’s Complete Guidebook to Nonprescrioption Drugs (1983, 1993) was a masterpiece.

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Issue #06-01, June 1, 1997

  • Exclusive: How dying patients are gulled: Ads ‘misrepresented’ outcomes
  • FTC analyzes CTCA’s claims
  • Naderites blast AIDS studies; CNN buys in: Coverage is slanted
  • Jeff Levine replies
  • Public citizen’s seriously flawed charges may delay vital research
  • Co-signer demurs
  • How ads bring business
  • Deceptions persisted, federal agency says
  • CTCA owner not cited
  • CTCA vigorously fought FTC’s probe
  • CTCA responds
  • Plucked from the Internet: Cleaner polishes off patients
Issue #06-02, August 1, 1997
  • U.S. dietary law is undermining public’s health
  • Press catered to cig makers: Tobacco greed, guilt widely shared
  • Follow-up: Shalala dismisses Naderite petition
  • Quackbusters on call!
  • Time‘s health tome disregards science
  • Time Inc. acquires alternativist web site
  • Cultural claims killing secularism, philosopher Finkielkraut charges

Issue #06-03, September 1, 1997

  • Missing
Issue #06-04, October 1, 1997
  • Fisher vindicated; Pitt and NCI pay: He gets millions – plus apologies
  • All top scientists are now cleared
  • Follow-up: Colleague retorts, hits our critique
  • Experts hail Gulf ills finding, but more research is needed
  • Gulf veterans’ lesions – are they leishmaniasis?
  • Essay: On Ockham’s razor and Gulf ills
  • What’s descried
  • Infectious disease 101: Leishmaniasis is little known but widespread
  • PROBE is proud!
  • New England Journal backs Naderites on ethics of Third World AIDS trials
  • Times tilts

Issue #06-05, November 1, 1997

  • Exclusive: Surreptitious mental screen faces teenage science stars
  • ‘Westinghouse’ is more than science
  • Westinghouse replies
  • Psychiatrist’s contest role raises questions
  • Westinghouse is poor predictor of Nobel glory
  • Subjective impressions sway judges
  • LIve animal studies are strictly banned
  • Hudges tarnish ‘Westinghouse’
  • What went wrong? A science writer tells his story
  • Second Fold: Biofactoids float in from cyberspace
Issue #06-06, December 1 – January 1, 1998
  • Weary scientists vow new effort to kill alternative medicine office
  • Letter to the editor
  • Follow-up: Westinghouse moves; tobacco story wins
  • PROBE gets web site!
  • A (brief) bestiary for the holiday season
  • Who killed Jenny Wren?
  • Bear facts barred!
  • Z’s zoonosis: A domestic account
  • Coming soon: Dolly sheep’s bovine sisters
  • Independent media is dissed by left – so PROBE will go it alone!
  • OAM demeans NIH, scientists assert

Issue #06-07, February 1, 1998

  • Controversial AIDS trials advance: Early data assessed
  • New England Journal fracas grows: Editors hang tough
  • Follow-up: Contest hype endures; abortion shifts seen
  • Researchers bristle at Journal‘s stance
  • NEJM editor stands pat
  • Probe’s view
  • Andrew Weil is called a ‘snake oil’ salesman
  • Scientists’ book deconstructs anti-science postmodernism
  • Wildlife refuge plans for the Korean DMZ inch slowly forward
Issue #06-08, March 1, 1998
  • The president at AAAS: A tarnished Bill Clinton polishes science’s image – and his own
  • ‘Scientific misconduct’ downplayed at AAAS
  • Follow-up: Low-doze AZT helps, the Thai study shows
  • Panel for cleared ORI victims is nixed
  • An HMO’s PR is laced with BS
  • Scientists recompute The Bell Curve
  • Disputed HIV trials unlike ‘Tuskegee,’ whistle-blower says

Issue #06-09, April 1, 1998

  • Sunscreens’ melanoma protection vastly overrated, researcher says
  • Dermatologists sharply disagree
  • Follow-up: Statistician disputes HMO’s benefit claim
  • Pols are called oversexed – and very kinky
  • PROBE’s view: ‘Health news you can use’ is confusing
  • Do cancer agencies hype ho-hum stats?
  • Should doctors tell their patients the truth about shark cartilage?
  • Millie is ill? Dr. Julian Whitaker has some wonderful cures for her!
Issue #06-10, May 1, 1998
  • Exclusive: Mind bestseller is fraudulent; is the MIT author an impostor?
  • Impostrous lies are elucidated
  • Follow-up: Needles cop-out is shame of the nation!
  • FOIA search reveals: AAAS and ORI are in cahoots
  • We take a critical stroll through Steven Pinker’s quizzical Mind
  • Our encounter with S. Pinker

Issue #06-11, June 1, 1998

  • Many millions gone…!: Cig lies raise new questions
  • Follow-up: Skin docs are shilling Coppertone(R) sunscreen
  • Does ‘partnership’ equal ‘endorsement’?
  • Will Viagra save the rhinoceroses?
  • Times reporter’s methods queried after Nobelist Watson complains
  • Reporter Kolata stirs collegial controversy
  • ‘Tobacco Research’ sheds new light on industry lies
  • Press reacts very sourly to report of breast cancer breakthrough
  • Absolute benefit = 1.4%
Issue #06-12, September 1, 1998
  • Can ads ‘unsell’ reefer madness?
  • Campaign’s base may not be firm
  • Follow-up: ‘Dr. Jane’ weighs in on sunscreen/cancer flap
  • Sex and the southern senator
  • Data do not back claims for ads
  • PROBE analysis: Two rigorless investigative journalists foul out on Gulf War, Times science

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