Probe Newsletter Archive Index to Volumes VIII and IX (12/99 – 4/01)

January 7, 2020

Probe—David Zimmerman’s newsletter on science, media, policy and health—was published monthly from October 1991 through April 2001. An award-winning writer, he wrote the “Your Family Health” column in the Ladies Home Journal for 12 years as well as many articles for Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and other popular magazines. His Zimmerman’s Complete Guidebook to Nonprescription Drugs (1983, 1993) was a masterpiece.

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Issue #08-01, December 1, 1999

  • Scientifics medicine’s foes seeking public health pros’ approbation
  • Naturopath held
  • Follow-up: Columbine autopsies are still withheld
  • Scientists win 2 key fights: Office of Research Integrity is defanged; fed adopts safer ‘misconduct’ definition
  • Naturopathy pros & cons detailed
  • ‘Moral certainty’ threatens science, bioethics chief warns – very blandly
  • Q: Human values? A: Valued humans
  • Fully implantable artificial heart finally seems near
  • Robotic arm may ease coronary artery grafting
Issue #08-02, January 1, 2000
  • Transgenic threat to monarchs vastly exaggerated, experts say
  • Follow-up: Sarin use in Vietnam reported at the time
  • Are watchdogs snoozing?
  • CV discloses a deadly phoney
  • Feds jolt the naturopaths
  • Vitamin that prevents terrible birth defects is being ignored

Issue #08-03, February 1, 2000

  • Blood shortage remedy is found, but blood banks and fed resist it
  • Follow-up: New EPA ruling to aid monarchs
  • Vitamin maker fools the public with footnotes
  • Poorly researched therapies spur delinquents’ criminality
  • D & D = Danger
  • Hemochromatosis patients describe their plight
  • The blood banks aren’t rushing
Issue #08-04, March 1, 2000
  • ‘Medical errors’ uproar: IOM’s scary report is badly flawed; key data are stale, veiled, and skewed
  • Follow-up: VERIS’s veracity is strained again
  • Statisticians distory DDT story
  • Findings are wildly exaggerated
  • Expert: Systems method needed
  • Epidemiologist says, go slow!
  • Dad fights to save diabetic daughter
  • How the Times sees the story
  • Cancer society hires PR firms that plug cigs

Issue #08-05, May 1, 2000

  • Bush coddles creationists
  • Follow-up: Our ‘errors’ critique knocked by panelist
  • IoM report on ‘medical errors’ is erroneous, key source says
  • National Geographic sows hokum about ‘natural’ plant remedies
  • Minnesota Bill promises new life for old frauds; Ventura OK seen
  • Mythos vs. logos: Science’s foes take the offensive; an historian foresees no peace
  • Dispatches from the front
Issue #08-06, June 1, 2000
  • God and man – and nature! – at Yale: ‘Faith’ folks are joining ecologists to save Earth; their ideas clash
  • Letters: Statisticians replies to our DDT critique
  • Follow-up: Herbal alerts asked
  • Sublimation not sin, is key to Boy Scout’s high court case
  • Alt/med guru caught in a cash crunch
  • AIDS report: New York state finally will permit nonprescription sale of syringes
  • New treatment tack may boost HIV vaccines
  • Fervor displayed at eco-religion meet
  • Exclusive: Important U.S. osprey colony failing; food supply is blamed

Issue #08-07, July 1, 2000

  • Did famed Silver Spring Monkeys suffer in vain?: Stroke research breathrough tests Animal Rights accusations
  • Follow-up: You can help guru ||| Angell leaves NEJM
  • Wildlife federation’s wildflower seeds dismay Hawaiians
  • Ted Klein is dead at 73
  • Ted wrote new rules for drug PR
  • Sequencing of the human genome is landmark science success story
  • New book tells how it all started
  • Researcher Taub ties monkey studies to clinical advances against strokes
  • Case ‘jump-started’ PETA, author says
Issue #08-08, September 1, 2000
  • New anti-genocidal phase opens in global war against smoking
  • WHO targeted
  • Follow-up: Palm pills diappoint ||| the Boy Scouts win
  • Hooker on fiber: Bran boosters little deterred by negative cancer findings
  • Negative findings were a surprise
  • Candy cigs are still luring tots toward tobacco; ban is sought
  • On the environmental front: South African quarriers destroying natural site in northern Vermont

Issue #08-09, October 1, 2000

  • Biologist stalks malformed frogs, seeking cause(s) of their distress
  • Doctors finally act to control alt/med methods
  • Follow-up: Monarchs’ habitat loss is confirmed
  • Many vaccines for AIDS ready to be tested
  • Ace reporter decries death of public health
  • Why cig story ain’t over yet!
  • New studies of deformed frogs starting to yield some answers
Issue #08-10, November 1, 2000
  • Missing

Issue #08-11, December 1, 2000

  • Missing
Issue #08-12, February 1, 2001
  • Bush abortion story squelched; but Larry Flynt almost tells all
  • Flynt recounts story that CNN censored
  • Letters: Researcher comments on Gonzalez report
  • Biologist describes fear and loneliness in his public fight against Animal Rights
  • Mink liberated caged
  • RU-486 tempers abortion woes
  • PROBE opinion: Is a politician’s abortion aid fit to print?
Issue #09-01, April 1, 2001
  • Science and democracy closely tied, and they face common enemies
  • Letter: Anti-Semitism is seen
  • Abortion foes furious about RU-486 okay
  • PROBE calls ‘Time out!’
  • ‘Statistical’ service delivers propaganda to reporters
  • Science writer discovers director is conservative
  • Hunger & craving trump science & sense in efforts to control eating & smoking
  • 60 Minutes gets experts’ C for accuracy
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