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September 11, 2019

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IHP Review: impotence.org

Impotence.org is maintained by the American Foundation for Urologic Disease to provide information about erectile dysfunction (ED), which it defines as consistent inability to attain and maintain a penile erection sufficient enough to permit satisfactory sexual intercourse. The term “erectile dysfunction,” was created as a more specific definition than the term “impotence,” which can also include problems, with libido (sexual drive), ejaculation, and orgasm. Experts believe that up to 80% of ED cases may be due to physical (organic) conditions, with psychological factors accounting for the remaining 20%. In many cases, however, there are both psychological and physical reasons for the condition.

  • Articles written by experts on sexual function and other related medical conditions.
  • A confidential registry for men with erectile dysfunction. Upon completing a brief questionnaire on-line, consumers can access an interactive area in which they can observe, compare and discuss various treatment options with other men and their partners worldwide via live chat. Registrants will receive e-mail updates of upcoming chats.
  • Questions and Answers in a “Frequently Asked Questions” section
  • Audio downloads of patients and their partners
  • Information for partners
  • Links to other impotence sites
  • A physician locator for urologists and other specialists
  • A reference sections for physicians
  • A “media only” area in which journalists can download press releases, videos of past conferences, and other materials.
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Reviewed By:

  • Stephen Barrett, MD, 2/20/04

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