“Psychoenergetics” Founder Loses Medical License

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
February 26, 2007

Psychiatrist Jordan Weiss, M.D., has surrendered his California medical license in response to charges of unprofessional conduct [1,2]. Weiss was the founder and possibly the only practitioner of “psychoenergetics,” which he said was “based on learning to access the fourth dimension.” [3] His Web site stated:

Dr. Jordan Weiss is one of a few physicians who also is a medical intuitive and energy healer. He is able to see energy patterns and communicate with many levels of the mind. One of the ways that Psychoenergetics can help you is by taking part in a hands on healing session

He has developed the unique ability to read the body intuitively and sense the deepest emotions with a high degree of accuracy. By sensing what lies deep within he is able to heal in a very unique manner

By seeing sensing and actually communicating telepathically with many levels of mind, he can release very deeply held energy patterns and work with virtually any type of physical or emotional disease [3].

His site further states:

Initially a brief history is taken although it is not necessary. Children of any age, mute, and even comatose patients can be helped due to the unique abilities of the healer. Very complex specific medical problems as well as those seeking spiritual advancement and counseling about their soul’s purpose can benefit from the work.

A session is begun with the individual lying on his/her back on the treatment table scanning above or on the body with the palm of the hand. Information about the primary causes of the illness is gained by reading the body. Various words, pictures and feelings from many sources will appear. Almost any question regarding one’s physical, emotional or spiritual concerns can be asked and useful and often very precise imformation [sic] can be received. The information gleaned is used in different ways according to the needs of the patient. Generally continuous contact is made with the body.

Since virtually the entire range of possible problems a soul might have can be worked with, these often require different methods. Sometimes very light touch on the clothes is all that is required to release the energy and acheive [sic] the healing. Some patterns, however, may be very deeply encoded in the body with direct skin contact necessary. Very occassionally [sic] not insignificant pressure must be applied to achieve energy release. Very rarely there is soreness after a treatment. It is preferable then to have access to the skin and be able to manipulate the muscles, bones and ligaments freely if necesssary [sic]. It is energy work done on the body. . . .

Virtually every type of medical and psychiatric illness has been treated with success. Individual responses do vary and as with any treatment no promises for any one patient can be made. Cancer and many autoimmune diseases including various types of arthritis have shown benefit with multiple treatments done over a number of months. Lung and breathing problems respond very well to healing work. Various brain problems such as seizure disorders and post-concussive syndromes have been helped [4].

In February 2005, the Medical Board of California charged Weiss with negligence, sexual misconduct, and unprofessional conduct in connection with his treatment of two female patients. In both cases, his “psychoenergetic therapy” included vaginal massage. Four months later, the case was settled by a consent agreement under which Weiss surrendered his medical license.

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This page was posted on February 26, 2007.