Can Energetix Products Help Your Health?

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
July 2, 2006

Energetix Magnet Therapy, is a multilevel company that is headquartered in Bingen, Germany and maintains an office in Moorpark, California. The “Business Opportunity” page on its Web site describes its products as “designer jewelry and accessories for the fashion and health conscious.” [1] Most of its products are said to exert a magnetic force of approximately 1200 gauss [2]. Although its Web site makes no blatant health claims, the company name and scattered phrases on its Web site imply that its products represent a form of treatment. One page, for example, refers to “doing . . . acquaintances a favor by introducing them to the benefits of magnetic therapy.” [3] Its page on “Magnet Therapy” contains the most explicit claims:

In an experiment in Holland, a live frog was levitated in a magnetic field of 160,000 gauss and subsequently showed no side effects. Magnetic flux density is measured in tesla or gauss (1 tesla = 10,000 gauss). The gauss number indicates the number of lines of magnetic force passing through 0.155 square inch. The US Food and Drug Administration has recommended electro-magnetic devices since 1978, particularly for broken bones, pain relief, and more. The circulation-enhancing effect and the improved oxygen release by the haemoglobin under the influence of a magnetic field are basically the same whether static or pulsating magnetic fields are used [3].

I believe this statement is misleading. Pulsating magnetic devices have some recognized medical uses [4]. However:

  • Energetix’s products are low-level static magnets. The FDA has approved pulsating magnetic field devices for treating certain types of fractures, but it has not approved low-level static magnets for any health purpose.
  • The FDA does not “recommend” devices.
  • Magnets do not enhance circulation [5].
  • Magnets do not improve oxygen release.
  • Magnets have not been proven to provide pain relief. Claims of this type have been based on poorly designed experiments [6-7].

ENERGETIX products may appeal to people because of their appearance. However, there is no valid reason to believe they will help anyone’s health or relieve pain.


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This article was revised on July 2, 2006.