Principles and Practice of Naturopathy (1925): Chapter 3

E.W. Cordingley, A.M., Ph.D.
September 15, 2004

As, in its final analysis, all disease is the result of morbid encumbrances in the system, due to wrong habits of eating, sleeping, working, amusement, heredity, etc., the ultimate result of all treatment is the freeing of the body of such encumbrances. Mechanical treatments may speed up nerve force and thereby increase the function of an organ (the kidneys or liver as an example), but this speeding-up really results in normalizing the circulation and ridding the body of morbid wastes. As a good general introductory treatment that is applicable to practically every case. I will first present the celebrated Collins General Naturopathic Tonic Treatment. Dr. F. W. Collins of Newark, N.J., Dean of the United States School of Naturopathy, personally gave me permission to include this treatment in this treatise. It is the culmination of years of study and research on the part of this able doctor, and I regard it as the best all-around treatment for office use that has ever been devised.

  1. Here it is:
  2. Have patient on a straight table, or open bench, in prone position.
  3. Open up the articulations of the spine superiorly by beginning at the vertebra prominens (7th cervical) and working downward.
  4. Open up the articulations of the spine inferiorly, beginning at the fifth lumbar and working upward. (Nos. 2 and 3 are accomplished by placing the heel of the hand against the superior and inferior aspects of the spinous processes respectively, and then delivering a light thrust.)
  5. Standing at the left side of the patient, place the right hand on the right posterior crest of the right ilium, left haand [sic] on the underside of the acromion process, and by pushing down on the right hand at the same time that you pull up with the left hand, open up the articulations of the intercostals on the left side.
  6. Reverse the position of the hands, placing the right hand on the left posterior crest of the ilium, and the left hand on the right acromion process, and open up the articulations of the intercostals on the right side,
  7. Release the muscular contraction of the ribs inferiorly. beginning’ at the first rib and working downward. (This is accomplished by making- contact with the heel of the hand on each side of the spine with the superior surfaces of the ribs at their angles and thrusting in an oblique direction, toward the floor and feet of the patient.)
  8. Open up the articulations of the ribs superior, beginning at the tenth pair of ribs and working upward.
  9. Increase the circulation of the trapezius and other back muscles, placing the right hand on the anterior crest of the ilium of the opposite side and the left hand on the right shoulder blade. Change to the opposite side of the patient and place the left hand on the anterior crest of the ilium and right hand on the left scapula, holding it, and raaising [sic] the ilium, and giving it a naturopathic adjustment.
  10. Stretch the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle by contact on the first three upper thoracic vertebrae (by the heel of the hand) and turning the head slightly, in the opposite direction (toward the operator).
  11. Apply the famous S-move (rotating the first two fingers or thumbs deeply in the muscle mass) on the laminae of the thoracic and lumbar spines.
  12. Flex each leg once at the thigh. (By pushing the leg forcibly against the thigh,)
  13. Patient in dorsal position (on back). naturopathically treat the colon, beginning at the sigmoid flexure. (Deep kneading of colon up the left side of abdomen, then across the transverse colon, and then over the ascending colon on the right side.)
  14. Stretch the abdominal muscles from the hip to the shoulder, both sides, by drawing up on hip and pushing down just beneath ribs, and vice versa.
  15. Flex each leg once and flex the thigh against the body and rotate outward and inward.
  16. Stretch the neck muscles and give a naturopathic adjustment of the cervical region.
  17. Time for each naturopathic tonic treatment: five to seven minutes.

Dr. Collins adds: With hygiene and proper combination of food, this treatment will remove (cure) about ninety-five per cent of the troubles the human family is heir to.

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