Principles and Practice of Naturopathy (1925)

E.W. Cordingley, A.M., Ph.D.
September 15, 2004

Graduate of Oskaloosa College, National University of Therapeutics, Palmer-Gregory College, Physicians & Surgeons College of Chicago, Eclectic College, American College of Naturopathy, etc. Formerly President of the Rational Therapeutics Society, Divisional Director of the National School of Naturopathy, Clinical Director in Palmer-Gregory College, Head of the Department of Physiological Therapeutics of the National Institute, Commercial Law instructor in the “American Khaki University,” at Issoudon, France, during the World War, etc.

Chapter 1
The Basis of Naturopathy
Chapter 2
Divisions of Naturopathy
Chapter 3
The Collins General Naturoapthic Tonic Treatment
Chapter 4
Natural Correction of Specific Lesions
Chapter 5
Spinal Concussion or Spondylotherapy
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Quasi-Electrical Methods of Treatment
Chapter 8
The Office Practice of Naturopathy
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Psychological Naturopathy

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