Naturopathic Web Sites: What Do They Tell Us?

January 13, 2009

These sites, listed in alphabetic order, illustrate various naturopathic beliefs and practices. In most cases, we have posted representative quotes. Listing on this page should not be interpreted as an endorsement. It simply means that the site contains information that we think is interesting and reflects what naturopaths think and do. Nor should you assume that the listed credentials come from accredited schools or respectable organizations. The bracketed dates indicate when we last checked the link. If you find one that isn’t working or would like to suggest additional sites, please notify us.

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  • Richard Anderson, ND, NMD: “A coffee enema, when done properly, causes the liver to produce more bile, opens the bile ducts, and causes the bile to flow. In this process, a toxic liver can dump many of its toxins into the bile and get rid of them in just a few minutes. This often gives great relief to all parts of the body, and often makes the difference between lying down feeling miserable and feeling good and being active. Coffee enemas are also effective in relieving pain. Patients with cancer, for an example, may achieve relief from pain even when drugs have failed.” [1/13/09]
  • Fred Bell: After working for NASA, “he began studying with Himalayan Masters. During this time he became internationally known as a contactee to a Pleiadean group of extraterrestrial humanoids whom were here to help the people on earth save themselves from their own destructive tendencies. This group comes from a star system 500 light-years from earth. For this effort the Russian society of cosmonauts (astronauts), awarded Dr. Bell the distinguished scientific progress award. Today Dr. Bell is a practicing naturopath, scientist and environmentalist, and has been currently working worldwide with programs that include a proper conduct of school systems, autistic children, and other problems that develop and effect the growth factor of our young up-and-coming society.” His Web site offers to sell a $2995 Ozonic Electro-Magnetic Technology device that “uses vibrational energy to provide a full-harmonic spectrum of bioavailable frequencies from sound to light that helps the body eliminate low frequency hosts; harmful invaders that do not belong in a healthy human body.” [1/13/09]
  • Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND: “Iridologists believe that changing patterns and markings in the iris can be used to reveal emerging conditions in every part of the body and to identify inherited weaknesses that may lead to physical and emotional disorders. Iridology cannot detect a specific disease. Rather, it is a preventive practice that helps people to understand their basic health issues so that they can seek treatment, if necessary, from the appropriate specialist. According to iridologists, if a health problem is detected at an early stage, something can then be done to prevent it from becoming a full-blown disease.”[1/20/08]
  • Cynthia P. Buxton, ND, LAc: “Drainage Remedies . . . open the body’s main pathways of detoxification, called the Primary Emmunctaries: the Liver, Gastrointestinal system, the Lungs, the Kidneys and the Skin. This is like opening the doors of your body to allow toxins a way out!” [12/15/03]
  • Stephen Byrnes, ND, RNCP: [Archived, 6/22/04]
  • David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC: “Naturopathic medicine does not focus on disease symptoms, rather, on the causes of those symptoms. For example, the body has four major organs that assist in elimination; the lungs, kidneys, bowels, and skin. Because formal medicine has largely ignored the skin as a functioning organ which can be “tapped into” as a resource for healing, not enough progress has been made to date. Most skin diseases are viewed by naturopathic physicians to be the result of excessive metabolic toxicity in the body, forcing the skin to be used as an extra route of elimination. The skin excretes both water-soluble and oil-soluble wastes through the sweat and oil glands. Because the elimination of toxins is irritating to the skin, the result is often various forms of skin-related disorders such as dermatitis and acne.” [2/22/04]
  • John E. Curran, ND, MD: “If the food you eat everyday provides your body with all the nutrition necessary to sustain life, why can’t concentrated dosages of nutrition, called herbology, heal the body?” [3/16/04]
  • Theresa Dale, PhD, ND, CCN, NP : “By answering the following questions you will become aware of where you may be holding resisted emotions, stress and potential illness in your body. Notice how great the percentages are under each numeric category. You can easily locate and release the identity and belief(s) connected to the emotions below by using the Meta-Wellness Home Study Program and for those who want to go further.” [7/5/06]
  • David A. Dancu, JD, ND: “If you are not taking vitamins or minerals, ask yourself why not. These supplements are often needed in a society relegated to processed foods, fast foods, hormone injected meats, chickens, eggs and milk, along with fats, hydrogenated oils and margarines. The need for a cleanse is often specifically related to the ingestion of these types of food.” [11/27/06]
  • Reuben T. DeHaan, ND: “Total Body Analysis is the only system that works to test & treat the cause of the problem.” [5/25/06]
  • Berta Dordoni, ND: “Build your strong immune system now — it’s a must if you want to survive. Dr. Dordoni will show you how to build the strong immune system you need to combat today’s toxic world.” [4/24/04]
  • Samuel Flagler, ND, DHANP, CCH, RSHom(NA) and Lila Flagler, ND, DHANP, CCH: “Homeopathic remedies not only help to relieve immediate complaints, but also act to strengthen the body and remove susceptibility to disease. . . . Regardless of the problem or disease label which may have been given to your particular limitation, we may offer help through the use of Homeopathic medicine.” [8/31/06]
  • Edward F. Group III, DC, PhD: “Tetanus vaccine is no more effective than any of the others. It also is counterproductive. It will INCREASE, NOT decrease the risk of tetanus, and many people actually get tetanus from the vaccine.” [1/13/09]
  • David Hogge, ND: “Naturopathic Medicine is the only natural approach to health and healing that recognizes the integrity of the whole person. Naturopathic Medicine is heir to the vitalistic tradition of medicine in the Western world, emphasizing the treatment of disease through the stimulation, enhancement, and support of the inherent healing capacity of the person. Methods of treatments are chosen to work with the patient’s vital force, the intelligence of the natural healing process.” [11/23/03]
  • Dean Howell, ND: “Doctor Dean Howell created NCR, NeuroCranial Restructuring, to help patients get pain relief, achieve facial symmetry, fix crooked noses, create a youthful appearance without plastic surgery, improve sports performance, heal head injuries like concussion, whiplash and facial compression, eliminate snoring, improve sleep apnea, abolish headaches, eliminate migraines, help scoliosis, fix TMJ and TMD problems, straighten posture, increase memory and look younger by gently moving the sphenoid bone.” [5/12/05]
  • Alva Irish, DD, DN, DSc, PhD, DiHOM, DHM, DvHOM, FBIH: “In my on-line practice I receive the samples and waivers thru the mail and set up a time to . . . interview over the telephone. I then email the results back to the client and the work up is done. I stay with my clients until they are better, doing follow up checks, and rechecks until they are balanced. I also have an agreement, which can be paid in one lump sum that would make me your family practitioner for life, with as many questions and rechecks that you want.” [6/15/03]
  • Suzanne Lawton, ND: “Consider all options if you are diagnosed with cancer. One option is to take supportive natural medicine along with radiation and chemotherapy to minimize the debilitating effects of these treatments. . . . Natural medicine can help to strengthen the immune system and help avoid or decrease the intensity of these side-effects. In the case of chemotherapy, it is important to seek out the help of a naturopath or herbalist in order to avoid the herbs interacting with the chemotoxins.” [7/16/07]
  • Debra L. Martin-Belleville, ND: “An FDA-approved biological screening device based on the principle that tissue changes within the body correlate with altered patterns of temperature regulation on the skin. This permits early detection of internal pathology and dysfunction in a rapid, safe, non invasive manner. Women have early detection of breast abnormalities in a painless procedure. This is an adjunctive diagnosis. The CRT assists health practitioners to detect underlying conditions and tailor their clinical approach based on objective data. By simultaneously locating subtle changes in the status of tissues in many areas of the body, CRT can help to identify underlying causes of symptoms and guide integrative treatment planning. [2/24/04]
  • Nicola McFadzean, ND: “Dr. Nicola treats a wide variety of conditions, including autistic-spectrum disorders, ADHD, menopause, infertility, eating disorders, fibromyalgia, IBS, autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, depression/anxiety and much more. Regardless of the diagnosis or symptom picture, she uses the consistent approach of finding underlying imbalances that could be driving the disease process. . . Consultation fees are $250 per hour. How much laboratory testing is recommended will vary, but a range of $200 – $1000 is common.”[1/13/09]
  • Mary Meadows, ND: “The Breath of Light is not considered merely a technique, but rather a profound cellular and spiritual healing. The Breath is the vehicle whereby the new frequency of Light is carried through the circuitry of the Body. All levels are affected by this frequency. The physical body is altered as the body chemistry is changed. The PH balance is shifted from acid to alkaline, brain wave frequency is moved into the Theta frequency which then allows the brain to release beneficial amino acids and endorphins. The emotions are automatically brought up to the heart and transmuted from low level energies of anger, shame, guilt, fear, resentment to the higher frequencies of acceptance, love, compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy. There is no need for processing and being in therapy for years. We are being given an accelerated process to heal ourselves with in the Breath of Light.” [1/26/05]
  • Ali Meschi, PhD, ND, CNC: Dr. Meschi has healed himself of three incurable diseases: Colon Cancer, Testicle Cancer and the Threat of possible brain cancer – that was actually linked to a severe hormonal imbalance that he corrected. . . . Post-Graduation Certificate in Complementary & Alternative Medicine aka CAM from Harvard Medical School, 1 credit towards the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award from Harvard Medical School.” [6/16/06]
  • Steve Nenninger, ND, NMD, CDN: “Naturopathic doctors can provide an expertise in strengthening the body, in this way enhancing and sometimes replacing more dangerous conventional therapies. . . . Whichever medicines we choose to use with a patient, the heart of what makes us naturopathic doctors is the respect and reverence for the body’s innate healing ability.” [7/4/06]
  • Gina L. Nick, PhD, ND: “Longevity Through Prevention, Inc. is a business-to-business consulting firm that offers turnkey research, marketing, sales, technology and business solutions to the natural products industry. LTP is the first and only company to offer peer-to-peer Natural Product Advisory Sessions™ exclusively to nutraceutical companies interested in capturing the growing healthcare practitioner market.” [7/16/04]
  • Valerie Nix, ND: “Dr. Nix has dedicated herself to the study and development of her skills as a homeopath, as she considers homeopathy to be the safest and most effective natural treatment modality.” [3/12/08]
  • Jennifer V. Rabinovitch, ND: “Brain Recovery Program: . . . .helps your brain regain youthful function and acuity, allowing you to think more clearly and feel more alert. A must for memory and concentration difficulties, chronic headaches, and migraines.”[11/28/07]
  • Valerie Saxion, ND: “To detoxify in serious conditions, take two coffee enemas per day. .Follow this routine for two weeks, then coffee enemas should be reduced to only one per week for one month. Your body may have a build-up of toxins or poisons from time to time. Symptoms indicating toxicity are a decrease in appetite, headaches, increase in tiredness, and a general lack of well-being. When these occur, increase coffee enemas once again to one per day until symptoms subside, or for a maximum of three to four days. Then return to a routine.” [1/13/09]
  • Mark Stengler, ND: “An electrodermal test is available at the [LaJolla Whole Health] clinic. Developed by a German medical doctor decades ago, it involves the testing of the electrical resistance of the skin to whatever food you want tested. A current runs through the testing machine and through a probe, which touches the patients’ skin. No pain is involved, and it is able to pick up subtle bio-electric changes that the tested food causes to the body, thus helping to identify sensitivities.” [7/10/05]
  • Jack Tips, ND, PhD, CHom, CCN: “The Apple-A-Day Healing Triad Program provides the most comprehensive natural health support available today. Through homeopathy to stimulate the body’s innate healing mechanism, herbal nutrition for specific body systems, and dietary nutrition for whole body support, the Apple-A-Day program is designed to improve your health comprehensively. The Healing Triad is based on this thorough, self-enhancing approach.” [12/21/03]
  • Sam J. Walters, NMD: “At WellSpring Clinic, we provide the highest standards of care to individuals who require specialized treatments for serious diseases that often involves a compromise to the immune system such as Cancer, Auto Immune Diseases, Immune System Dysfunction, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hepatitis C, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Scleroderma, Immune System Revitaliztion after Chemo, Chronic Lyme Disease, Shingles, Epstein-Barr, Gulf War Illness and many others.” [4/11/06]
  • Shandor Weiss, ND, LAc: “In addition to conventional lab tests, Dr. Shandor Weiss may recommend state-of-the-art functional medicine tests in order to provide as much information as possible. These may include liver detoxification profile; free radical stress; blood nutrient levels; hair analysis; digestion and intestinal analysis; saliva hormone levels; disease risk tests; blood type/lectin or allergy tests; dental electric levels; blood toxin levels; and others. Dr. Shandor Weiss also uses electrodermal tests in his office with all of his patients.” [3/19/07]
  • Melanie Whittaker, ND: “As blood flows through the body carrying oxygen and nutrients to our muscles and organs, it also picks up waste products from these organs. This circulation system includes the liver, which acts as the body’s filter, continuously removing waste and toxins from the blood (Much like the oil filter on your car). Like your car’s oil filter, your liver can become so clogged with sludge that it no longer does its job effectively. Colon hydrotherapy exercises the colon muscles, cleanses and reshapes the colon, and hydrates the body. As the liver engorges with water, this stimulates the release of bile, carrying toxins, old blood cells, and accumulated waste (sludge) into the intestines and out with the water flow during the treatment. Who benefits from Colon Hydrotherapy? Almost everyone – almost anytime.” [3/28/04]
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  • Anna M. Bunda, BA, ND: “Naturopathic doctors are primary care practitioners, practicing family medicine. They address most conditions that you would see your medical doctor for. The whole person is treated with whatever conditions are presented. This is what sets the naturopathic profession apart from other health practitioners. Conditions can range from the common cold and flu, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, childhood illnesses, degenerative conditions such as arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular, immune system, digestive and bowel conditions.” [12/28/03]
  • Nana Chang, ND: “Heavy metals toxicity from mercury, cadmium, aluminum and lead can often be detected in a hair sample. Nutritional deficiencies can also be revealed.” [2/21/04]
  • Garrett G. Swetlikoff, ND: “The Naturopathic Physician shall strive to identify and remove the causes of illness, rather than to eliminate or suppress symptoms.” [3/7/04]
  • Sage Clinic (6 naturopaths): “Microcurrent is a physical therapy modality that provides frequency to the body at 1/1000th of 1/1000th of an amp, or a millionth of an amp, the level at which the cells in your body produce energy. . . . Microcurrent frequencies seem to resonate with biological tissue and change the structure of the tissue when the frequency is correct. Once the tissue is changed and stable it seems to be able to maintain its new configuration.” [1/22/05]

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