Mission Statement

June 11, 2001

NutriWatch, a project of Quackwatch, will provide comprehensive information about nutrition and food safety, including full-text copies or links to source documents that are important to educators, students, and journalists. Our other activities will include:

  • Analysis of health claims made for nutrition-related products
  • Warning about inappropriate claims
  • Reporting illegal claims for products to regulatory agencies
  • Helping people seek legal redress against dietary supplement companies.

NutriWatch was launched in February 2000. Dr. Barrett maintains it with help from Manfred Kroger, PhD and other volunteer experts. The operating cost of about $500 per year is covered by profits from the sale of books by Quackwatch. If you would like to make a small donation to help support this site, you can do so through the Amazon Honor System.

We use the excellent services of SEVENtwentyfour, Inc., whose LinkWalker spider reports broken hyperlinks at least once a week.


NutriWatch collects no electronic or personal data from visitors to our site. All e-mail messages are kept confidential, with one exception: Comments about our web site may be posted without revealing the identity of the sender.

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