“Unproven” Cancer Methods

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
September 9, 2001

In 1955, the American Cancer Society established a committee that served as a central cordinating force for tracking and evaluating dubious methods of cancer management. The committee originally referred to these methods as “unproven” even though all of them could be properly labeled as “quack.” In 1991, the society switched to the term “questionable,” which would not include new methods that are being studied responsibly. Today the society uses the term “alternative and complementary methods,” which include a few methods that could conceivably turn out to be useful. The changing terminology reflects the society’s perception of the marketplace as well as legal and political considerations.

In 1971, when “unproven” meant “quack,” the society published Unproven Mehtods of Cancer Management a 240-page book that listed the following methods. A few of these methods are still available today.

  • Anticancergen Z-50
  • Antineol
  • Bamfolin
  • H. H. Beard Methods
  • Bio-Medical Detoxification Therapy
  • Bonifacio Anticancer Goat Serum
  • Cancer Lipid Concentrate and the Malignancy Index
  • Carcin and Neo-Carcin
  • Carzodelan
  • CH-23
  • Chaparral Tea
  • Chase Dietary Method
  • C.N.T
  • Coley’s Mixed Toxins or Mixed Bacterial Toxins (MBT)
  • Collodaurum and Bichloracetic Acid Kahlenberg
  • Crofton Immunization Method
  • Diamond Carbon Compound
  • Fresh Cell Therapy
  • The Frost Method
  • The Gerson Method
  • Gibson Methods
  • The Glover Serum
  • Grape Cure
  • H.11
  • Hadley Vaccine and Blood and Skin Tests
  • Heat Therapy or Hyperthermia
  • Hemacytology Index (HCI)
  • Hendricks Natural Immunity Therapy
  • Hett “Cancer Serum” and Gruner Blood Smear Test
  • Hoxsey Method or Hoxsey Chemotherapy
  • Hubbard E-Meter and Hubbard Electrometer
  • Iscador
  • Kanfer Neuromuscular or Handwriting Test
  • KC-555
  • Kelley Malignancy Index and Ecology Therapy
  • Koch Antitoxins
  • Krebiozen and Carcalon
  • Laetrile
  • LewisTest
  • Livington Vaccine
  • Makari Intradermal Cancer Test
  • M-P Virus
  • Mucorhicin
  • Multiple Enzyme Therapy
  • Naessens Serum or Anablast
  • Nichols Escharotic Method
  • Orgone Energy Devices
  • Polonine
  • Rand Coupled Fortified Antigen (RCFA) and
  • Delayed Double Diffusion (3-D) Test
  • Revici Cancer Control
  • Samuels Causal or “Endogenous End ocrino therapy
  • Spears Hygienic System
  • Staphylococcus Phage Lysates or Lincoln
  • Bacteriophage Lysates
  • Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Intravenous Treatment
  • Zuccala Lytic Test

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This article was posted on September 9, 2001.