Responses to Our Criticism of Dr. Lorraine Day

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
January 21, 2005

Lorraine Day, M.D., would like you to believe that she has discovered the answer to cancer and that her experience as a patient qualifies her to give advice about cancer. She warns against trusting the medical profession and claims that all drugs can cause cancer. Her videotapes state (falsely) that standard cancer treatment has never cured anyone and that nobody should undergo chemotherapy and radiation for any cancer. She speaks eloquently and from the heart, but her tapes are filled with factual errors and far-fetched claims. I believe that her advice is untrustworthy and dangerous to the extent that it steers people away from effective treatment.

The centerpiece of Day’s story is that she cured herself of a grapefruit-sized lump that she says was a recurrence of her breast cancer. But she has refused to disclose any medical records that would confirm that the mass was cancer (rather than a cyst). Here is a representative selection of responses from people who have read what I wrote about her.

May God bless you and forgive you for slandering against Dr. Day by giving her the name of Quack, I can assure you that God will give her a new name as He will to every child that learned to love, even in the hardships through sickness and the life they lived. I ask the Lord to increase your faith and I forgive you if by any chance you also call me a quack. “See with your heart and listen with your soul that you may see differently in the day of tomorrow.”

I replied: Your concern puzzles me. I didn’t call Dr. Day a quack. I wrote an article about my suspicion that she is not telling the truth about what happened to her cancer. Suppose for a moment that you knew that the second operation she had cured her. Would you regard what I say differently? She’s posted some of her records online, but she has refused to disclose the records of her third operation. I believe they would show that her grapefruit-sized lump was not a cancer, which would mean that her story of curing herself is untrue. Do you think it makes any difference whether or not she is telling the truth? Or do you assume that because she describes herself as devoutly religious she couldn’t possibly be lying?

It seems Dr. Lorraine Day has stepped on your toes. I cannot come up with another reason why you are thoroughly combing through her every word and documentation. Dr. Barrett, perhaps you are a medical professional who believes in yourself, as many physicians do. Perhaps you are worried that if people find nutrition is the answer to cure their ailments, your patient count will drop, lowering your annual income. If, however, you believe in God and have a personal realtionship with Him, He can show you what I have been shown. I know the truth. And I don’t need documentation to prove it.

I replied: I am concerned because people have sent me frantic letters about relatives who have abandoned effective treatment and will suffer and/or die as a result. As far as being thorough is concerned, I write thorough reports about a lot of things. My concern about Dr. Day’s story has nothing to do with nutrition or God. The real issue involved is whether she is telling the truth about her experience. If the records from her third operation show that no cancer is present, that would mean she is lying. She refuses to release them. The fact that her words resonate with you does not mean she is telling the truth.

I am a Christian too, and I believe in miracles, but I also believe that God gave us the brains to develop the drugs to USE, not to wait for Him to send them Himself via airmail! That’s like saying God gave me life, so if I sit in the middle of the road, a truck won’t run over me.

Thank heavens for your website! I was flipping channels on television when I came across a program (infomercial) featuring Dr. Day. . . I became curious as the brother of my best friend has cancer and began looking her up on the web. As I am currently working towards a degree that requires a research proposal plan, I had many questions regarding the validity of her claims—which your article addressed. My comment is this: IF the Lord gave her the cure (or steps to cure) for her cancer, why is she SELLING the plan and not freely sharing the information with the medical world and the public? I am a Christian and have a hard time believing that God would intend for her to profit monetarily from her experience! Most incidences of Jesus curing someone in The Bible ends with Him instructing people either to keep quiet or spread the word. I do not recall one instance where He instructed anyone to go out and charge people to hear the news of their experiences.

I guess I’m confused. Dr. Day says one of the 10 steps to health is to cease and desist from watching commercial television, yet she sells her alleged cures on commercial television.

I am an RN Pediatric Nurse Educator teaching at a university-based hospital. Last week, as I was in a Pediatric Cancer Patients room, I overheard Lorraine Day’s AWFUL informercial being broadcast. The most uncomfortable part was that the 16-year-old cancer patient and her mother were watching this with much interest as the patient was actually undergoing chemotherapy!!! I had to explain to them that what they were hearing was unfounded and absolutely scientifically wrong and gave them your website to refer to. How can this “so-called” MD get on TV and say these statements that can do so much damage and take away confidence in the medical profession? Someone has to STOP her from causing unneeded questioning of honest medical professionals. What can someone like me do to help get her off TV?

I replied: You should ask the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the tape.

A dear and well-being Christian friend purchased two of Dr. Day’s tapes because she knows so many people with cancer, myself being one. She called me all excited about the tapes and insisted I watch them. I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer in 2002, six months before my husband died of lung cancer with mets to the brain and bone! Since then I have experienced mets to the spine which was resolved after radiation and now have mets to the liver. I am back on chemotherapy. I trust my doctor implicity and at the same time know that whether I am healed on this earth or not is up to God, where my faith and trust lies.  I attempted to watch the tape “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore,” but by the time I was half way through I was feeling so much anger and frustration I just quit! I called our church secretary who is also battling not one but two kinds of cancer and is in “traditional” treatment. I shared with her what I had watched and she agreed with me that we did not feel “led” to abandon our treatments. We don’t believe that God is in competition with physicians! I know that I would have been dead already had it not been for the treatment I’ve had. I’ve never quit working. Losing breasts was no great sacrifice as who I am isn’t tied up with body parts anyhow! Losing my hair was also no big deal. I have some great wigs and they look better than my own hair ever could! It is absurd to think that as a self-supporting widow I can afford to simply quit my job. To me that is giving up and dying! I also can’t go to bed at 9:30 every night as Dr. Day advocates! I cover 24 and 48 hour shifts working in two hospital Emergency Room as a social worker! I need my job to feel productive, to earn a living, and to keep my medical insurance!  I’m grateful for your website. I have copied every page and intend to take it to my “friend” tomorrow when I return the tapes!!!

I am apalled by your diabolical method of attacking Dr. Lorraine Day. That gives me an inside in your character. How low can you get. Why don’t you start an investigation of Jesus Christ’s method’s of healing. NO DRUGS, NO CHEMOTHERAPY, NO RADIATION, NOT EVEN REFEERALS TO DR. LUKE. He healed a blind man with spit and clay. Now there is something for you to be upset about. How about calling Him a quack???????????? AHHHHHH??????? He adviced A VEGETARIEN DIET as a method of healing: vegetables, fruit, nuts and grains. He called the knowledge of science and academic knowledge “foolishnes”. That’s quite a trick, considering that modern medical science is only about 100 years old. How about that Dr. Barret. You are a fool in His eyes. The “doctors” had already pointed the bone at Dr. Day, and GOD proved them WRONG.

you have your fucking nerve trying to discredit this woman you think using poisonous radiation is going to fucking cure cancer before it kills you well maybe you need to see the size of doctor Lorraine days tumor and how she refused all orthodox medicine (kemo surgery, etc. etc.) and cured herself at home without the use of drugs, radiation, or surgery. they sent her home to die you better do a little more research before you go to so much trouble to discredit these wonderful doctors that are willing to share truth to the public. its obvious your statement are linked to the pharmaceutical companies cancer being a multi billion dollar industry. anyway reading your article mad me sick you’d rather see people continue on to be sick. when you get a headache it’s not from an aspirin deficiency. so why do they tell you to take a drug for this because they don’t know anything different that’s all they are taught all through their whole medical careers drugs and surgery bullshit that’s what it is. there are natural ways to get healthy. do yourself a favor and look up DR Lorraine day. she’s done spilled the beans on national tT.V.v thank god. any way i hope you read this. you’ve got nerve calling anyone a quack you weirdo!!!! signed, pissed off in Ca. 

I’m sorry to say that my sister-in-law plans to go by Lorraine Day’s plan, and I think she is making a fatal mistake. She recently had colon cancer surgery. While the surgeon was in there, he saw a growth on her liver, I think he said the size of a golf ball. With further testing, (needle biopsy and PET scan), they determined that the tumor was confined. So they to schedule her for a liver resection. The Dr said that the cancer had jumped from her colon to her liver. He told her of another case of a man that had the same type of cancer, and with the surgery and chemotherapy, was doing well. My sister-in-law saw a tape on Lorraine Day who said that that surgery would spread the cancer all over her body, and that chemotherapy would do the same thing. My brother and sister-in-law have canceled two appointments, and now say that she will not have the surgery. They plan to order Lorraine Day’s products and start her plan right away. I looked up Lorraine Day on the Internet, and I feel like she is not authentic or true-to-life. I have tried to explain to my brother that a healthy lifestyle is encouraged and a smart thing to do, but since my sister-in-law has cancer already, it needs to be taken out. I have fallen on deaf ears. They will not listen to me about conventional treatments. My purpose of sending this to you is to let you know that Lorraine Day is making an impact of some folks lives—a deadly one.

Thank you so much for your detailed research and commitment to the truth. I watched Lorraine Day on an infomercial the other night and she sounded so convincing, so I looked her name up on Google. Your website came up on the google search and I went to it and read everything you wrote about Lorraine Day. My good friend has stage 4 cancer, so I have been seeking information to share with her. I was going to share the information about Lorraine Day if she appeared to be authentic. Thanks to your work, I will save my friend from gaining any false hopes from Lorraine Day as I will not mention ever seeing the infomercial. Once again, God reigns with the truth!

I just buried my 39 yr old sister this year because of believeing in Dr Lorraine Day. She refused chemo or radiation because she was so convinced that Dr Day was right. Thanks Dr Day. Tell that to my sister now. I wish I would have known about Quackwatch sooner.

I’m uncomfortable with your website. No one who walks with the Lord and serves him yet writes 9 pages of insult about his sister. We are not called to condemn, but to edify that which is spoken in the name of Jesus. Lorraine Day speaks of the healing power in God’s word and gives glory to him for the miracle working power in her life.   Her testimony to God’s healing medications that are provided through plants and herbs I have one question and I want to ask it to you from scripture……………

I replied: Why do you assume she is telling the truth about her experience? Suppose you knew that she was lying about having a serious cancer. Suppose her “grapefruit-sized lump” was not a cancer? Would you still believe what she says simply because you like the way she expresses her faith?

I believe more of what Dr. Lorraine Day says than I do what you and your website say. I am very open minded. I am very much into researching health and health issues, and I believe that allopathic medicine in America has done a great disservice to the American people by not taking into consideration natural health and spiritual healing.  Many Americans are turning away from conventional medicine in favor of natural health, and for a good reason. Conventional doctors are now more concerned about money, how many tests they can run, and how much they can squeeze their patient, both monetarily and physically, rather than care and concern for their patients health and well-being. You will continue to see a mass exodus away from conventional medicine and towards natural health and self-healing, the way God intended for healing to occur. By the way I am a Registered Nurse, a male, age 54. I am not a quack, and I read and study medical reports, medical literature and health literature daily. No matter what my credentials are, it is still just my opinion, which I have the right to express. 

I have a friend who died recently of cancer, and the other night I saw Dr. Lorraine Day’s infomercial. At first I thought Dr. Day made some sense, my friend continued chemotherapy too long– but that was my friend’s wish and her belief that it would save her life. My friend’s own oncologist said it was too late and she should discontinue the chemo as the cancer was too far advanced, the chemo was only making her sick and could not possibly help her. I AGREE WITH YOU that Dr. Lorraine Day is a menace. As I said, my friend did not discontinue her chemo, but she terminated her enjoyment of life by not enjoying what little she had left by not eating the foods she had always loved, because she thought to eat sugars would cause her cancer to grow faster.

She was conned by, if not Dr. Day, others like her that say if you eat a vegetarian diet, etc. you can cure cancer. I might add that my friend was one of the healthiest people before she got cancer, grew her own vegetables and always ate a good diet. Of all the people in the world, I never thought she would get cancer. If Dr. Day’s thesis was correct, my friend would NOT have gotten cancer—but she did. I was struck by the fact that Dr. Day thought she was a vessel of God, doing His work on earth, yet she thinks she should be richly rewarded. I get angry when people profit from other people’s misery or illness, which is what she is doing. I sought out your website, going to Google, because I find what she is doing is disgusting. I wonder how she can sleep at night.

Thank you for a very enjoyable, and unbiased, article. You will save more lives than Dr. Day by giving cancer patients that might consider her advice a reason to be skeptical. Keep up the good work

You are the quacks! Ever since I started Dr. Day’s program, I have been pain free!! I was diagnosed with 2 diseases and also refused drugs and “poison” treatments! Not only will I tell everyone I know about her “sensible” ideas, I am also going to name her in my will. You people are dangerous.

If you hadn’t created your web site about Dr. Day, I would have. Dr. Day is very eloquent and actually caught my attention on TV, but the minute she claimed that cancer traits are not transmitted genetically and that ultraviolet light causes no cancer, I couldn’t help but laugh. As a biochemist and Christian, I say how could she possibly criticize pharmaceutical companies for selling well-researched drugs and then turn around and try to SELL her ridiculous claims? Just unbelievable. Keep up the good work Dr. Barrett.

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