Swiss Cancer League Reports on CAM Cancer Methods

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
August 22, 2003

For more than 20 years, the Swiss Cancer League has been publishing reports on questionable methods of cancer management. The process is supported by the Swiss Society for Oncology, Swiss Society for Medical Oncology, and, Swiss Institute for Applied Cancer Research. Reports on the following methods are available to health professionals. (The date indicates when they were published.)

  • Beetroot. Substitution of oxidative enzymes (1982/1989)
  • Breuss total cancer cure (1982/1990)
  • Cancerometry of Vernes-Augusti (1986)
  • Carzodelan Forte. Enzyme combination for parenteral tumor therapy (1982)
  • Cefaktivon “Novum.” A stimulator of the reticulo-endothelial system (1983)
  • “Cure for all cancers” by Hulda Clark (2001)
  • Faktor AF2. The forth pillar of antitumor therapy (1988/1990)
  • Furfurol. The theory of ion-exchange and oral vaccination against cancer (1982)
  • Galavit “cancer immunotherapy” (2002)
  • Gelum®oral-rd: Blood-pH regulator and Oxygen activator (1995)
  • Germanium (only in french available) (1995)
  • Grueninger: Mexican medicinal plants and diet (1988)
  • Hamer’s “New Medicine” (2002)
  • Instinctotherapy. A diet of raw foods including meat but excluding milk products (1986)
  • Kousmine dietary theory (1985)
  • Lifecare-Concept of “ecological cancer prevention” (1990)
  • Moermann diet and therapy (1988)
  • Multistep-cancer-therapy of M. von Ardenne and related techniques (1988/1990)
  • Mathias Rath’s Cellular Health (2003)
  • Naphta-B or medical petrol (1984)
  • Polyerga neu. Decrease of anaerobic glycolysis (1982)
  • Teepilz Kombucha according to Dr Sklenar. Biological cancer therapy (1988)
  • Trypanosa. Enzymatic treatment and immunotherapy (1983)
  • Vitamin C. Orthomolecular therapy according to Pauling (1985/1990)
  • Wobe mugos. A mixture of proteolytic enzymes for anti-tumor therapy (1983/1990)

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