Robert Barefoot’s Credentials

February 5, 2003

The document below has been retyped from a copy of the curriculum vitae that Robert R. Barefoot submitted in support of his being permitted to testify in a case that the Maryland Attorney General brought against the marketers of T-Up, a dangerous product promoted for the treatment of cancer and AIDS. The presiding Administrative Law Judge ruled that Barefoot was not qualified to provide expert testimony. Assuming that it is complete, this document indicates that Barefoot has had little (if any) training in health sciences and has conducted no studies involving human health or disease. The typographic and punctuation errors are reproduced exactly as they appear in the original, but his phone number has been removed.


Robert R. Barefoot

P.O. Box 21270

Wickenburg, Arizona 85358, U.S.A.



Curriculum Vitae

1944 Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1963 Graduated High School, Grade 13 (Ontario), Marville, France
1964 Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Chemistry
1967 Graduated with honors, Chemical Research Technology
1967 to 1968 Geological Survey of Canada, geochemistry training
1963 to 1972 Institute of Sedimentary and Petroleum Geology, in charge of research laboratory and published six scientific research papers on analytical chemistry and mineral diagenesis
1972 to 1976 Owner of AA Detectametal Laboratory servicing the mining and petroleum industries
1976 to 1982 Owner and Vice President of Diamin Holdings Ltd, servicing the petroleum industry, enhanced hydrocarbon recovery by altering the mineralogy (diagenesis) of the well bore.
1982 Met Carl Reich, MD., and began to collaborate on writing a book to explain the calcium factor in human health.
1982 to 1998 Owner and Vice President of DCRS Canada Ltd servicing the mining and petroleum industries in enhanced hydrocarbon production, and the non chemical extraction of metals from ores –
1989 to 1992 Received American and international patents on the Differential Charge Recovery System (DCRS) for the non chemical extraction of metals from ores.
1992 Published the book The Calcium Factor, co-authored by Dr. Carl Reich which explains how all degenerative diseases are the result of mineral deficiency of the body (currently being translated into 6 languages)
1996 Published the book: Death By Diet which explain in layman’s terms the connection between disease and mineral deficiency (currently being translated into 5 languages)
1992 to 1898 Guest speaker at health conventions and on radio and TV talk shows in America and Canada giving detailed defense to the concept that degenerative diseases are caused by mineral anti vitamin deficiency.


[signed] R Barefoot

Author, Lecturer, Public Speaker

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