Transcript of “A Closer Look”

June 12, 2003

This is a transcript of a 30-minute infomercial in which Kevin Trudeau interviews Robert Barefoot about coral calcium. The program is filled with misinformation. In June 2003, the Federal Trade Commission charged Trudeau and Barefoot with false advertising and filed suit in an Illinois court.

Kevin Trudeau: This is another edition of A Closer Look. We’re gonna be talking about health this half hour. Specifically cancer, heart disease. My guest is Robert Barefoot who’s the author of Death by Diet and The Calcium Factor. And he claims that mineral deficiency is one of the major causes of disease in people in America. Bob, thanks for being my guest today. Now you say because you’re the author of the Calcium Factor, the scientific secret of health and you [youth?].

Robert R. Barefoot: Yes. Says here most degenerative diseases -aging, cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, kidney stones, even allergies can be scientifically linked to mineral deficiencies.

Barefoot: That’s correct.

Trudeau: Explain that.
Barefoot: Well the reason for that is that the human body when it lacks these minerals begins to build up acids. And the acid drives out the oxygen. Now a medical doctor called Dr. Otto Warburg won two Nobel prizes for discovering that this acid — removing the oxygen was the cause of cancer.

Trudeau: Just removing the oxygen, the acid from the body.

Barefoot: You see, in acid, oxygen can’t remain. So it’s expelled. So as your body fluids become more acidic, you have less and less oxygen. And we’re oxygen critters. We need this oxygen badly. So by giving yourself these minerals, you drive out the acids, you bring in the oxygen and your body can be healthy.

Trudeau: Now first off, you’re not a medical doctor.

Barefoot: No I’m a scientist.

Trudeau: Okay. Now medical doctors claim cancer – they don’t know what the cause is. Some people think it’s genetic. And there are — billions of dollars have been spent on trying to find the cure.

Barefoot: That’s correct. But when you get back to the cause, two Nobel prizes have been awarded for the man who discovered the cause of cancer. And he said the cause of cancer was anaerobism or lack of oxygen.

Barefoot: For which he won the Nobel prize.

Trudeau: So there is allegedly, because i’ve never heard that the cause of cancer was known.

Barefoot: Yes, most doctors haven’t either. But the scientific community is very aware that Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel prize for the discover of the cause of cancer. And it makes so much sense. It makes sense because if you understand the cause, you can then prevent and/or reverse cancer.

Trudeau: Okay, here’s the question, I ask myself will I get cancer. Can I know. I mean people out there watching right now are all wondering, I hope I don’t get cancer or I wonder if I am going to get cancer.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: Is there a way for us to know whether we will or won’t?

Barefoot: Yes, there is and it’s very simple. First off, you just review what you’re eating. Are you getting the minerals and if you’re not, you will become acidic and you will get one of the major diseases. You can get heart disease, cancer, lupus, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis — name the disease, they’re all caused by acidosis. And so you review what you’re eating. And most Americans of course aren’t eating enough minerals, so they’re all candidates for these diseases. The other way is to simply measure your body fluid pH. You see, all your body fluids share. You produce about 8 quarts of saliva a day. And you don’t have a saliva pouch but it comes, it comes out of the blood. So – and the saliva circulates through the blood. And the blood takes out of the saliva, the calcium. When that occurs, the saliva becomes really acidic. So you just have to do a 3 cent pH test. Spit out a piece of saliva and I can tell you your state of health.

Trudeau: Okay now actually we’ve had Dr. Morter on the show before and we mentioned earlier that you know Dr. Morter –

Barefoot: Yes and I totally concur with what he says.

Trudeau: And he’s a big proponent of having an alkaline pH in the body. He also mentioned this – he was the only other guy I ever met that talked about a pH test which will determine your health quotient if you will.

Barefoot: That’s correct.

Trudeau: So you’re saying that if a – I mean you explained this in the book.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: So if a person wants to know whether – now this seems like you have 3 or 4,000 doctors disagree with you on this point. But you’re saying and Morter also, Dr. Morter also says that if you test your pH, you can determine whether or not you have a high chance of getting cancer.

Barefoot: Yes. Because your pH is directly related to calcium deficiency. If you are acidic, you are calcium deficient.

Trudeau: Are most people acidic?

Barefoot: By the time you’re 60, about 98 percent are.

Trudeau: Okay. Now here’s the question. So if that’s the case, is there a way to change the body pH from being acidic to being more alkaline.

Barefoot: Yes. You need to enrich the body with minerals and there are all kinds of minerals, all kinds of ways of doing that. Some vastly superior to others.

Trudeau: Okay, what do you – what’s a good way in your opinion that a person can get rid of that acidity.

Well they have to consume a lot more calcium. You see just like you’ve heard in the past there are cultures all over the world that never get sick and they live to be a hundred. And all these cultures have one thing in common. And it doesn’t matter whether the – the Hunzas in Pakistan or the Titicac – in China, there’s the [ ? ] with millions of them. Or the Okinawans over in Japan on the Oprah Winfrey show talked about how they live long and they never get sick. They all have one thing in common, they all consume over 100,000 milligrams of calcium a day. And I bet you didn’t get a thousand yesterday or today. So they eat a hundred times as much as you and I.

Trudeau: Is that the only common denominator, consuming more calcium.

Barefoot: No. The other common denominators are all in the sun for several hours a day.

Trudeau: I thought the sun was bad for us.

Barefoot: No. The sun prevents cancer, it doesn’t cause cancer.

Trudeau: Wait a minute — there’s all types of research, isn’t there that says that cancer, skin cancer is caused by sun exposure.

Barefoot: If that’s the case, when why do we have twice as much cancer in the northern states as the southern states. Why does prostate cancer go up 300 percent from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. And in America here, we’ve got the ultimate proof. We have the black community who has 3, 4 times as much cancer, especially skin cancer as the whites. What’s the common denominator? The blacks in Africa are in the sun for 10 hours a day and there is virtually no skin cancer. The blacks in America never are in the sun and they have horrific skin cancer.

Trudeau: And you’re saying that’s caused simply by being too acid?

Barefoot: No, the sun plays a role. When the sun strikes your body, you produce vitamin D. Vitamin D allows you to absorb 10 times as much nutrition. When the sun strikes your face, your pituitary, your pineal and hypothalamus which are behind your eyes, they produce calcitonin and melatonin and serotonin, phosphate, all these nutrients coordinate with the minerals to give you a healthy body. So you need it all.

Trudeau: Okay, now let’s talk about this calcium. Because there’s different ways to get calcium in your system, right.

Barefoot: That’s correct.

Trudeau: On television right now, there’s some TV infomercials that sell a product called Calmax. I bought that which you pour some stuff and it fizzes up and it’s calcium and magnesium.

Barefoot: Excellent product.

Trudeau: Cal Absorb. I know L. Ron Hubbard put together a thing called Cal Mag which is a special formula of calcium and magnesium.

Barefoot: Excellent product too.

Trudeau: Okay.

Barefoot: I endorse it.

Trudeau: All right. Now are they all good. Is there one better than the other?

Barefoot: There’s no such thing as a bad nutrient. Some are much better than others. The real key with calcium is it does not want to absorb in the human body. If you for example take a calcium antacid, you’ll absorb 2 percent. If you take milk, you’ll absorb 17%. If you take some of these citrates, you absorb 10&. But you know there is a substance out there where you get 100% absorption. And America hasn’t heard about it. And that’s really strange because you know for hundreds of years, tens of millions of people around the world have taken it. Today there are tens of millions of people around the world that are taking this substance with a hundred percent absorption.

Trudeau: And this is the – the coral from Okinawa Japan that people add in water.

Barefoot: They discovered it 600 years ago when the chickens pecked the coral reefs, there were twice as many eggs. The cows give 3 times as much milk and when they put it on their crops, they record 400 percent increase in rice for example. Then they started taking it themselves. And it took a while before they noticed that things were happening. Because they gradually got healthier and healthier. And by the time a hundred years later when the Spanish explorers came, they noticed that these people were old old but they were doing things that – that only the young people did. And that they virtually had no disease. And when they realized that they were putting this coral in their food, they then filled up their ship holds with the coral [ ? ].Took it back to Spain where they analyzed it and said hey, it’s mainly calcium but it’s also got a perfect balance of magnesium, 70 other trace metals and minerals. So it’s just loaded. Because the coral took millions of years to leach the oceans of all the nutrients. And the story goes, in Spain, the very first drug store in Barcelona, it was the very first drugstore in the world, its shelves were lined with coral calcium because that’s what all the doctors of the day used.

Trudeau: So you can buy this coral calcium sand. And you add the sand to water. Is that how it works.

Barefoot: Well, you can do that and you get some benefits because you see, the sand also contains microbes. Little critters that when you get in your intestine, they go to work and you absorb 10 times as much food. But the best way of course is to consume it whole.

Trudeau: The actual coral, you actually –

Barefoot: In capsule form.

Trudeau: Oh really. And so this actually is adding calcium into your system.

Barefoot: Yes. As a matter of fact, since – within about 20 minutes you get 100 percent absorption, you’re literally getting 50 times as much calcium, 50 times as fast if you take the coral calcium versus say an antacid calcium.

Trudeau: Now have you seen results. I mean okay – how, what percentage of people are calcium deficient. I mean if a person’s home right now, is everyone calcium deficient?

Barefoot: No. By the time the average American’s 35, he has more calcium going out of his body than into the body and that’s when it starts. By the time he’s 60, about 98 percent are totally calcium deficient and that’s why we have people 60 with heart disease, lupus, Parkinson’s. All these diseases are caused by acidosis. Take heart disease for example. Have you ever heard anybody having hardening of the veins?

Trudeau: No – I’ve always heard hardening of the arteries.

Barefoot: Well then how – how come cholesterol doesn’t harden the veins if it hardens the arteries. It’s cholesterol that’s the problem. You see cholesterol isn’t the cause of heart disease, acidosis is.

Trudeau: But wait a minute we, – okay but now aren’t you going against standard medical –

Barefoot: No, I’m going against the final conclusions, not – not the medical studies. Because you see, when the doctor opens up a heart patient, he finds cholesterol packed – plaque and he blames the cholesterol.

Trudeau: So shouldn’t – if a person has high cholesterol, shouldn’t he be concerned?

Barefoot: Not really because you see – ]

Trudeau: Not really.

Barefoot: If you go to the scene of a fire and see a fireman, are you concerned because he’s there? If you see policemen at a fire.

Trudeau: Yes.

Barefoot: Are you concerned because the police are there. Do you blame them.

Trudeau: But doesn’t that usually tell you that there’s something potentially wrong.

Barefoot: Ah, no. It tells you that they’re there for a reason. Just like cholesterol. You see the artery is different than the vein because it has muscle tissue around the outside. And when the acid eats a hole in it, you’re gonna die if it breaks. So the body has the protection. The first thing it does is it hardens the artery to protect the burst[?] . Because the acid is eating a hole in it okay. And then when it squeezes, it cracks. But God gave you cholesterol, which is goopy and it seals the crack and it was found at the scene of the crime because it just saved your life. If the cholesterol hadn’t been there, you’d have been dead.

Trudeau: Okay but when it continues to do that, that’s when you get the –

Barefoot: YEs, but it wasn’t cholesterol. It’s just like the police and the fireman at the scene –

Trudeau: – to seal the crack.

Barefoot: And did you also know that studies are out now that if, if the average person over 70 were to double his cholesterol, he’ll live 10 years longer. And did you know that lowering your cholesterol can cause strokes.

Trudeau: Now that, that goes against –

Barefoot: No, no, these are scientific studies that can be shown to you –

Trudeau: Well how come –

Barefoot: Done by the world’s best scientists –

Trudeau: How come medical doctors don’t tell you that. They say you have high cholesterol, take this drug – high cholesterol you should –

Barefoot: Because – because of 70 billion a year made by the drug industry. They don’t want you to know and the drug industry only tells the doctors what they want them to know. And they don’t want them to know that, that they don’t need the 70 billion in anti cholesterol drugs.

Trudeau: Hold onto that, because I want to talk about our, our friends with that whole industry in just a moment. But if you’re out watching -because that’s a whole other story. If you’re out watching right now, we’re talking with Bob Barefoot who’s the author of Death by Diet and also The Calcium Factor, the scientific secrets of health and youth. One of the most incredible books on health I’ve ever read. He also has information on this coral calcium which is a great form of calcium that you can absorb and actually physically take. We’re gonna talk about more about that in a moment. If you want information on these books or the coral calcium, just call the number on your screen for some more information. We worked out an arrangement here on A Closer Look always with our guests. If you do call today, mention A Closer Look. You will get a substantial discount off the price of the books or you can get all your questions answered or get some additional information sent to you on this or the coral calcium which you can actually take. See, you’re talking about doctors. I go to a doctor. He says I have high cholesterol. I should be concerned. You’re saying if I have high cholesterol, I should not be concerned.

Barefoot: No, because high cholersterol is only one of the dozens of factors that you should be concerned about. Usually when you’re mineral balanced, the cholesterol looks after itself. High cholesterol means that you’re probably calcium deficient. And it’s the calcium deficiency that’s gonna cause the problem, not the cholesterol.

Trudeau: Okay, so if I take calcium –

Barefoot: Now there’s a doctor in New York — Kilmer McCully — he’s been nominated for the Nobel prize. Because he said it’s the acid eating the holes in the artery wall that’s the cause of heart disease. And he says it’s not cholesterol. And he’s just been nominated for a Nobel prize. So I have a lot of powerful people in agreement with me.

Trudeau: Okay now, so are – are you saying the simplest thing a person can do to increase their health is consume more calcium?

Barefoot: That’s the case. And that’s why all these cultures all over the world who eat ten to a hundred times as much as we do, virtually never have heart disease or cancer.

Trudeau: Okay, but I can’t go to a store, a drugstore or healthfood store and just get calcium in a bottle and a pill and take it. Because you’re saying that’s not gonna have as good of an effect.

Barefoot: No, no, no, and it’s really the wrong thing to do. I tell people who drink milk – drink more. But I’d never tell you to drink milk if you don’t. Because you see, the milk contains lactic acid which will aggravate your acid problem. So it’s not necessarily the thing to do. What we discovered back in 82 when we knew that the calcium factor was the key to these people staying healthy – we discovered that in Okinawa that they were eating this coral sand called coral calcium. Well, boy, since 1982 we’ve been studying the coral calcium. And I can tell you there are tens of millions of people – – millions of testimonials. I’ve had a thousand people tell me how they’ve cured their cancer. I’ve witnessed people get out of wheelchairs from multiple sclerosis just by getting on the coral.

Trudeau: Now the medical community would say — to say that calcium is a cure for cancer — is ridiculous.

Barefoot: Then why did the Journal of the AMA this year quote the Strang Cancer Research Institute and said that calcium supplements reverse cancer. That’s a quote from the Journal of the AMA. And they – and they quote how much. They said 1500 milligrams a day is enough to reverse colon cancer. And they said other cancers will grow back to normal. They don’t use the cure word, they say go back to normal. But the Journal of the AMA is quoting medical researchers now that say calcium reverses cancer –

Trudeau: Are there people that disagree? Are there scientists and doctors that would say you’re wrong based on this additional research. I mean isn’t it a controversial –

Barefoot: Oh of course, of course it’s controversial. But the controversy once again goes back to money, which is drugs. And they’re the people that will be hurt the most. Not the doctors. The doctors aren’t, aren’t responsible. They’re the victims like we are. When we wipe out cancer — and we will — the doctors will be making more money.

Trudeau: Now calcium supplements. I go to – I went to the store after I’m looking at your book The Calcium Factor and I think, “Boy I should take some more calcium myself.” And I’m all confused. There’s one bottle that says calcium. It’s made from eggshells. Crushed eggshells. Another bottle of calcium says oyster shells. Another one’s called calcium carbonate I think or something like that. What is a good form of calcium.

Barefoot: Well they’re all not bad. They all provide some calcium.

Trudeau: And milk has calcium in it as well.

Barefoot: But they, they go from 2 percent to 17 percent. This is why we say do what the Okinawans are doing, they’re getting 100 percent and we see with just 3 little capsules a day

Trudeau: Of this coral. Of this coral sand.

Barefoot: Absolutely miraculous –

Trudeau: You think that’s one of the best forms of – of calcium to consume.

Barefoot: It’s the best absorbable plus it provides you mic – with microbes, and these microbes are marine microbes. Now what happens to your body is, you have 5’000 microbes in your intestines without which you die. They help break the food down. The trouble is is when you have a lot of nutrients – the hydrochloric acid starts producing salt. Now you know how when you put meat out, it goes bad. But if you put salt on the meat, it doesn’t go bad. And that’s because salt kills the microbes. So what you do is you build up salt in your intestine and you put your microbes to sleep and you don’t absorb much food. But if you eat the coral calcium from Okinawa, Japan you get the marine microbes and they go to work. And all of a sudden you take in ten times as much nutrition because you ate the coral. You not only get the calcium, magnesium and 70 other trace metals, you get marine microbes and a whole host of other things we don’t know about.

Trudeau: Again if you’re watching right now, we’re talking with Bob Barefoot and it’s a fascinating subject. Author of Death by Diet and The Calcium Factor. If you’re concerned about cancer or any other type of health issue, these are great books. Highly recommend. Great reading. Call the number on your screen for information on the books. They’re not available in stores yet. Directly from Bob Barefoot. Also if you want to or have interest in the coral calcium that he’s talking about from Okinawa, Japan, also call the number on your screen to get some more information on that coral calcium. So all of these types of calciums could be helpful, but this coral calcium that, if a person ingests, in your opinion, is the best and easiest to assimilate or absorb.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: Now a person has a calcium deficiency. Most people do.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: Okay. So I have a calcium deficiency, I start taking this coral calcium and 2 or 3 days later, do I notice a difference. Because I don’t feel ill now.

Barefoot: Some people do, some people don’t. I have women sometimes within 20 minutes, ooh, I’m getting a buzz. And what we do is, we take a sample of their blood before they take the calcium and we put it on, on a screen that’s called a dark field microscope. And we look at the cells. And usually people that are lethargic, the red blood cells are stuck together in chains and that’s called rouleaux. But once you’ve been on the coral for 20 minutes, it’s broken apart, they’re all spherical and full of oxygen. And what, the high they’re getting is they’re filling up with oxygen that fast because that’s how fast coral works. For some people 20 minutes. I can tell you this, it works just as well on animals. I have a friend who gives it to racehorses that don’t win and they win. I’ve given it to dogs who can’t even make it to the tray to eat and within 2 weeks, they’re jumping fences. You just can’t believe the miracle of calcium. Because you’re a calcium critter. You have more calcium in your body than all the other minerals put together. And did you know that DNA, which is your blueprint to stay young and your blueprint to repair yourself – did you know that DNA only works when it’s smothered in calcium. So when you haven’t had your calcium today, your DNA is virtually dormant. And you grow old twice as fast and your body can’t repair itself.

Trudeau: Now when I was watching the show about the Cal Max which is the calcium magnesium product that’s on an infomercial, they were talking about how calcium relaxes the muscles and -and helps with insomnia. Makes you sleep better. How does that work?

Barefoot: It’s the same thing. I mean calcium is involved because it’s the most abundant mineral in the body in about 500 biological functions. And neurotransmission, every time you’re thinking a muscle response – calcium provides the electrical energy for your heart to beat. Golly, there’s so many things. But the main thing calcium does is it wipes out acid. And the other thing it does is it helps your DNA be turned on. And if you take a lot of calcium like these people do, they’re 100 years old and they don’t look like George Burns. They look like they’re 50. And that’s because the human body was meant to live to be 120, 150. The bible, Genesis 63, says man shall not be immortal but man shall live to be 120. And guess what. I can take you all around the world and that’s what these people are doing.

Trudeau: And just, in your opinion it’s because of the high amount of calcium.

Barefoot: That’s, that’s the common denominator. They have a hundred times something that you don’t have.

Trudeau: But doesn’t genetics have, have anything to do with it. I mean isn’t there –

Barefoot: Well of course. Genes dictate which road you can take. They don’t dictate which roads you do take. In other words you could be strong for cancer or weak for cancer. So if I make you acid, you’ll have cancer if that’s your genes. The genes tell you which way you’re going if you take the trip. They don’t cause you to take the trip.

Trudeau: I was just watching TV yesterday, there was a doctor on and the question was, what – how do we know if you’re gonna have cancer and the doctor said if your – if your genetic makeup is for cancer like there was cancer on your mother’s side of the family and there was cancer on your father’s side, you have a high chance of having cancer.

Barefoot: Not if you’re on calcium.

Trudeau: And – and but there’s gotta be somebody – a doctor would say that – that has to be just your opinion. There’s no scientific basis for that statement.

Barefoot: Oh yes, but then I go to the Strang Cancer Research Institute, I quote the Journal of -doctors are too busy to read their own journals. How many doctors read the article that calcium supplements prevent cancer?

Barefoot: Yes and it’s – that’s a quote. And it said that from – also the New England Journal of Medicine also carried the same story with the same quotes.

Trudeau: Then how come doctors aren’t telling their patients – I mean my dad –

Barefoot: Doctors don’t have time to read. They only know what the drug industry tells them. And if you think the drug industry doesn’t want to make 800 billion a year, you’re crazy. They’re not about to tell the doctors.

Trudeau: But what about the cancer research. I mean there are billions of dollars being spent every year on researching cancer – and

Barefoot: To make drugs, not to cure cancer. Now here we go, how much money has been spent on any nutrient? Last year the United Nations quoted that vitamin A saved a million children’s lives. Which drug do you know saved a million kids? None. But did we spend $300 million studying it? No, they won’t spend a nickel studying God’s nutrients. Only if they can patent it, will they study it. And if they can’t patent something natural, then they won’t make drugs and they won’t study it. The lack of study is all caused by the fact that they can’t patent something natural. And naturally your body can cure itself

Trudeau: Pain, talk about pain. Read in your book, person has pain, muscle pain, joint pain, they take calcium, their body turns from acid to alkaline, pain goes away. Is that common?

Barefoot: Yes, very very common. You see pain – most people don’t know it but you have a signal from your brain that goes down the nerve and back the sheath of the nerve. And as long as you’ve got that full circuit, there’s no pain. But if you break the circuit, there’s pain. Now that involves a lot of transfer of electrons. And of course by definition, alkali is an electron bath – Okay, understand that. It’s an electron bath.

Trudeau: Um hum.

Barefoot: When it’s acid, there are no electrons. So if you bathe your body in electrons, you can supply all the electrical energy you need to eliminate all the pain you need.

Trudeau: If there’s one thing a person can do, in your opinion, to make them healthier and live longer, disease free – is it simply taking calcium. is it that easy.

Barefoot: It’s a combination of two things. You take calcium and you get a minimum of two hours of sunlight on your face every day.

Trudeau: With sunscreen.

Barefoot: No, because the sunscreen companies discovered last year those who were sunscreened have 67 percent more skin cancer.

Trudeau: Now wait a minute.

Barefoot: That’s published by the sunscreen companies and they say it’s because it gives them such confidence, they spend too much time in the sun. But the bottom line is there’s 67 percent more skin cancer. And also scientists are studying it. There’s a good chance there’s many other disease caused by – You can’t interfere with mother nature. When you block frequencies -the pituitary gland needs UV radiation or you’re dead. You have to produce vitamin D or you’re not gonna survive. These, these things are blocking your biology from working.

Trudeau: So you’re saying . . . So if a person’s watching, I mean there’s so much information about how to be healthy. Eat this, take this, drink that, think this way.

Barefoot: Yeah, yeah

Trudeau: It’s – I mean the books are volumes. All the supplements. It’s so confusing. I go to the health food store, I walk out, my head’s spinning. I don’t know what to buy and what not to buy. You’re saying if a person wants to be healthier, to live longer — disease free, in your opinion they do 2 simple things. Stay in the sun 2 hours a day. Get sunlight on their face.

Barefoot: And take coral calcium.

Trudeau: And that’s it.

Barefoot: That’s it. And boy, I can introduce you to thousands that do and you won’t believe their stories.

Trudeau: And – and will people feel a difference if they’re –

Barefoot: Oh yes, oh yes. Especially those who are sick. People don’t come to me with a disease, they come to me dying. And they don’t die. (inadible) -changing lives.

Trudeau: But taking calcium is not a cure for anything.

Barefoot: No, no, what the calcium does is it gives the body what it needs to cure itself. You know with your DNA you can grow a whole new brain. Now they’re discovering this. You can grow whole new body parts. But your DNA only will work when smothered in calcium. So you gotta give it a chance. Look, look at these people like Michael Fox who’s got Parkinson’s which we know is caused by free radicals chewing up his brain. Free radical by definition is starved for electrons and it’s positively charged. Now if smother it in electrons, you destroy it. So if you make your body alkaline by taking calcium, the free radicals are destroyed on entry, you can’t get Parkinson’s. In other words every disease can be explained.

Trudeau: Then why – why isn’t he taking calcium?

Barefoot: You can’t get to Michael J. Fox. I’ve tried –

Trudeau: Michael J. Fox, if you’re watching right now or if somebody’s watching that knows get some calcium. That’s what you’re telling him?

Barefoot: Yes. First thing we can do is arrest the disease. Stop it from happening further. Then – then what we want is for his DNA to kick in and help him grow a new brain.

Trudeau: And that would happen.

Barefoot: New brains have been grown all the time. You should see the miracle stories.

Trudeau: But you’re not sure.

Barefoot: Oh yes, I am.

Trudeau: It’s not, you can’t guarantee that this guy’s gonna –

Barefoot: Nobody guarantees.

Trudeau: I mean Muhammad Ali’s got a problem. The guy’s got all the money in the world. He, he should be getting the best treatment available anywhere.

Barefoot: Medical treatment which is drugs. And drugs aren’t gonna cure you. Your body’s gonna cure itself. But only if you give it the nutrients it needs, and since the number one nutrient is calcium and none of these people get the nutrients they need, they stay sick. But . . . we can reverse disease. My goal is to cure America. We can wipe 90 percent of the disease out in America within 2 years if we can get the people on the appropriate nutrients. Their bodies would cure themselves.

Trudeau: You think it’s just nutritional deficiencies.

Barefoot: Your body can cure itself. It needs nutrients. It’s not getting them.

Trudeau: Your opinion, the body can cure itself. A doctor would say no.

Barefoot: Yeah but the doctors haven’t watched the thousands of people cure themselves that I have.

Trudeau: But he says, the MBA or the AMA or some medical community or some scientists will say that’s – there’s no scientific evidence to back up that statement. That’s your opinion.

Barefoot: Yeah, but that’s not the case. In my book The Calcium Factor, I give you hundreds of scientific references. There’s over 60 Nobel prizewinners in there. Hear what they say, see what the scientific communities say, see what the Journal of the AMA is saying, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Strang Cancer Research Institute — and all the other scientists. I’m just quoting the scientific community.

Trudeau: We’ve just got a minute left. Again, if you’re watching right now, fascinating topic. We’re gonna have Bob Barefoot on again. But call the number on your screen if you want information on his books The Calcium Factor and Death by Diet. Or if you want information on the coral calcium that he’s mentioning which Bob says is an excellent form of calcium that you can actually consume and has a lot of other potential benefits as well. And try it for yourself. Mention A Closer Look, get a substantial discount off the books as well as the coral calcium or we can send you some information if you have any questions. So – so give us a call. Bob, fascinating.

Barefoot: Coral calcium will become the nutrient of the 21st century. I guarantee you.

Trudeau: It’s controversial to say the least. But thanks very much for being my guest. Great to have you on the show.

Barefoot: You’re welcome.

Trudeau: I am Kevin Trudeau. You’ve been watching A Closer Look. Call the number on that screen. This is important for your health. We’ll catch you next time. Bye bye.

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