Transcript of Debbie & Kevin Show

June 12, 2003

This is a transcript of a 30-minute infomercial in which Debbie Flett and Kevin Trudeau interview Robert Barefoot about coral calcium. The program is filled with misinformation. In June 2003, the Federal Trade Commission charged Trudeau and Barefoot with false advertising and filed suit in an Illinois court.

(On screen message
: The following is a paid program for Robert Barefoot’s “Coral Calcium”

Announcer: The following is a paid commercial presentation.

Kevin Trudeau: Hey, thanks for watching. This is the Debbie and Kevin Show, and I am Kevin Trudeau.

Debbie Flett: And I’m Debbie Flett.

Trudeau: We have a great show today. If you’re watching right now and you’re concerned about your health, if you’re concerned about cancer, heart disease, acid reflux — is that what they call it, acid reflux?

Flett: Yes.

Robert Barefoot: Correct.

Trudeau: Indigestion — indigestion, gas, bloating, a whole bunch of health issues. We have one of the most fascinating guests we’ve ever had on the show.

Flett: Yes.

Trudeau: We interviewed this fellow in our show —

Flett: In the U.K., yes.

Trudeau: — in England.

Flett: And it’s had a huge response. I’ve been looking forward to doing this show actually. My family were watching it, though, and they found it fascinating. But my brother and his girlfriend are both doctors, so they found it very controversial.

Barefoot: Yes.

Flett: So, I’ve been looking forward to doing this.

Trudeau: Our guest is actually Bob Barefoot and he was on my show in America here, A Closer Look, talking about calcium, the benefits of calcium and virtually cancer cures, heart disease cures, health cures from nutrition. Now, Bob Barefoot is the author of several controversial books. One is called Death By Diet where he talks about nutritional deficiencies being a major cause of disease, the calcium factor, the scientific secret of health and youth, and also the book, Barefoot on Coral Calcium and Elixir of Life, Health Secrets of Coral from Okinawa. That was also featured on Oprah, Coral from Okinawa, correct?

Barefoot: That’s correct.

Trudeau: First off, Bob, thanks for being back again.

Flett: Thank you.

Trudeau: Glad to have you here.

Barefoot: Oh, I’m having a lot of fun.

Flett: It’s good to see you again.

Trudeau: Now, since we did our first infomercial here in America where I interviewed you on the benefits of coral calcium and the connection between cancer and heart disease and nutrition, the response has been amazing. You’ve been slammed with e-mail and letters from people —

Barefoot: That’s correct.

Trudeau: — all around the world now.

Barefoot: Oh, yes. Last month on the Internet, 387,000 looked up the words Bob Barefoot. That’s what’s happening.

Trudeau: Right.

Flett: Wow.

Trudeau: And, now, you’re seeing these types of results because there’s a connection you believe to be between specifically cancer and the lack of calcium in someone’s diet?

Barefoot: It’s not just cancer. It’s all degenerative diseases, lupus, diabetes, MS, cancer. The link is the calcium factor.

Trudeau: Now, when you said that — I know your brother back in the U.K. —

Flett: Yes.

Trudeau: — when you have a guy say, the link between cancer is simply a lack of calcium in the diet.

Barefoot: Um-hum.

Trudeau: And you’re a big component of coral calcium from Okinawa, Japan, and you do, obviously, have a product that you sell that you have a special blend which you think is the most absorbable. But when you say that there’s so many people that say it can’t be that easy —

Flett: Yeah.

Barefoot: Well, yes, I know. For decades, the AMA has been saying exactly that. My co-author, Dr. Carl Reese, said calcium cures cancer. He said that 30 years ago, for which he lost his license. And yet, last year, the Journal of the AMA, the New England Journal of Medicine — and this was reported by the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Reader’s Digest, the U.S. World News Report, they all had huge articles on how cancer is reversed by calcium supplements and they went so far as to say that epithelial cancer cells would grow back to normal, which means the cancer is no longer there.

Flett: Well, you’re saying that cancer can’t exist in an alkaline system, right?

Barefoot: Yes.

Flett: And we can test this by doing — simply doing a pH paper test.

Barefoot: A test with your saliva, that’s correct.

Flett: Now, when I told my brother about that —

Barefoot: Yes, the doctor.

Flett: — he said that your body naturally balances its own pH.

Barefoot: Well, your body has buffering systems in it.

Barefoot: For example, your blood has to be caustic because, you see, acids drive oxygen out, and if you didn’t have oxygen in your blood, you’re dead. So, it stays at 7.4 no matter what happens.

Flett: Right.

Barefoot: But the way it does it is it balances it by taking the calcium from the saliva.

Trudeau: Oh.

Barefoot: Ah, so now we know that you’re calcium deficient because the body had to go to the saliva instead of the stomach to get the calcium. So, when we check your saliva, which you produce seven quarts a day.

Flett: Right.

Barefoot: And it comes from the blood, so they intermix. When we test your saliva, if your saliva is acidic, that means you’re calcium deficient and, therefore, prone to disease.

Flett: Okay.

Barefoot: To give you an example, if we go up to the playground, all the children will be ink well blue, it will BE caustic, but if I take you down to the local cancer clinic, they’ll be pH 4.5, which is 1,000 times as acidic as normal. As a matter of fact, they’re so acidic that their amalgams are dissolving and most of them suffer from mercury poisoning.

Flett: Okay. Can you tell me again where we discovered coral calcium?

Barefoot: Well, it sort of was discovered by the Japanese themselves about 800 years ago. It was obvious because the chickens, when they pecked the coral reefs, would have twice as many eggs. The cows licking it would have three times as much milk, and it was delicious milk, delicious eggs. And they looked at it and, you see, coral reefs weather and fish munch on them and they break off and they form what they call a coral sand. So, in Okinawa, there’s no waves to carry the sand, you know, miles out to the ocean. Like Hawaii, there’s no coral sand because it’s carried out. But in Okinawa, no waves. So, they dug it up, put it on their crops, and they recorded 400% increase in rice crops as soon as they started putting it on. So, they started eating it. And it took a while before they realized what was happening because, you see, all of a sudden, all diseases disappeared. People started living incredible. They just — and the Spanish explorers came in 500 years ago and looked at this and filled their ship holds with the coral sand, they called it, and they took it back to Spain where the chemists said, hey, it’s mainly calcium, so they now called it coral calcium. Well, the doctors of the day — the very first drugstores in the world are in Barcelona, Spain, and they all carried coral calcium, Okinawa, Japan, with the stories how it cured their cancer, cured their diseases. So, in other words, the very first drug dispensed from a drugstore was coral calcium.

Trudeau: Now, today, you say people are deficient in calcium.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: The first question is, why are people deficient in calcium? Why aren’t we getting enough calcium from food?

Barefoot: Well, that’s a nice myth. Doctors say you can get what you want by eating it, but that’s not true because we don’t all eat the same things. See, the way we discovered this was we went around the world and said, are there other places around the world where no one has cancer, no one has diabetes, and lo and behold, there are 19 different cultures spread all over the world, 10,000 miles apart, and we say what’s the common denominator. And the common denominator is that almost all of them are above the 8,000 foot altitude, except for the Okinawans, which are at sea level. So, when we looked, we find that the only source of water above 8,000 is melting glaciers, and when the glacier melts, the ground-up rock comes with it, it’s white, it looks like mud. They call it milk of the mountains. Every quart has 20,000 milligrams of calcium. That’s 20 times as much calcium as milk has in it. And they drink four or five quarts a day. So, we found the common denominator, all over the world, between cultures who are disease-free and live long, is the fact that they eat 100,000 milligrams of calcium a day.

Trudeau: Now, isn’t that — in America, is there something that you can — you can have too much calcium or —

Barefoot: Well — well —

Trudeau: That isn’t the U.S. daily recommended allowance.

Barefoot: Oh, no, of course not. It started off at 650 back in the ’50s. Then they upped it — then they said anything more can be toxic. Mind you, these other people are eating 100,000 a day and their only side effects are perpetual life and perpetual health.

Trudeau: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You mean at one time, the government said —

Barefoot: 650.

Trudeau: — anything more would be toxic?

Barefoot: Right. Then they upped it to 1,000.

Trudeau: But they were wrong?

Barefoot: Yeah. Well, they’ve now — they upped it to 1,000 back in the ’70s. It’s now 1,500.

Trudeau: So, they were wrong when they said six —

Barefoot: Well, they keep changing their mind.

Trudeau: Well, they —

Barefoot: And they’re going to do it again. I guarantee it will be 3,000 ten years from now. You know why? Because you are a calcium critter. There’s more calcium in your body than all the other minerals put together because there’s hundreds of biological functions that calcium controls.

Trudeau: All right. Now, let’s go back to this because this is important. You’re saying that of the healthiest people on the planet, your investigation, your research, the people who live the longest —

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: — live over 100 years old —

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: — the people that are the most disease-free —

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: — no cancer —

Barefoot: That’s right.

Trudeau: — no heart disease —

Barefoot: Well, they do have cancer, but the rate is so phenomenally low —

Trudeau: Okay.

Barefoot: Virtually no cancer.

Trudeau: Virtually no cancer, virtually no disease.

Barefoot: That’s right.

Trudeau: Virtually no diabetes.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: No acid reflux, no indigestion.

Barefoot: And they stay young. They don’t grow old like we do. Like the Hunzas in Pakistan —

Trudeau: Their skin looks good.

Barefoot: — they don’t have children until they’re in their seventies when they’re mature enough to handle kids.

Flett: Wow.

Barefoot: But they have the body of a 30- year-old. (Laughter.)

Barefoot: They have the body of a 30-year- old, though.

Trudeau: And you’re telling me that in these cultures around the world, the number one common denominator is the amount of calcium they consume?

Barefoot: That’s right.

Trudeau: And most of them consume it from the water because it’s all glacier.

Barefoot: And the Okinawans just happen to live on an island of calcium and they —

Trudeau: Which is this coral calcium?

Barefoot: — and they dig up this coral sand, which is coral calcium, and put it in their food and they’ve been eating it for hundreds of years.

Trudeau: Okay.

Barefoot: So, they’re getting huge amounts of calcium.

Trudeau: And now, why is it then that if a person consumes more calcium that they are disease-free? What’s the calcium doing?

Barefoot: Oh, oh, oh, oh, there’s hundreds of things calcium does in the human body. It provides the electrical energy for your heart to beat, controls all nerve transmissions. But in the ’70s, they made a huge discovery that DNA, which is your blueprint to repair your body and to stay young, your DNA only replicates when it’s on a substrate of calcium, which means it has to be smothered in calcium to replicate. So, you see, all these people have their DNA constantly replicating. You and I who only got 500 milligrams of calcium, ours is put to sleep and we grow old very fast. I mean, we’re supposed to live to be 120 according to the Bible, you know. Genesis 6:3 says, man shall not be immortal, but man shall live to be 120, and the Biblical patriarchs lived to be 800, 900 years old. And these people — the Titicaca Indians, 140, 130, 120. I mean, my gosh, what’s going on here? And they’ve got young bodies.

Trudeau: And so, you think calcium is, also, in addition to keeping somebody diseases-free and anti- aging?

Barefoot: Yes, because the DNA is turned on. If your DNA is turned on, you can stay young. Your DNA can produce a whole new body.

Flett: Since we start taking this —

Barefoot: Yes.

Flett: — what kind of results are we going to physically see?

Barefoot: Well, you’re going to be just like all the other Americans and Brits and French and Swedes and Russians and Chinese and Japanese, what they usually see is, within two weeks, it’s noticeable. Something will happen.

Flett: Within two weeks?

Barefoot: Fifty percent — 50% of people who are sick, within two weeks, see remarkable changes in their health.

Flett: Wow.

Trudeau: You’re telling me, virtually everyone out there is calcium deficient?

Barefoot: Basically, yes. By the time the average American is 60, about 98% are very calcium deficient. That’s why we have disease.

Trudeau: And so, if a person takes the calcium, within a couple of weeks, are they going to feel different?

Barefoot: Yes.

Flett: Yeah. What kind of results?

Barefoot: Well, I’ve had people like with acid reflux, two weeks later, it’s gone.

Flett: Um-hum.

Barefoot: We’ve had people in a few weeks get out of wheelchairs, MS patients get out of wheelchairs for — there are remarkable results. And, yes, we have people who are documented as terminal cancer patients that now say the oncologist says the cancer is gone away. I mean, it’s remarkable —

Flett: Wow.

Barefoot: — what’s happening.

Trudeau: Is — big question, and every medical doctor is glued right now to the television watching, waiting for your answer. Is calcium — taking calcium a cure for cancer?

Barefoot: According to the Journal of the AMA, yes, they said it reverses cancer and makes it go back to normal. But I also say —

Trudeau: Hold on, hold on, back up. This is not you?

Barefoot: No, I’m telling you —

Trudeau: You’re quoting somebody?

Barefoot: I’m quoting the Journal of the AMA and they’re —

Trudeau: American Medical Association.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: They said this?

Barefoot: The Journal of the AMA and the New England Journal of Medicine were quoting the Strang cancer research, University of New York, who found that calcium supplements reverse cancer and there’s not a doctor that read his own journal to find that out. But it does say it —

Trudeau: What (inaudible).

Flett: So, why aren’t the governments telling us about this?

Barefoot: And as a matter of fact, the New York Times, because of this, did a five-page spread on calcium, the super-nutrient it was called. What’s happening they said. And the Los Angeles Times did the same spread. And the Reader’s Digest did a huge article on it where they claimed that calcium reverses cancer. So, our — and the U.S. World News Report, May 3rd edition, huge article, that magic mineral calcium, and they were all talking about calcium reversing cancer.

Trudeau: That is —

Barefoot: So, I’m only reporting what’s been —

Trudeau: This is not you saying it. You’re just making —

Barefoot: I’m reporting what the scientists and the national magazines —

Trudeau: You’re quoting?

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: Okay. I went to the health food store.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: I said, what’s a good calcium, and they brought me over to the shelves, right? You know the story.

Flett: Yeah, I remember this.

Trudeau: And all these calciums — there’s calcium from eggshells —

Barefoot: Yes.

Flett: Um-hum.

Trudeau: — there’s calcium from oyster shells.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: There’s calcium carbonate.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: There’s cal-mag, there’s powdered calcium that fizzes, and then on the bottom I found a couple bottles of coral calcium from Okinawa Japan.

Flett: Um-hum.

Barefoot: Um-hum.

Trudeau: And they were about $40 for one bottle.

Flett: Yes.

Barefoot: Um-hum.

Trudeau: Now, you were telling me earlier that there are two grades of coral calcium.

Barefoot: Yeah. Well, the Japanese say there’s a high grade and a low grade. The low grade is what they call the fossilized stuff that they dig right off the beaches. You know, it’s been there for millions of years. And rain and wind have weathered it and washed out a lot of the nutrients. The low grade will have .2% magnesium, for example. When they take it freshly from the ocean, it’s called marine coral. That has 12% magnesium and it’s loaded with all the other nutrients. The Japanese sell it for three, four times as much money as the low grade stuff.

Trudeau: Now, but first I want us to get to coral calcium because you say of all the calciums out there, that’s the — in your opinion, the best to take?

Barefoot: Well, yes. And the reason is because of the incredible absorption rate of coral. See, calcium is the hardest — although it’s the most important mineral for the human body, it’s also the hardest for the human body to absorb. When you take a Tums, for example, you get 1% absorption rate.

Flett: Yeah. I take that, yeah.

Barefoot: That means 20 hours after you take your Tums, you get four milligrams of calcium. But if you take the coral, you get 400 in 10 minutes.

Flett: Yeah.

Barefoot: Okay, now hold — because I want to tell people how to get this. But here’s the question. The coral calcium that somebody can buy, let’s say, on the Internet or in a health food store —

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: — for $40 a bottle —

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: — you mentioned earlier before the show that a high percentage of that is the low grade coral.

Barefoot: That is correct.

Trudeau: Any idea what percentage out there or —

Barefoot: Oh, gosh, well, every time — people come to me all the time with these bottles, we start looking at them. All you do is look at the magnesium content and you see 1%, 2% —

Trudeau: And so, it’s a low —

Flett: Right.

Trudeau: It’s potentially a low grade quality.

Barefoot: And you’ll find that over 90% of what you can buy is low grade, and the reason is they can charge high grade prices for low grade products.

Trudeau: Because no one knows exactly what you sell.

Flett: And this isn’t just coral calcium.

Barefoot: No, no, no.

Flett: This has got magnesium and other vitamins in it as well.

Barefoot: It has Vitamin A, B, C, D, E. It has B1, B2, B3, B4. It even has some cesium to prevent cancer. That is the super or loaded.

Flett: And you need these other things to help you absorb the calcium itself?

Barefoot: Yes, that’s correct.

Trudeau: And so, this is your formula?

Barefoot: Right, yes.

Trudeau: All right. Now —

Barefoot: It also has Vitamin D, which allows you to absorb 10 times as much calcium.

Trudeau: All right.

Trudeau: We’re going to go to the phone lines for just a minute, but if you’re watching right now, when I first interviewed Bob on my show, A Closer Look, several months ago, I started taking this. And I want to tell you a story about weight loss in a minute, because we were just talking about this before the show, and he mentioned something which blew my mind and it make perfect sense. But if you’re interested in getting more information on the coral calcium, any of Bob’s books, call the number on your screen, we’ll give you information on the books. If you want to get his formula, coral calcium, I’m going to give you a special offer that’s only available on the Debbie and Kevin Show if you call today. Only 19.95 for a one-month supply, and that’s an introductory offer to get you to try this and see the results yourself. You don’t have to pay $40 for a low grade coral that you may find on the Internet or at a health food store. You can get the exclusive Bob Barefoot formulation. There’s a lot of people out there, we were talking about this before, that claim —

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: — that they’re associated with you or it’s a Bob Barefoot formulation and it isn’t.

Barefoot: They say, as featured by Bob Barefoot.

Flett: Yeah.

Trudeau: Right.

Barefoot: I don’t even know who they are.

Trudeau: Exactly.

Flett: Right.

Barefoot: So, this is the — this is Bob Barefoot’s stuff.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: So, call the number on the screen.

Flett: Now, I want to keep this whole conversation to myself, but we have to share you, Bob. We have a caller.

Barefoot: Yes.

Flett: So — hello, can you hear us?

Bryce Mead: Yes.

Flett: What’s your name?

Mead: Bryce Mead.

Flett: Thanks for calling, Bryce. Do you have a question for Bob?

Mead: Thank you. No, actually, I was calling to thank Mr. Barefoot and to share my personal experience with coral calcium.

Trudeau: You’ve actually taken the product?

Mead: I have, for a little over two months now.

Trudeau: Okay. And ­

Mead: I’m a student at Columbia University in Manhattan, New York, and I’m a cyclist and triathlete. I spent last year competing in Europe, primarily Italy, and about two and a half months ago, my daily performance on the bike began to decline and I was having great difficultly sleeping. I have been a follower of Linus Pauling (phonetic). I’m not sure if you’re familiar with him. He’s written several books on vitamin and mineral deficiency, and I’ve read his books. And I saw your infomercial with Bob Barefoot and I called and ordered some coral calcium. Within a week after starting the calcium, I began to sleep a lot better. I was waking up in the middle of the night and I was having difficulty going to sleep. And I began to recover much more quickly. And my physical endurance increased exponentially on the bike, and I was really amazed because it only took about seven to ten days to see a difference.

Flett: Seven to ten days.

(On screen message: Individual results will vary.)

Trudeau: Now, obviously, you were taking a lot of supplements before, correct?

Mead: Uh, I was taking — I was taking several, yes.

Trudeau: Okay. And so, even though you were taking food supplements, vitamins and minerals and things ­

Mead: Yes.

Trudeau: — you found by taking and adding calcium was — at least for you, it seems like it was a missing link.

Mead: Yes, exactly. The — his discussion of the — of oxygenating the body, having more available oxygen to fuel your body interested me because in the cycling world, the more oxygen that you can get into your blood, the harder you can train obviously.

Trudeau: Yeah, it seems like that with any physical performance. If you have more oxygen, it’s going to make you perform better, right?

Mead: Exactly. Which is why I initially started taking the product.

Trudeau: That’s fantastic.

Mead: Yes. And it really worked wonders, and my energy level is through the roof. I’m — like I said, I’m amazed. But, also, my — I got my father to take it as soon as I started to see results, and my grandmother. My father had been having difficult sleeping, he’s 56 years old, waking up in the middle of the night, and he figured it was – – he attributed it to, you know, the aging process. And within a week and a half of being on the product, he has been — he started sleeping through the night. He sleeps, you know, eight hours now and he said, you know, that’s the nicest thing anybody has done for me in a long time.

Flett: That’s so fantastic.

Trudeau: Yeah.

Flett: Thank you so much for telling us your story.

Trudeau: Bryce, thanks very much for calling in.

Mead: Oh, you’re welcome.

Flett: Thank you.

Mead: Thank you.

Flett: Bye.

Trudeau: But we’re going to — we’re going to talk about — again, if you’re watching right now we’re with Bob Barefoot, the author of all the books, Calcium Factor, Death by Diet, Barefoot on Coral Calcium. He’s the king of calcium.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: We’ve had you on our show before, both here in America and also in the U.K. The response is always terrific. Calcium, obviously, you talk about cancer, heart disease, disease, anti-aging, the benefits of that.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: You mentioned about how the different kinds of calcium is out there. Obviously, you believe coral calcium is the best, your formula is the best.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: Obviously, your promoting your product. But let’s talk about a couple of other things. Pain, sleeping and weight loss.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: Now, if you’re watching right now and you’ve seen me on some of the other shows before, my show, A Closer Look —

Flett: Yes, he’s a potted plant. He’s always here. (Laughter)

Trudeau: I’m always here. But you also maybe have noticed that I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’ve actually lost maybe about 30 pounds recently.

Flett: Um-hum.

Trudeau: And I was on the Atkins Diet to lose that weight. Now, I’ve been on the Atkins program before, I’ve promoted the Atkins program, but I found it very difficult to stay on because I was craving the carbohydrates and the different types of food.

Barefoot: Um-hum.

Trudeau: So, I found it very difficult to stay on that program. It was always a challenge. Effective, but difficult to stay on. When I went and met Bob the first time and interviewed you, you gave me some of the coral.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: So, I started popping this and, you know, three times a day, I’m popping the coral.

Flett: Yes, um-hum.

Barefoot: And all of a sudden, I have no cravings whatsoever —

Barefoot: Um-hum.

Trudeau: — feel fantastic, no indigestion, no acid problems.

Flett: Yeah.

Trudeau: Now, you were just talking in the green room earlier about how this makes the Atkins program —

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: — you said Dr. Atkins doesn’t even know this — work even faster and better.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: Explain that.

Barefoot: I’m a diehard advocate of the Atkins program because you can explain scientifically it really works. The trouble is, is that when you back off on carbs, the carbs you’re backing off of, fruits and vegetables, are so crucial to the human body and that’s what you’re going to be craving.

Barefoot: It’s been my experience that when people get on the coral, they’re 10 times as likely to succeed with the Atkins Diet as if they’re not on the coral, because suddenly the cravings disappear, as you said, because you’re getting supplemented by the coral.

Trudeau: Well, that’s —

Flett: You’re also —

Trudeau: That’s what I found. The cravings were gone and the energy level was up.

Flett: And, also, you were saying that it helps people to give us smoking and —

Barefoot: Oh, yes, well, I’ve had a lot of drug addicts successfully get off drugs and people with addictions can get off if you supplement it because most of the problems with addictions are lack of nutrients, and this supplies you with 75 nutrient metals and it’s loaded with nutrients.

Trudeau: Well, do you remember the guy we interviewed on the show in the U.K. about the purification program that —

Flett: Oh, yeah.

Trudeau: The sweating program.

Flett: Yes.

Trudeau: That a lot of people — Narc-A-Non has a program for people who are addicted to drugs and want to get off drugs or alcohol.

Flett: Yes.

Trudeau: And they had these, you know, cravings and they’re always nervous and they give them calcium magnesium to calm them down.

Barefoot: Yes.

Flett: Yeah.

Trudeau: I thought that was interesting.

Barefoot: Yes.

Flett: And that makes sense to you.

Trudeau: So, this also is going to help people calm down and reduce stress and sleep better as well, taking calcium magnesium?

Barefoot: But it also increases your oxygen level, which is what you just said, will give you energy and oxygen kills virus and bacteria. There’s just so much that oxygen — we are critters of oxygen and this is the best way of getting oxygen in the human body.

Trudeau: We’re going to go back to the phone lines in just a moment, but before we do, again, if you’re watching right now, you’ve seen Bob on maybe some of our other shows, talk shows. We’re talking about coral calcium, the benefits of calcium in your diet, and, folks, if you’re interested in getting more information on his books, I highly recommend and endorse these books, I highly recommend and endorse taking calcium magnesium and in Bob’s opinion, coral calcium is the best. Get the best quality. This is the only place you can get the original and only Bob Barefoot formulation. Call the number on your screen. In stores, you can find similar products at, in many cases, a lower quality for $40 for a one-month supply. Right here, on the Debbie and Kevin Show, if you call today — you’ve got to call today — you can get a supply, introductory price, 19.95 for a one- month supply. Take advantage of it because that price is not going to last forever. That’s a limited introductory price on the highest quality coral calcium available. If you’re concerned about your health, folks, if you’re concerned about cancer, heart disease, diabetes, if you’re concerned about stress, your skin, anti-aging issues. If you’re concerned about just keeping healthy and having more energy and living longer, than this could be something you should consider. Read the books, make your own decision. But Bob’s quoting some research that’s pretty compelling.

Barefoot: Oh, yes.

Flett: Yeah.

Barefoot: A lot of Nobel prize winners involved in this as well.

Trudeau: Now, let’s go back to the phone ines. We have another caller on the line. Hi, you’re with Debbie and Kevin. What’s your first name?

Barbara: Barbara.

Trudeau: This is Barbara?

Barbara: Yes.

Flett: Hello.

Trudeau: Hi, you’re with Debbie and Kevin. How are you?

Barbara: Fine, thank you.

Trudeau: Now, are you using this or do you have a question for Bob?

Barbara Oh, my, am I using it. (Laughter)

Flett: Really?

Barbara: I started the 10th of June and I feel like a new human being.

Flett: How long have you been using it, Barbara?

Barbara: Since — well, since the 10th of June.

Flett: Oh, sorry.

Trudeau: Two weeks.

Barefoot: Okay.

Flett: Hello? Hello?

Trudeau: Now, what’s happened?

Barbara: Well, my varicose veins that I was going to have ligated have shrunk to nothing.

(On screen message: Individual results will vary.)

Barbara My high blood pressure is no longer high. I no longer have back pain from a fractured back. I don’t have any aches and pains. I have the carpal tunnel and both thumbs have gone to nothing. I’m a new person.

Flett: Oh.

Barbara: I feel wonderful.

Flett: Two weeks.

Barbara: I don’t have any more dizzy spells. I could go on and on and on and on and on, but I won’t take your time.

Trudeau: Now, if somebody’s watching right now — watching right now and considering taking this and trying this for themselves, what would you tell them?

Barbara: Um-hum. Do it. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Flett: (Inaudible).

Barbara: You have nothing to lose. You have everything to gain. I have started being a distributor. I’ve got 13 — I’ve sold 13 bottles in a week and a half. So, I’m that enthused about it. It is just — it’s unbelievable what happens. I don’t have any more muscle spasms. I sleep like a baby at night. My circulation is fantastic. And I’m not young, but I feel great.

Barefoot: That a girl. 3

Trudeau: Barbara, thanks very much for calling in.

Flett: Yes, thank you.

Barbara: All right, thank you.

Trudeau: She mentioned pain like carpal tunnel.

Barefoot: Oh, yes, yes. We have — I’ve heard 10,000 of these testimonials. That’s why I’m so sold on it.

Trudeau: Right.

Barefoot: And that’s from medical doctors testifying that it works and from CEOs of major corporations testifying that it — congressmen, senators testify that it works. The bottom line is, it gets ride of the pain. That’s the number one thing I hear from people.

Flett: So, it can reverse illness?

Barefoot: Yes. You see, right now, we live in an America —

Trudeau: No, hold on a second. When you say, yes, it can reverse illness.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: I mean, I know that there’s the FDA out there, the American Medical Association —

Barefoot: Exactly.

Trudeau: — there’s medical doctors —

Barefoot: Exactly.

Trudeau: — everyone saying you can’t make a medical claim for a food supplement.

Barefoot: It’s not a — it’s a nutritional claim to tell you the truth. I mean, our body — what we’re claiming is the body can cure itself. We’re not curing anybody, you’re curing yourself.

Flett: And you don’t have to take drugs.

Barefoot: But you’ve got to give yourself what you need. If you don’t breathe, you’re going to die. If you don’t drink, you’re going to die.

Flett: Right.

Barefoot: You have to get what it needs. But you also need the calcium magnesium, arbitiam atriam (phonetic) and all the trace metals that are in there. Once you get that, your body can look after itself. Right now in America, we are in a medical disaster. An absolute medical disaster. Cancer’s went from 3% at the turn of the century, 50% in 1950, it’s currently 40%, and within 50 years, it’s predicted to be 75% of all Americans will have cancer. Today’s newspaper says Alzheimer’s is going to go up 300%. In the past 20 years, diabetes has gone up 20%. Modern medicine has lost every war on every degenerative disease so badly, and the future looks dismal. There’s no hope at all with modern medicine because they’re looking for a white powder chemical. And here we have something that’s not manmade. God made coral and it works. It’s a magic mineral.

Trudeau: Now, we’re pretty much running out of time.

Flett: Yeah.

Barefoot: Yes.

Trudeau: And, Bob, I want to thank you again for being on the show. We’ll have you back again as always.

Flett: Yes.

Trudeau: Folks, we just have a few seconds left. If you’re watching right now and you’re concerned about your health, if you’re concerned about cancer, heart disease, diabetes, if you are concerned about sleeping, stress reduction, anti-aging issues, Bob’s quoting some incredible research. I would recommend you really read the books, call and get information on the books. I mean, this way, you can really look at the research yourself about the benefits of calcium magnesium. I’m taking this product myself. I have everyone on my staff take it. I have all my family members taking this. I personally believe this is a great way to be heathy. Not $40, 19.95. Call right now. Thanks for watching. I’m Kevin Trudeau.

Flett: And I’m Debbie Flett. Thanks for watching.

Trudeau: We’ll see you next time.

Flett: Bye.

Trudeau: Bye-bye.

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(On screen: The preceding was a paid program for Robert Barefoot’s “Coral Calcium”)

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