Laboratories Doing Nonstandard Laboratory Tests

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
March 12, 2019

Most of the laboratories listed below cater to practitioners who engage in nonstandard practices. All of these labs perform one or more nonstandard tests. Most also perform various standard tests. When evaluating practitioners, we would regard routine use of any of these laboratories as an unfavorable sign.

  • AAL Reference Laboratories (AALRL)
  • Aeron Life Cycle Labs
  • Affinity Laboratory Technologies,
  • Altess Medical Laboratory
  • Age Diagnostic Laboratories
  • American Medical Testing Laboratories
  • Amscot Medical Labs
  • Anamol Laboratories (acquired by another company in 2008)
  • Antibody Assay Laboratories
  • Bio-Center Laboratory (BCL)
  • BioHealth Diagnostics
  • Biolab Medical International (Australia)
  • Biolab Medical Unit (UK)
  • Cellmate Wellness Systems (formerly Carbon Based Corporation)
  • Center for Complex Infectious Diseases
  • Dental DNA (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Diagnos-Techs
  • Fry Laboratories (Scottsdale, AZ)
  • Great Plains Laboratory
  • Genova Diagnostics (formerly Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory)
  • Immuno Laboratories
  • Immunosciences Lab (CLIA accreditation revoked, 6/12/07)
  • Individual WellBeing Diagnostic Laboratories
  • International Center for Metabolic Testing (ICMT)
  • Intracellular Diagnostics
  • King James Medical Laboratory (closed following death in 2012 of owner James Frackelton, MD)
  • Labrix Clinical Services
  • Laboratiore Phillippe Auguste
  • Liberty Testing Laboratory (closed 6/30/99)
  • Maxillofacial Center for Diagnostics & Research
  • Meridian Valley Clinical Laboratory
  • MetaMetrix Medical Research Laboratory
  • Optimum Health Labs
  • Pantox Laboratories
  • RealTime Laboratories (Dallas, Texas)
  • Rocky Mountain Analytical
  • Sage Medical Laboratory
  • Serammune Physicians Lab
  • Scientific Health Solutions
  • SpectraCell Laboratories
  • Trace Elements
  • Trace Minerals International
  • US BioTek Laboratories
  • YorkTest Laboratories
  • Your Future Health
  • ZRT Laboratory
    (formerly Zava Laboratories)

This article was revised on March 12, 2019.