Miscellaneous Questionable Methods

February 29, 2020

Quackwatch receives many questions about methods about which we have little or no information. In many cases, Web sites making claims for these methods are available and experts can be recruited to analyze them. We plan to proceed in three steps: (1) list the methods, (2) develop a detailed description, and (3) seek expert analysis. Please contact us if:

  • You encounter something are not sure about.
  • You can provide a description or a URL describing a method we have listed.
  • You have expert knowledge of a listed method.
  • You have undergone any of the procedures below and can provide us with a detailed account of your experience.

The methods we are interested in so far are:

**Note: Listing of a method on this page does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with it. It merely means we have been asked and are seeking information.